Scholarly Publications

Scholarly works related to Entropia Universe.

ARAMETERIZED GENERATION OF AVATAR FACE DATASET by Justin N Oursler, Mathew Price, and Roman V. Yampolskiy
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Because Players Pay:The Business Model Influence on MMOG Design by Tiago Reis Alves & Licínio Roque 

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 Organizations in Entropia Universe by Susanne Sperling
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Legal Implications of the Project Entropia:Conducting Business in Virtual Worlds by Ida Damgaard
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Virtual Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Virtual Worlds by Benjamin Tyson Duranske


Death in Space and the Piracy Debate: Negotiating ethics and ontology in Entropia Universe bu Rhian Morgan
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Virtual Justice: The new Laws of Online Worlds

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Scholarly works related to mmorpgs or video games in general

The effects of video game play on academic performance by Jancee Wright