Interviews: MindArk Interview
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A Minute with Marco

– Several years ago you mentioned factories…
– Yes, that is one example of a job. Factories are still being considered. It would leave room for jobs, and at the same time it would be another big business possibility. Right now land-areas are pretty much the highest you can get in the terms of in-game business. A factory would be great, because it would combine the layers of players. Newcomers should need veterans and veterans should need newcomers, he explains enthusiastically.

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Entropia Universe’s Marco Behrmann Interviewed at Leipzig GC ‘07

So how many players are actually playing Entropia Universe? According to Marco, there are 625,000 registered accounts for EU at Mindark, which is not a number to take lightly. Couple that with an average payment of $23 per month for active players, and you have quite a large chunk of change.

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Entropia Universe Interviews: Q&A With Marco Behrmann
Patric Sundström and Fredrik Andersson of MindArk Interview
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