More Lootius History…

Not sure how proud we are of it .. but this is how it started:

Clan Lootius Is The Shit – formed

and name was changed because of complaints hahahaha 😀

Some RP times with Desperate House (that was actually awesome …)

Desperate House V’s Church of Lootius

A little more info:

Church of Lootius – The rebirth of Lootius

(old info but gives a hint about CoL)

we also use to make events 😉

Here’s a fun one – unfortunately it didnt succeed 😦 But the idea was great 😀

~ Naked Skalman Fisting Event ~ 4th of August

And an offer – not that well accepted 😀


Anyway, go to EF and search for Church of Lootius … :bandit:


Things changed a lot after this though. Lots of members don’t play anymore – and we also have been too busy to be playing. Things today are way too serious – and often I miss the good old ones!! Just for a laugh and some plain stupidity and craziness..


(working on getting the pcf links above instead of the old ef links…  A couple of them work, but will get the rest later…)