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From construction of my first Snug and two Garden plots, had decided to combine info/data from others, and add from my own personal experience the following info below. Hope this helps as I didn’t want to keep going back and forth through various PCF posts on this subject matter during construction, gathering, planting, refining, and harvesting. Sure is a pricey profession, and hope MA further continues to expand and grow this area in the future (will have to wait and see). Also, feel free to inform me or update me on any info that is incorrect or needs updating, thank you and enjoy.


Level 1 (Foundation) (NOTE: 15 hour waiting/grace period to advance to next level)

Iron ingot – 340
Basic nuts – 1000 (BP requires Belk and Oil)
T-angle – 40 (BP requires Short Midastree boards and Short Stinktree boards)
Reinforced sheet metal – 1000 (BP requires Gazz ingot and Lytairian Powder)

Level 2 (Rough Framing) (NOTE: 15 hour wait period)

Composite planks – 120 (BP requires Lyst, Nanocubes, Oil, and each of L,M,S of Moonleaf boards)
Small plugs – 80 (BP requires Short Midastrees and Short Stinktree boards)
Reinforced nuts – 400 (BP requires Garcen Lube, Oil, and Narc ingot)
Garcen lubricant – 80 (refined from Garcen Greace)

Level 3 (Insulation) (NOTE: 1 day and 15 hour wait period)

Angle – 20 (BP requires Short Firn board and Short Stinktree boards)
Bend – 16 (BP requires Short Midastree and Firn Boards)
Basic sheet metal – 1800 (BP requires Alicinies Gel and Narc ingot)
Large plug – 100 (BP requires Short Midastree and Short Stinktree boards)

Level 4 (Finalisation)
 – free to build. (30 item points only inside)

Referenced from PCF here:…price-to-build

(Bristlehofs, Armaxes, Shinkibas, & using PH-3s any1, lol)


Level 1 – (Basic Structure construct)

Basic Nuts – 24
T-Angle – 4
Copper Ingot – 14

Level 2 – (Plant Slot units for inner structure)

Composite Plank – 2
Small Plugs – 12
Alicenies Gel – 12

Level 3 – (Solar-powered electrical hardware)

Angle – 2
Bend – 2
Advanced Cooling System Unit – 2 (BP requires Vibrant Sweat, Novas, Blazar, Frigulite, Robot thermal sensor, and Robot cooling unit)
Large Plug – 16

Level 4 (Garden Plot finalization) – Free to build.

Acorn Garden Building Vid Link in action:…=1#post3540986

Planting & Growing Seeds: – (NOTE: each level takes 1 hour wait period in order to open next level)

Level 1 – (Seed Germination)

Seed – only 1 of your choosing from Papplon, Bombardo, Caroot, or Haimoros (vibrant Sweat and Fruit refined makes seeds)
Basic Fertilizer – 50 (Refine by adding Fruit first then add Melchi Water to make Basic Fertilizer)
DNA Fragment A – 3

Level 2 – Nourish (stems thickens and grows)

Basic Fertilizer – 10
Energizer Crystal Cell – 2 (refined from Energized Crystal)
DNA Fragment B – 1

Level 3 – Nourish (plants keep growing)

Basic Fertilizer – 10
Dianthus Crystal Powder – 2 (refined from Dianthus Liquid)
DNA Fragment C – 1 (drops from Araneatrox)

Level 4 – Nourish (fully matured fruit)

Basic Fertilizer – 10
Light Liquid – 2 (refined from Lumis Leech)
DNA Fragment D – 1

Harvest – retrieve transgen plants, gain XP (shows in plot management window), and get alot of unprocessed water, lol.

Crafting and Refining Transgen Fruits:

Once all plants are harvested, you can combine them for certain crafting BPs (only use currently atm), upgrades ?, and future plot/garden implementations ? that are tbd from MA.

Transgen Haimoros + Alicenies Gel = Haimoros Gel
Transgen Caroot + Garcen Lubricant = Caroot Lubricant
Transgen Papplon + Magerian Spray = Papplon Spray
Transgen Bombardo + Angelic Flakes = Bombardo Flakes

Referenced from PCF here:…54#post3533054

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Rusty’s Farming Services here:…arming-Service

(Also, thank-you’s goes out to Baron, Rusty, Phil, and Avalon_52 as well)
GL All and Farm On!

Plots: Maps of Ithaca and Livas (and list of plot owners)
Plot exp points and Level
Rusty Farming Service

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not a lot on apartments in most forums, etc. I do have an idea for a project that I may start up eventually that I wanted to start a few years back… If there’s folks that do a lot of apartment dwelling, contact me via pm if you are interested in doing some running around in your building or the buildings of your neighbors recording stuff (estate terminal info, etc.) either on video or in a text format, shoot me a pm… It’s a much bigger project and more time consuming than one person can really do, but might get more folks interested in wandering around the cities a bit… 

Crazy estate notes thread…

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