Historic Addresses to/from/for/on Behalf of the Community:

Historic Addresses to/from/for/on Behalf of the Community:



Open Apology to MindArk and the Community

Hey Everyone,

Just want to say that I feel at fault for the recent decision by MindArk to prevent future events that utilize a fully randomized prize distribution system.

My intention was not to see it go this way, I feel terrible. I have always enjoyed casinos and my time spent in Las Vegas, playing cards and other games. As such, those things have had an influence on the themes I have chosen to go with recently.

My latest events have carried those themes too far it seems. If I’ve made it more difficult to be a Land Area owner w/ events, I’m sorry. I love this game. I love this community, and this is not the type of mark I want to leave. I want to help grow the game, grow the event support, and create and contribute to everyone’s experience here. I never wanted to see things turn out this way for me or other participants, forcing MA’s hand to shut down these types of events.

MindArk, I am sorry. I will structure my future events to abide by the EULA terms as pointed out by Ludvig today, in 2.1. I will also reach out to you by support case, should I have a question about whether or not my events meet your requirements.

For now, I’ll hang my head in shame, as I know I was one of the direct causes of this recent announcement.

I’m truly sorry guys. 

*feeling really sheepish right now*




Aurisk Morey Kenbi’s Apology to Shop Owners:

So, as we all know, I rent and manage the stores at Medusa Bazaar. A couple of months ago gdog rented the store from me and I lied to him about being able to claim items within a shop. Thus this became a huge liability and risk for all shop owners.

In the original statement i have said that if a shop was claimed, all items would go to the player’s planet storage and not the new owner.

I want to apologize that I was committing fraud by ignoring the original contract, and I apologize for putting all these shop owners at risk due to my selfish intents. Without a shop deed all items in a shop are at risk.


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***more will be added here later***

Gambling Investigation:
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Petition: Restore old mining loot system
Petition against the 2pec Decay on Equipping Armor
Petition to in game vote transition/idea.
Petition to the Iron Mission Change Effective August 21st, 2012
reimplement interplanetary tps and auction petition.
Keep interplanetart auctions and TP’s out
Petition: Disable summon and stackables check
reimplement interplanetary tps and auction petition.


The Swedish Gambling Authority has investigated the “Loot” system in Entropia Universe in journal number 13Li3786. The investigation was closed on the 30 of October 2013.

The Swedish gambling market is regulated by The Swedish lottery act (1994:1000). The general rule is that lotteries must not be arranged except by permit (Section 9, Lotteries Act). Permits may in principle only be granted to non-profit making associations whose activities are for the public benefit (Section 15, Lotteries Act), it is thus not sufficient for a permit to be granted that the proceeds of the lottery are applied for charitable purposes.

There are two possibilities for The Swedish Gambling Authority to act in cases of suspicion of crime, one is to submit to the suspect with a penalty (Vite) the second one is to notify the police. To submit the suspect with penalty it is required to that the offense has been committed within Swedish jurisdiction, this means a server is located in Sweden or the person or company that offers the lottery lives in Sweden.
It also requires an exact moment when the crime has been committed. It is, therefore, necessary to secure documentation of a Swedish player who lives in Sweden when he or her wins “Loots” in order to prove that the location of the criminal act is within the Swedish jurisdiction and that the legal person responsible for lottery is Swedish. The Swedish Gambling Authority would likely need to dedicate an employee on full-time to play in Entropia Universe before the possibility of gaining loots in Entropia Universe. It has to been proved that the actual legal person which is responsible for lottery is Swedish, in this case, MindArk and that it is not arranged by a foreign subsidiary to MindArk. This would require a thorough investigation concerning MindArks corporate structures.

Anyone may make a police report at suspicion of a criminal offense. It is likely to assume that the circumstance needs to be proven up to the level which is mentioned above in order for the Swedish court to decide on a punishment on a suspected crime. The Swedish Gambling Authority has come to the conclusion that current circumstances isn´t sufficient evidence to make a police report, if you wish to make a police report, please notice attached contact details below

Circumstances of the case Entropia Universe has been put forward for head of department in the case of how the matter should be handled. Head of operational department which is responsible for the prioritization and allocation of resources, has decided that The Swedish Gambling Authority currently does not have the opportunity to further investigate the matter with reference to the extensive resource case would take.

Polismyndigheten i Västra Götaland
Box 429
401 26 Göteborg

Kind Regards
Josefin Jansson



Unfortunately, we can not return items or money lost due to a scam. Since all items in Entropia Universe have a real value we instead advise you to consider filing an official police report about your lost items. If the police contact us, we will cooperate with them and submit all available logs we have.


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