F.O.M.A. Shop 22 – Maria’s Muse

Maria’s Muse offers a wide arrange of items. As you may know, over the years I’ve been a bit of an eclectic participant in this virtual reality. As such, what’s in the shop may reflect that a bit.

Main Complex Block E TP is closest tp to the shop. From that TP head North West, and go around the corner to the right, and shop is going to be on the left, a little bit down the hallway. Look for the Party Lights out front.

You never know what will be in the shop til you come and visit! 🙂

Upstairs, currently in stock is quite a few alpha core cards, and some interesting holiday items.

Upstairs from time to time I’m working on organizing blueprints… not many in stock yet except a few rare Weapon III blueprints!

I don’t know if I’ll continue to sell blueprints here or not since my crafting skills aren’t top notch yet. However, I have a surplus of blueprints from the crafting event a while ago, and from years of on and off crafting, so they are in the shop now… I’ll probably add more later when I get time, especially when other things sell out of the shop, etc..

Also upstairs are a few odds and ends – some pirate flags, a smuggler droid, several duchev logs, a mcgrangus log, several posters, combat masks, and a couple of other odds and ends.

On most stuff in the upstairs area I’m trying to keep prices below auction historic prices when possible… unless item is extremely rare, which some are.

Currently in the basement of the shop is a wide variety of crafted armor sets.  I have a few full sets of armor blueprints and craft them from time to time. Most of the sets are Female as my avatar is female.  However, I do have a few male clothes down stairs as well at the moment.

Previously in the shop’s basement is what is probably the widest variety of pets in any shop in game. (I was previously working on collecting one of each pet in game back when compets was a reality, but now that it’s not it’s time to downsize a bit).

As for what items I can craft up to put in the shop, please refer to The One of Everything Thread.


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Maria’s Muse: F.O.M.A. (Asteroid) Shop # 22

Any and all future SALES of blueprints will take place at FOMA #22 shop. If you know of a spare blueprint I have that you are interested in that you don’t see in the shop let me know and I’ll see if I can locate it and either get it to the shop or to you via p2p sales on Calypso, etc.


The blueprint sales information listed above are blueprints that are for sale!
The blueprint info listed below is about blueprints in my own collection that are not for sale

However, the below list may indicate blueprints that are NEEDED which means that they are blueprints that I don’t have yet. If you are selling them, I may possibly be interested… 

Also as noted above in Post #1 Rental of Unlimited Blueprints listed below may be possible.

This project started as a miniature part of my other thread about my blueprints …
Insane “ONE OF EVERYTHING” Project Log:
This log will be updated as I craft ‘one of everything’ that my avatar has a blueprint for…
(will be starting with Unlimited Items and then moving to L later on)

Rentals for UL ITEMS are NOT available at this time… (but rentals for blueprints are – see above in post #1)

However, PURCHASES may be!
Contact me if you see something that I’ve crafted that you are interested in!
Calypso Blueprint Books:

Tools (Vol I)
Tools (Vol II)
Tools Vol III

Tailoring (Vol I)
Tailoring (Vol II)

Armor (Vol I)
Armor (Vol II)
Armor (Vol III)

Weapons (Vol I)
Weapons (Vol II)
Weapons (Vol III)
Weapons (Vol IV)

Attachments (Vol I)
Attachments (Vol II)

Components (Vol I)

Components (Vol II)
Components (Vol III)

Furniture (Vol I)

Material Textures (Vol I)

Enhancers (Vol I)

Vehicle Parts (Vol I)

Limited Blueprint Book Crafting
Rocktropia Blueprints:

Rocktropia Armor (Vol I)
Rocktropia Armor (Vol II)

Rocktropia Attachments (Vol I)
Rocktropia Attachments (Vol II)

Rocktropia Components (Vol I)
Rocktropia Components (Vol II)

Rocktropia Enhancers (Vol I)

Rocktropia Furniture (Vol I)

Rocktropia Material Textures (Vol I)

Rocktropia Tailoring (Vol I)
Rocktropia Tailoring (Vol II)

Rocktropia Tools (Vol I)
Rocktropia Tools (Vol II)

Rocktropia Vehicle Parts (Vol I)

Rocktropia Weapons (Vol I)
Rocktropia Weapons (Vol II)
Rocktropia Weapons (Vol III)

Rocktropia Limited
Secret Island Blueprints:
Secret Island Blueprint Book

Next Island Blueprints:
Elysian Technology
Elysian Artistic Patterns
Next Island Limited
Ancient Greece:
Ancient Greece
Arkadia Blueprints:
Arkadia Components
Arkadia Tools
Arkadia Tailoring
Arkadia Armor
Arkadia Weapons
Arkadia Attachments
Arkadia Limited
Arkadia Furniture
Arkadia Material Textures
Arkadia Vehicles

Cyrene Blueprints:
Blueprints: Cyrene
Blueprints: Turrelion
Blueprints: A.R.C.
Blueprints: Imperium


Toulan Blueprints
Toulan Blueprints


Maria’s estates in game are currently:

Maria’s Muse: F.O.M.A. (Asteroid) Shop # 22

and also…
Arkadia: Celeste South: Building 8, Floor 5
(i.e. Maria’s Muse as I sometimes do interior decorating experiments here)
From the Celeste Harbour South TP go to the first building you see
(Enhancer Street is downstairs) and take the televator on up to level 5.

(*PLEASE NOTE THAT Celeste South: Building 8, Floor 5 IS FOR SALE*)