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MINDFORCE, i.e. Being Mental

The Different Types of Mindforce 2.0

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The Professions and Their Powers:
Health Augmentation Increases max Health of target.
Regeneration Restores Health to target.
Regeneration Acceleration Increases natural Regeneration of target.
Regeneration Field Restores Health to targets (AoE).
Regeneration Inhibition Decreases natural Regeneration of target.
Revival Resurrects target. Unlocks Etheral Soul Language on first successful use.

Cryogenic Attack Inflicts Cold/Cut damage.
Cryogenic Strike Inflicts Cold/Cut AoE damage.
Lacerating Attack Inflicts Cut/Cold damage.
Lacerating Strike Inflicts Cut/Cold AoE damage.
Metabolic Inhibition Decreases movement speed of target.

Electro Kinetic
Electric Attack Inflicts Electric/Impact damage.
Electric Strike Inflicts Electric/Impact AoE damage.
Kinetic Attack Inflicts Impact/Cold damage.
Kinetic Strike Inflicts Impact/Cold AoE damage.

Defense against Mindforce attacks (the Mindforce version of Dodge/Evade)

Pyro Kinetic
Arsonistic Inflicts Burn damage over time.
Combustive Attack Inflicts Burn/Impact damage.
Combustive Strike Inflicts Burn/Impact AoE damage.
Corrosive Attack Inflicts Acid/Burn damage.
Corrosive Strike Inflicts Acid/Burn AoE damage.
Metabolic Acceleration Increases movement speed of target.

Sweat Gatherer
Gathering Vibrant Sweat using a VSE Mk 1.

Synchronization Lowers risk of Mindforce concentration period being disrupted by being hit.

Teleportation Allows user to Teleport to any spot within range of the chip.
Wormhole Allows user to create a Wormhole to anyone in their Friends List, as long as target avatar is on the same planet.

Balance between Damage, Speed and Range:

D = Damage (per hit).
S = Speed (uses per minute).
R = Range (in meters).

Each gauge goes from 0 to 100.
The chips used for this diagram are Nanochip IV (L)s.

Chips vs. Nanochips
Attack Chips
This is the older type of Mindforce Attack chips. They break easily, but can be used at a slightly lower level.

Attack Nanochips
Lasts up to 10x longer than regular Chips, but requires slightly higher levels to max. Also have much better eco than regulars, and markup has a very small effect on the eco.

Mindforce Attack Chip Progression
Damage, Attack Speed, Range:

Effective DPS, Required Level:

I hope people will find this useful, both people starting Mindforce and those wanting to explain it to their diciples