Youtube Entropia Playlists

I was looking through McCormick’s youtube stuff today and noticed that there was no playlist just for the Entropia stuff, so I just spent the last couple of hours watching his videos and making a list. Here it is:

McCormick’s Entropia Videos

Entropia Exploiters caught on Tape:
(*Please note I am not personally accusing anyone of exploiting in these videos. They are just some videos I’ve found in various threads about exploits in various community forums. I personally feel that there is no such thing as an ‘exploit’ – only individuals using tactics allowed by the environment provided by the game developers who didn’t do a proper job of debugging, etc.*)

More exploits:

Entropia Bugs

Entropia Tutorials

Entropia Parties

I might add more lists in here over time for other types of videos or add more later… I will definitely add more videos to the lists that exists already as I find more videos that are related or create some of my own that are related to each list’s theme/topic. It might be interesting to create a list for various interviews over the years, etc.

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