Meanwhile back on Calypso…

Back to taming bristlehogs since they are near Port Atlantis Mall. (using that 5k ped from the boxer pet to bid on Trade Terminal (TT) priced stuff off of auction.

More info on that is available over at Maria’s TT+Half Ped Service Thread on Planetcalypsoforum.

I do that at PA Mall since there’s quite a few terminals nearby… allows me to tame near civilization, unlike a lot of other spots in game where you can tame… also does not hurt that with viper whip it’s fairly easy and each bristlehog costs roughly 3 pec decay or so…

Viper whip is up in tier and ready to tier. I may up it’s tier level in a few days… not sure it’s worth it though since it’s such a low level weapon. Using tiers on it that add to damage, etc. would probably just result in overkills on little mob like the bristlehog… for some other stuff it may be worth doing the upgrade though?..

5k sold

Sold Boxer Pet for 5k Ped (i.e. 500 US Dollars). (bought him a few years back for a bit more than 2k ped)

(note: this is one of the few times I’ve actually come ahead on any investment in Entropia Universe. The only other main times that I can think of are when I sold a Monria Apartment for about 1k ped more than I bought it for, and when Mindark accidentally upgraded one of my shops on Calypso many, many years ago increasing item points in the shop without actually charging me the 2k ped that it would have normally cost at that time for such an upgrade… I had discussed with them potentially upgrading but never said I would – they must have felt sorry for me and let it slide back then. Sadly, I actually lost money on that upgrade since I sold that shop for about 3k ped less than I bought it for because that year I had to withdrawal money from the game to cover a shortage on taxes that we had to pay back to the Federal Government… That loss almost made me quit the game for good, but I’ve not done so yet. It did result in a couple of years of almost no activity and just sweating or bidding on blueprints in auction to expand my blueprint library, etc. Recent riches were the result of my cashing out on a retirement package to pay off several real world debts such as my wife’s massage school tuition, etc. A bit got thrown in to the game from that, but not a whole bunch… just enough to allow me to sort of exist in game as I do now.)

Monria/Toulan now under one owner

Toulan and Monria | A New Beginning

It is with great pleasure that we can announce a new and exciting partnership between Monria and Planet Toulan. We are delighted with our new beginning, and henceforth Virtualsense will be responsible for all Development Operations, Marketing and Community Management of both Planet Toulan and Monria.

The Background

We’ve been friends for quite some time now having lengthy discussions about Entropia and gaming, emerging technologies and how to improve the environments for our respective communities. Over these long talks we have grown our friendship into an alliance, and have come to a mutual respect for each other’s strengths and where they lie. It was during these chats that our focus turned toward exploring ways we could work together for the benefit of both Monria and Toulan.

Since inception, Virtualsense has been created as a business within the Entropia Universe with the goal to add value to the virtual world, create communities, engaging content, storylines and gameplay, and now this dream has become a reality.

Throughout this journey Mindark has been very supportive and positive about ideas that can add value to the Entropia Universe. Since our experience of managing and marketing Monria in partnership with Mindark has been so positive it has only fuelled our desire to make a greater contribution to the Entropia ecosystem.

Toulan’s Team has put great effort into the beauty of the planet and has been extremely impressed by what the Virtualsense team have been able to achieve with Monria. With more development autonomy we have every confidence that the right team is in place to build a bright future for both Toulan and Monria.

What this means for Planet Toulan

  • All future development will be undertaken by Virtualsense.
  • Virtualsense will be responsible for all Marketing and Promotion of Planet Toulan.
  • The Virtualsense Team will Manage the Planet Toulan Community including all future events.

What this means for Monria

  • Monria will continue to be developed, marketed and managed as it is today.
  • We have a greater capacity to develop and will bring even more content to Monria!

Future Plans

We have already started work on future content but we need to be very careful in how we go forward with our development. We don’t want to make promises that we cannot keep. It is evident on Monria that Virtualsense takes things at a steady yet achievable pace. We now have more control over this pace than we have ever had before but we will continue to proceed with purpose whilst prioritizing the content we feel will have the most benefit to our communities.

We would like to share the areas we are focussing on, and our vision of the future possibilities in this new age.

  • The shops and apartments on Planet Toulan will be released and attainable through in-game activity.
  • Monria will be expanded and new content added over time.
  • We will focus on introducing more uses for Planet Toulan resources.
  • We want to continue working with the community to support the growth of both locations through community initiatives.
  • Cross location events/missions are something that we would like to make possible at some point.
  • We intend to connect the lore between Monria and Toulan, through storyline and missions whilst maintaining their own identities.
  • We will apply our learnings from Monria to Toulan and grow the community through new player acquisition.
  • We will continue to support the Monria Flight Programme managed by Anny Thundergirl and wish to extend the benefit to future Toulan Borns and Toulan estate owners at the appropriate time.
  • For each VU we will be concentrating on resolving existing and new bugs in as timely a manner as possible.
  • We will focus on player content to serve gameplay with a purpose and utilise the platform systems to that end.


Virtualsense is currently going through a transition and handover period so that we’re fully operational but we wanted to share this information with the community as early as possible. The team at Mindark is fully supporting us to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Some of the current efforts underway are:

  • Construction of a new Virtualsense website for the purpose of marketing both Monria and Toulan.
  • Preparation of a migration of the Toulan and Monria forums to a single forum shared by both communities.
  • Development of concepts/roadmaps for both Monria and Toulan.
  • Research of Planet Toulan including Lore, missions, content and reported bugs.
  • A renewed focus on the utility and purpose of loot on Toulan.
  • Review of all community initiatives and events.

Final Words

We would like to thank the loyal and positive supporters from both communities. Although we have a lot of work to do we are really excited about the potential for the years ahead and look forward to the continued growth of both Toulan and Monria.

The primary goal of Virtualsense has always been to make a positive contribution to the Entropia Universe and to bring more players to our community. We will continue to work hard toward this goal into the future.

On a final note, we have always worked very closely with the team at Mindark and none of this would have been possible without their guidance. Over the years we have built relationships with some really good people who share the same goals and passion as we do.

Thank you for all you have done to support us.

Here’s to a New Beginning!

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