Nicehash is probably the BEST way to get started in Crypto-Mining since IT PAYS DIRECTLY IN BITCOIN!

Miner Gate is another awesome entry level way to get in to Crypto-Mining


Zempafy Mining Rig Link


Cryptomining Rig Link

Info on Mindark’s Cryptocurrency:

MindArk’s Upcoming Blockchain Project

PCF Forum Thread about this project



looks like Mindark got and, and but someone already got and they want 6 grand for it on a buy it now auction.

no wonder the announcement won’t be out for a while.



Info on Neverdie Ico:
Neverdie Blockchain Gaming White Paper

Neverdie ICO page on Twitter

NEVERDIE Teleportation ICO to Monetize Infrastructure and Drive Trillion Dollar Virtual Goods Economy as The First Double Coin ICO

NEVERDIE coins & Teleport Tokens will provide a complete Ethereum blockchain governance platform that empowers players to shape the future of their worlds with a decentralized transparent democracy allowing for a symbiotic relationship between players and developers.

NEVERDIE Wallet Early Alpha


Ultima’s Famed Lord British Joins Forces with Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs to Unite Millions of Gamers in Ethereum-Based Gaming with NDC and TPT Tokens

Shroud of Avatar ICO (initial coin offering)


The Dragon who would be King – not a single mention of this Dragon game in the white paper…

Initial Virtual World games supported by Neverdie Coin and Teleport Tokens
AmeVRica AsgardVR Planet ROCKtropia



(more info will be added here later)