Life after (or beside) Entropia

Yes, believe it or not, some do manage to escape Lootius’s grasp and sometimes enter this other virtual environment that some call the “real world….’ (of course many do come back after a while, in some shape or form)


Liu’s book:!&p=3723933&viewfull=1#post3723933


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EMW’s last stand:

Anyone remember these threads? live video from ENTROPIASMOSTWANTED on


See Digital Studios Folks:


Skam, whos real name was Hanne, was once a participant in Entropia Universe, who had fairly good communication skills in some regards.  Because of that SEE Digtal Studios hired her to become a Community Manager for Planet Calypso..

When SEE Digital Studios deal with Calypso crumbled she had to leave her position because she was no longer employed with SDS.

See you on the flip side.

Well, this sucks.

As some of you have already gathered, I do no longer work for SDS or have anything to do with Planet Calypso or Entropia Universe from any official point. There’s been messages asking me for insight to what’s happened, however I’ve signed a NDA so the info you should get in regards to this should go through the official channels. All I can say is that it was nothing personal, it had nothing to do with me or my work, or SDS. I’ll leave it at that, I don’t have any further info.

Bloody hell, well there’s that. This is an end of a era for me for sure. I’ve learned a lot, and I was looking forward to learning so much more. SDS had a lot of nice plans and it sucks not to be able to put them into motion. Most of all it sucks because I’m not going to be working with the rest of the staff anymore. And those were some effin awesome people. I would thank them all individually but It’d be too long and too sobby, so Ill summarize it with a . You guys deserve the world and more. You’re the best.

And then there’s you guys. The community. Da da daaaa. 
<insert long rant>
Seriously though, I took the job because I saw the oppertunity to work with my hobby, and with my passion. And without getting to emotional about it, I’ve enjoyed it a great deal. Sure, there’s been downsides and there’s been bumps in the road along the way. Its been frustrating at times, and sometimes its gotten to me. In the end though, it was all worth it. I still consider this the greatest online community ever to exist. You’ve taught me a lot up through the years; and I’m not talking just about my time here as a CM, but ever since I first fired up Project Entropia back in ’03.

Saying goodbye is something I’ve always been horribly, horribly bad at. (Can you tell by the long winded post?) So… Im not going to. Who knows, maybe Ill dust off Skam at some point in the future and see you all on the flip side again. As one of you. I admit I’ve missed that too.

For now though, my only plan is to enjoy the summer deep in some Swedish woods with almost no cellphone reception and very limited internet.

And with that, I wish you a nice summer. 


For a short while after she left, she continued to post on a lovely blog over at telling the world of her real life adventures.  She appears to have quit posting there back in 2012, but continues on in Facebook.  We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.


She did re-enter Entropia Universe with her original Skam account in 2012, and still plays from time to time…

See Digital Studios Folks:


Marco Behrmann was head of See Digital Studio, and was Mindark’s Community Manager prior to that time.  When the SDS deal with Mindark collapsed he no longer was associated with Entropia (at least not officially), so moved on to other Endeavors.  We wish him the best of luck in all that he does.

Mindstar 9:

MS9 is an interesting individual, which has over the years been a reporter for the Entropia Community, a Writer for Planet Partners, and has most recently, after a couple of years of ‘quitting Entropia’ come back as the CFO, Chief Fun Officer, of Monria.


I do respect what she does, and actually enjoy her work with the community, but do have some issues/questions with how she’s approached the use of alt avatars, or been allowed to use them over the years… Here’s a copy of some information regarding her from one of my previous blogs… (I don’t mean any real ill will or anything posting it here, just putting it here primarily for historical perspective…Interestingly, in some posts on various social media before it was ‘known’ that She was the CFO over there on Monria, now known as Dark Moon Enigma, it was hinted at that she had left Entropia for good…)


Internet Archive of is a June 22, 2013 post on MS9’s blog that has been redone so that it does not appear as it originally did, so the Internet Archive for it is the only way to view the original document. In the original document MS9 outlined her use of an alt temp avatar to experience Arkadia as a “new player” with Dave Dobson’s approval.

While I don’t think there is anything ‘wrong’ with this use of secondary avatars for testing things out, it just goes to show you how much the planet partners don’t care about allowing multiple avatars to exist in this ‘real cash economy’ where each avatar in game is supposed to be a unique individual with a unique player behind them.

When Planet Partners just willy nilly allow reporters to create secondary avatars like this it really gives a bad example to the community at large that this type of thing is perfectly ok and acceptable. After all if the higher ups can do it, why can’t I too?!?… so multiple avatars appear to be all over the game. I hear rumors that some folks even set up multiple avatars at spots like the beer garden and oil rigs on multiple planets so that they can just farm away at the freebies. It’s sad but seems to be somewhat true. Of course only the planet partners and/or Mindark can verify this with IP tracking, but since that is not something they seem to care about, nothing ever gets done about the situation, and it just continues to get worse over time as more planets are opened up, giving more alt avatars more playgrounds to play in as they errode the virtual economy.
Internet Archive Link
January 13, 2014 posting on EntropiaPlanets by MS9 about the types of Alt Avatars that Mindark allows. Of particular interest is MS9’s admission that she allowed her alt avatar to graduate. That is particular interesting because when an avatar graduates in Entropia Universe the mentor of the graduate is given a a somewhat ‘rare’ item at the time of the graduation. In a game based on a ‘real cash economy’ that is tied to the US Dollar in a 10:1 ratio, this type of activity by Planet Partners appears to be something that is giving certain Mentor Avatars a bit of an unfair advantage vs other avatars in game who don’t have Planet Partner avatars under their discipleship.
Internet Archive Link

Via an accidental in game chat admission related to a recent (2017) Monrian forum posting it was discovered that the individual behind the avatar “Monria Fleet Manager” is the same individual running “Dark Moon Enigma” which is Mindstar’s 9 ‘official Planet Avatar’s for Monria… so She’s using one avatar to move around on the Monrian mothership from planet to planet while DME stays put on Monria in the mean time I suspect.

2017-05-14 19:56:47 [TO : Monria Fleet Manager] out of curiosity, does your mothership do vip warps, and if so what&apos;s the cost?
2017-05-14 19:57:07 [FROM: Monria Fleet Manager] I responded to your post at the forum
2017-05-14 19:57:17 [TO : Monria Fleet Manager] ok. will check there. 🙂
2017-05-14 19:57:18 [FROM: Monria Fleet Manager] well, DME did
2017-05-14 19:57:43 [TO : Monria Fleet Manager] (*wink*)

Monria’s Owner admitted MS9’s role over on the forums for Monria shortly after this.

Seeing as this was originally in the AMA section, I think I’ll answer the questions not asked.

DME is a player with a single avatar, MS9 (her former avatar) was put on ice by my request so she is free to play and global as she sees fit. We have a commercial agreement that includes a PED payment for her to use at her discretion and I encourage this to be used to play the game but more often than not she blows it giving away freebies to people :)

MFM is an avatar I requested for Virtualsense (my company) from Mindark to be used to administer the free flight program that I fund. This is completely transparent and monitored by MA. It is administered by myself, @Dark Moon Enigma@Kendra or @Pusherman, its sole purpose is to manage the Yamato and is controlled by representatives of my company. Admittedly it is mostly managed by @Dark Moon Enigma and as we all know she does most of the work around here!!!

I’m sure nobody thinks there is anything untoward going on here but thought I would just spell it out before the conspiracies start.


Here’s a few interesting historic postings in various locations regarding MS9::
Currently she’s working on The Kipling Chronicles, i.e. the back story that she’s writing for Monria.

2016 addition to MS9 info: MS9 is now Dark Moon Enigma (Enema?)!-Who-else-saw-this-coming

Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link

Addition to 2016 addition:

According to Facebook:

Can I create multiple Facebook accounts?

Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. It’s against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account.

At the time of this writing, 4/25/2016, it appears that Mindstar may have at least 3 Facebook accounts?…

One for Dark Moon Enigma…

One for Lynnes Quest… (think this one got axed already?)

and One for Mindstar Media…

Internet Archive Copy of Lynn’s – a website that existed for a short time when MS9 left Entropia to pursue writing career. Link to the original site was posted in a few of her forum  profiles when the site was live.
Internet Archive copy of  – this was another website MS9 posted in a few forum profiles during the time she ‘left’ Entropia for a while to pursue a writing career
Internet Archive copy of Mindstar Media – the offical website is dead but the Internet Archive has some useful backup archives.

2012 Historic info about MS9 receiving new releases prior to the rest of the world (at least at that point in time):

Internet Archive Link

Message from MindArk’s PR agency

Hi all,

Some of you know me as I’ve commented on various forums over the last three years, but for those that don’t I’m the President of the agency that MindArk and Planet Calypso use for public relations. My staff and I run through the planets as “TractionPR” showing media around and getting news out. Any news Mindstar gets is from us, if it’s early. I want to jump in here to explain a few things and hopefully calm some folks down. We began working with Mindstar a few months back when I was introduced to her through David at Arkadia. She is known as a fair and thorough reporter of events on all planets and has far deeper player contacts than I ever will. She is our best way to reach directly into the player base and get information to those of you not reading the other mainstream news sites we hit. As such we all thought it best to give players a leg up on the non-players. In other words she gets the news to you an hour early while the rest of the world waits. This was my decision and was done to show that we value players time and attention. Mindstar is not getting any type of unfair player advantage here and is not given news that isn’t approve for release. She is journalist that we help, because she helps all of you for free

 Prior to 2011:
See the Entropia Times Magazine Articles for some of MS9’s old writings…

MMA Bigshow’s Rant on Re-entering Entropia a short while

MMA Bigshow’s moved on… 

not sure if he’s the same guy they are going on about over here but I suspect that he is…

especially after I found this interesting interview in a quick google search::


Jason (aka MMA Bigshow) left that project



but… I Guess that thing is still happening?


They also didn’t remove his name from the project apparently?

Jason 4.


He also tried something that didn’t work as well as greedmonger apparently…


Now he’s moved on to cryptocurrency mining type things lately according to most recent facebook posts…

Just filed my first provisional patent for my blockchain tech concept. I’m doing this thang!


Time will tell what that patent really is for… Wonder if has anything to do with what Neverdie and Lord British are working on with creating a way to TP between MMOs?



Now it’s clear that what he’s doing is a bit different than what they were working on… but not completely…

About The Zempa Team

Ihor Pidruchny – Blockchain Dev/Lead LinkedIn
Andrew Zubko – Senior Blockchain Dev/Tech Lead LinkedIn
Jason Appleton – Marketing/Business Development LinkedIn
Mykola Kovach – UI/UX Designer LinkedIn
Lludmyla Svystun – Marketing/Communications LinkedIn




as for the name… well, he’s been trying to use that for a while now… (below quote is from 2008):

 I’ve decided to begin development on my own RCE game called Zempa Universe of which a team is being put together.




and even more… 


John K Bates used worked for Mindark from 2006 – 2013. Nowadays he’s moved on to do some other amazing things….




Now for a few ‘I’m quitting’ links (trust me there’s a bunch out there):

Quitting Entropia Universe…

The rage quit and goodbye thread. bye bye!



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