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Post by Xander Zan Catman » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:31 pm

This thread is to notify Command Staff of Entropia players that have been black listed by The Knights of Entropia.

This includes any avatar that has been dismissed from TKoC/TKoE for begging scamming or other bad behaviour but also players out side of TKoC/TKoE that have otherwise attempted to beg, spam, or scam TKoC/TKoE members and/or the community.

Lia Bhabygurl Amores – Stealing TKoE Lotto peds and grab bag donations (March 2016)
The OreBuyer Express – Scammer (Refusing to split item in shared loot)
adina amalia perez/Gorgeous Babe Alina – society jumper, Begging, possible scamming intentions
Ajzhabar Gohnthinel Raelztieh – Event Abusers
Alina mazur cherniy – Mentor Farmer
Black Rose Name – Begging, Scamming, 2nd account newb imposter
Brodda Belegost Lothron – Event Abusers
Capuz Sumah Martins – harassing, bug pking, scamming, Rascist Society Founder
Hristo ico2l Pasheev – it is not 21 but 2l ( no 1 but small L) Exknight Impersonators
kyllingabein kyll hani – harassing, Harassing society founder – slayem bowlings Society
Royal Chainsawwwww BEast – Sweat reseller, Grave Robber,
Simeori SteeL 4o Yankcv – Exknight Impersonators
Taobe Oma Desala – harassing, killstealing, scamming, TKoC Imposter Society Founder
The Ase Roland – scamming, harassing, killstealing
The Black Master – Begging, Scamming, 2nd account newb imposter
Tomas Reorganise – Scamming
Tony Hawks PRO – Knight Imposter
Berk Firestorm Boom – Armor Upgrader
Vernius Nocturnal Navigator Roquen – harassing, pressing religious beliefs
Ruby Foxcharm ufelya – Kicked from TKoE for scamming – Logs were presented
gomez maily swan – Begging for armor and Ped
mlady meli mlady – Begging, Scamming
Sndlwood McQueen – March 4 2015 – Xander – This persons outrageous ramblings got so out of hand a couple years ago it led me to contact the local police for fear of what he may or may not be capable of. The London City Police were provided printed out cpies of chat logs to show why I was concerned – he was removed from TKoC and when he turned up in Drop Zone, with Casper knowing full well what had happened – it resulted in our changing status from friendly to enemies in the soc terminal. As far as I’m concerned DZ members are all KOS and will remain that way until Sndlwood is removed from their soc with an apology from their General. Which will NEVER happen.