Local Copy: Citizenship Q&A


Gothenburg, Sweden – November 16, 2011 /MindArk/

– MindArk, developer and publisher of the largest real money MMO, announced today that it will introduce a groundbreaking Citizenship System to Planet Calypso. The new system will provide revenue sharing to participants, and add a political system that will allow players to vote on major decisions affecting their virtual world, all for as little as $100 USD.

“Our new Citizenship System will have a strong impact on the social and Virtual Worlds industry”, said Jan Welter Timkrans, Chairman of MindArk. “People have always had the opportunity to make money playing our game and engaging in the micro transactions economy. Now they can actually share in the revenues of their favorite planet with a Land Lot deed and help decide its future via the political system.“

The new system grants users Planet Calypso citizenship and political voting rights. Citizens will also receive a share in the Planet Partner gross revenue of Calypso, paid weekly. Based on Planet Calypso’s performance over the last 12 months, the potential return of investment (ROI) is expected to be between 27% and 30% per year. Each planet in the Entropia Universe is a separate Planet Partner, and the revenue share paid to deed holders will come from the Planet Calypso revenue stream. Sixty thousand land lot deeds offered at $100 USD each are available exclusively through the Entropia Universe global auction and can be acquired by anyone after creating a free avatar.

The new Citizenship System will showcase the economics of a successful Planet Partner on the Entropia Universe platform, and allow users to participate in that success. Planet Calypso is the oldest of the planets in Entropia Universe, with over one million registered accounts and over $400 million USD per year in user-to-user transactions. Until now, possessing land in Entropia Universe has been very exclusive, with the market price for land deeds ranging from $5,000 to upwards of $500,000 USD. In the new Citizenship System, just about anyone can share a piece of an entire virtual world. For more information on MindArk or the Citizenship System please visit http://www.entropiauniverse.com.

Q. How many Land Lot deeds will be offered?
A. 60,000 (Sixty Thousand).

Q. What is the price of each Land Lot deed?
A. Land Lot deeds are available for 1000 PED each (equivalent to 100 USD).

Q. Where can Land Lot deeds be acquired?
A. Land Lot Deeds are acquired from the Official avatar James Bowerbird EstateBroker on the Entropia Universe auction, under the Global Auction (selectable from the drop down menu in the top right corner of the auction interface).

Q. What quantities of Land Lot deeds are available?
A. Land Lot deeds are available in single units, as well as in stacks for 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. For those interested in larger quantities of over 500 and need help or advise please contact info@mindark.com

Q. I can not see any single deeds available on the Auction?
A. Land Lot deeds will be added to the Entropia Universe global auction at varying times throughout the day for the convenience of participants from different timezones.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of Land Lot deeds each participant can acquire?
A. Participants may acquire as many Land Lot deeds as they wish.

Q. How will the proceeds of the Land Lot deeds be used by MindArk?
A. The proceeds from the Land Lot deeds will help to finance a substantial Entropia Universe marketing campaign, along with further development of Entropia Universe and Planet Calypso.

Q. How is the revenue share for Land Lot deeds calculated?
A. The Planet Partner Gross Revenue will be divided as follows: 50% paid to Land Lot deedholders (1/60000), and the remaining 50% retained by Planet Calypso (AR Universe AB) to cover the ongoing development, marketing and operating costs of Planet Calypso.

Q. How is the Planet Partner Gross Revenue calculated?
A. Planet Partner Gross Revenue is calculated and paid by MindArk to the Planet Partner, and includes avatar activity on Planet Calypso, along with the activity of Calypso avatars in Space and on other Entropia Universe planets. Avatar activity includes deterioration of items, as well as various other fees and avatar activities.

Q. How will Land Lot deedholders receive revenue share payments?
A. Payments will be deposited directly onto each deedholder’s Entropia Universe PED Card balance.

Q. What is the expected yearly return on investment (ROI) of a Land Lot deed?
A. Based on Planet Calypso’s performance over the last 12 months, expected ROI is between 27% and 30% per year. The actual revenue share paid to deedholders may be higher or lower than this, depending on the amount of activity on Planet Calypso in the future.

Q. When will Land Lot deedholders begin receiving revenue share payments?
A. Revenue share payments are planned to begin distribution on Dec. 5, 2011.

Q. How often will revenue share payments be made?
A. Revenue share payments will be made weekly, calculated based on the Planet Partner Gross Revenue generated by Planet Calypso during the preceding week.

Q. Will there be regular statements of revenue share earnings?
A. Yes. Every six months, audited figures will be presented on MindArk’s website (www.MindArk.com) so that deedholders can verify their revenue share payouts. In addition, a dedicated web page will be made available where deedholders can check their weekly payments, and will include an ROI calculator.

Q. Once acquired, can Land Lot deeds be traded?
A. Indeed, deeds can be traded among participants at a participant-determined market price, just like every other item in Entropia Universe.

Q. If I trade one of my Land Lot deeds, who will receive the revenue share payment for the current period?
A. Revenue share payments are always distributed to the Entropia Universe avatar account currently holding each deed at the time of disbursement.

Q. Do I need to keep the Land Lot deed in my avatar’s inventory in order to receive revenue share payments?
A. No. Deeds can be kept in personal storage, estates, containers, etc., and still receive payments. As long as the Land Lot deed(s) appear on the ‘My Items’ page in the Account section of the http://www.EntropiaUniverse.com website, your avatar will receive revenue share payments.

Q. Can Land Lot deeds be looted from other participants in PVP areas?
A. No, Land Lot deeds are not lootable in PVP areas.

Q. When is the Citizenship and Politics system expected to be released?
A. The Citizenship and Politics system is scheduled to begin development in 2012.

Q. How many votes in the forthcoming Political System will Land Lot deedholders receive?
A. Each individual Land Lot deed entitles the holder to one vote. Thus, each political issue will have a maximum of 60,000 potential votes.

Q. How exactly will the political system work? What kinds of issues will Citizens take part in shaping?
A. The full details of the Citizenship and Politics system are still being finalized. More information will be provided as the design and development stages of this exciting new Entropia Universe system progress.

Q. Are Land Lots the same as Land Areas?
A. No. Outback Land Areas (commonly referred to as Land Areas) are part of a different system within Entropia Universe, through which participants can purchase a defined area of land and impose taxes on the hunting and mining activities of other participants. By contrast, Land Lot deeds offer participants the opportunity to receive a share of the entire activity on Planet Calypso, not just activity made in a particular area.

Q. When will existing Outback Land Area owners receive the complimentary Land Lot deed mentioned in the original announcement?
A. The complimentary deeds for Outback Land Area owners will be distributed shortly before revenue share payments begin on Dec. 5, 2011.

Q. The original announcement mentions a ‘Calypso Citizenship Land Grab’. How will this system work?
A. Various regions of Planet Calypso will be designated where Land Lot deedholders will have the opportunity to stake a claim on a 10×10 meter plot of land for each deed held.

Q. How will building houses or other structures on Land Lots function?
A. In order to to build a structure on claimed land, participants will need to hold a minimum of nine (9) Land Lot Deeds, and claim plots in a 3×3 (or larger) format, suitable for the construction of a structure.

Q. Will I be forced to engage in PVP combat in order to claim my Land Lot plots?
A. No. The regions designated for Land Lot claims will be offered in both PVP and non- PVP areas.

Q. What happens to my revenue share payments if I do not claim any Land Lot plots?
A. You will still receive all revenue share payments. Land Lot plots are simply an additional feature offered to those who choose to support the future growth of Planet Calypso.

Further information and specifications may be applied.

Local copy 2011 Rocktropia Q&A

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their patience, it has been a tumultuous time for us at the Studio, things are settling down now as we have delivered the content for the Next VU. So now I can address the Questions.

1. Are there, or will there be unlimited versions of the Rocktropia weapons in the loot pool with the potential to drop in big hofs like there is on Calypso? For example an unlimited zk6, or an unlimited Orgasmatron Axe.

Yes, we actually had some Unlimited Items scheduled for the last VU but they were held back at the last moment, due to balancing issues..My Hope is that you will see these items appear soon.
if all goes according to plan with our next VU, our hope is that we can spend more time on Special items and less time playing catch up.

2. Will Rocktropia be a continually growing and developing Planet or will 2.0 mark the beginning of a long period of stable but never changing gaming like when I started on Calypso in 9.0?

After we get the basics of the Economy into play, which I hope will be with this next VU in June, our focus will shift mostly to Gameplay, Quests and Story for a while, we have so many areas in ROCKtropia we want to bring to life with Quests… Further Expansion will come when our population grows.

3. Will there be Rocktropia events like the robot and mutant events in the past on Calypso?

We dont really have tools yet to adjust Spawn on the Fly.. So we have to be more strategic with our events and allow them to evolve between each VU.

4. How realistic is the idea of RL items dropping in loot. (I understand that video cards have droped on on Calypso in the past and Laptops are expected in loot for the Promotional start of Arkadia)

We will drop real life items in the future, concert tickets, music memorobilia, apparel etc.. 

5. When will the beergarden open up and start actually pumping beer out? (is there a set amount of decay or ped cycled on the planet required before it can become operational?)

The Beer Garden finally after 12 Months and is working, its great fun be careful, After the Next VU when more BP’s arrive, there will be uses for the Kegs

6. When will you make me my own Land area with RTOM mobs with maturities based off the actual rotm’s from last year?

I’m looking forward to seeing some private land ownership on ROCKtropia, when the economy is fixed and we start to see some population growth, it will become feasable. 

7. Do you have any plans for a Land Area with only low lvl mobs of similar maturity/hp to help with the creation of new player/low lvl ingame events?

We have this Planned for the City of Dreams area, but it may have to wait till after the summer, because Blueprints took up most of our time.

8. Will all Rocktropia BP’s be limited or will there be lines of unlimited prints as well?

Both, Im not sure what the Mix is on this first major BP VU, but hopefully we will see both.
After the next VU your feedback will be much appreceated.

9. What happened to Hard Rock/Ingot? Why cant anyone find it anymore?

It’s just tough to find,it is my understand that it is there though

10. What happened to Elvis and Neverdie Dragons? Why aren’t they around any more?

We do a lot of Spawn moving as we re-organize the World, perhaps you just have to look somewhere else for them, are you sure these mobs are missing?

11. Will we have ‘wave event’ areas like I hear they have on Calypso?

Yep they should be in after this next VU

12. Will we have our own ‘Beacon’ or ‘Instanced’ type missions available on Rocktropia any time soon?

We haven’t been provided any tools for this yet

13. Why are the icons in inventory so large? It was much easier to sort them when they were smaller.

Fixed now 

14. Will we be able to actually listen the albums and records we loot?

I think there are few other priorities on the Platform before we push for these things

15. When will different areas of RT get different genere of music? (for example Vampire cathedral are used to be promoted as a place for Gothic music)

We actually started out with this, then we moved into One Station, but after the Next VU, Digital abduction managed areas will have seperate streams, this is just the begining of diversity in Music

16. Any ingame concerts planned? there was an old rpg (gothic) who had a nice easter egg that you could activate and you had a german band playing non stop for a chapter with some npc’s dancing around… (donno: make a stage, put some metal, make the zombies dance.. )

I believe even more options are coming with the Voice system to support concerts. In the August VU will provide some areas for Player created music events.

17. When new blueprints are added do you have to “Turn them on” after a VU for them to start being found or are they added the moment a VU is launched

“MA control that”

18. Will the rest of the Rocktropians of the month get there stars added ingame (A few people have asked me to ask this)

Who is missing?

19. Once and for all who determines items that drop in RT/NI loot is it MA or NDS (For example if you wanted to add A-3 punisher MKII to drop from Forum trolls is it you guys or MA who would add this)

We determine which Mobs drop which items, that is essential for game design, we don’t control how or when, so we can’t predict when something will drop

20. There was mention a while ago that RT pioneers or Top hunters would be given a apartment on RT is this true and will it happen if it is?

We do events to win things.. but due to the early instability of the planet some of our events have become derailed… If anyone is due an outstanding Prize, please let us know.

21. Alot of people complain about Lag on RT who is responsible for the servers we use NDS or MA?

Well We have been Very Ambitious with our developed areas so we must keep optomizing them

22. What are there restrictions on Neverdie and the employees of Neverdie Studio? Does the studio have to report the names of the employees’ avatars to Mindark? Are there restrictions on how long a personal avatar cannot be used after employment in some sort of non-disclosure agreement or something (some folks on Linked in appear to have worked for NDS a couple of years ago, some probably as interns that were only there a few months – are they still under the prohibition? Are the interns considered a part of that when they are there if there are any interns?)

this is a question to be directed at MA. But I will say that I don’t believe anyone who has worked at NDS in the past has any knowledge on specific loots that they could exploit.

23. Will Blueprints start being fixed prior to releases so that L blueprints show up as L in auction and item info screens, and stuff that is not a blueprint does not show up as a blueprint in the item descriptions?

Are they fixed now?

24. Will there be a clarification about who the heck or what the heck Digital Abduction is and how it’s tied to Neverdie Studio? Does the prohibited end user activity apply to this company/individual/employee, or whatever the heck it is?

Digital Abduction, manage land areas for some of our Music Marketing partners, they do not own the land deeds, the deeds cannot be sold by them, we can reclaim them at any time… But it is neccesary for our artist partners to have someone manage the land areas, because they are busy being artists… Digital abduction manage the land areas and also will coordinate with the artists and labels on marketing issues.. Think of them as Virtual Web masters for Artists.. We don’t give DA any info on Loot. They do not have access to anything confidential at the studio.

25. Are the coins the only way to get in and out of hell? Will hell be hellish without any auction or terminals (sort of like a hardcore playing place?)… Will hell have revive terminals?

Hell Coins will be required to get to hell. Hell is evolving should be some more action Next VU

26. Any updates on Jango? http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/fo…-Jango-Airplay

We really needed to focus on the economy before we can really get back to work with our marketing partners, I really Hope this Next VU catches us up.

27. Will there be hangers on Rocktropia?

We don’t yet have the skinny on the gameplay for Space, so we will have to wait and see.

28. Will monthly ‘rent’ fees for estates be removed on Rocktropia since there is not going to be any rent on estates on Calypso or Arkadia?

Possibly, we had problems getting our estates to work without rent, lets evaluate the success of this on the other planets, I think its a good thing. I dont like closed shops

29. Are there more plans for integration of user interactive and player generated music content in addition to that coming from your business side?

Currently we have no systems in development with Mindark, We have designed an elaborate Dance battle System, that I would like to Push for when Mindark have completed all the basics for space, taming, makeup etc, but i think alot will depend on the Popularity of our planet and theme

30. Are you negotiating with MA to get back to being able to fully use your avatar?

I’m not Negotiating… But I do not agree with NEVERDIE not being able to play.
If I wanted to try to exploit the system, I would be stupid to do it with my Known avatar..
I enjoy playing it inspires me… MA can monitor my activity and treat my like any other player.
So I think it would be more accurate to say I am Lobbying to be able to play, but not negotiating.

I would prefer Mindark Police the Planet partners avatar accounts, instead of the community.
I do understand the sensitivity of this issue and that there is a huge margin for misunderstanding in the community… But still what would people really prefer, that I play with an undercover avatar and MA monitor my undercover avatar to make sure that I dont cheat? Or I play with NEVERDIE and MA monitor me so that i dont cheat? At the end of the Day only MA can Know what a planet partner is really up to, only they can analyze the financial data, so why force me to use an underground Avatar, when I have a World Famous avatar that have invested heavily in, that would actually make my activities more transparent… I know that people will always speculate on what I’m doing, but I think there are alot more savvy hunters to follow rather than myself…”


31. Will neverdie.com be opened up more to allow mods and Admin’s to perform a more active role as at the moment what permissions are avalible is very limited.

I think so.

32. Will there be a review of blueprints such as the Creative Juice bp which seems to have an unnaturally low success rate due to its tt per click vs. tt of success ratio?
Is this whey the Creative Juice bp gives so many errors while clicking it?

We are fixing these issues Edit: Have fixed 

33. To begin, how are you all and how is it going? (Hello to ND, Taliesin, Tenacity, and Todd 😉

34. When will we hear more Ween? ( I just have to ask; having the music stream is great, well not so much the rap…, and hearing Ween would be so nice.)

I love ween too…. I will talk to the DJ

35. Also related to music, can we get an ingame feed of what is playing live?

Yes Edit: No, that would require coding 

36. Blueprints! For clothes, etc. where are they?

we finally have the tools for this hopefully you will see some V Soon!

37. Stars for the rest of the ROTMs and for the champions of Todd’s Fighting Federation? And will there be more for the new helpful people here?

Hopefully as we stabalize our economy we can also get to grips with our community interaction again

38. Beer cans and the beer stein?


39. Unlimited ZKs and axes, etc?

Look for more unlimited items in the future

40. Apartments for everyone who participated in the Squatters Unite thread Squatters Unite! ?

I will have to read the thread

41. When can we expect concerts, new music from participants, etc?

As soon as the Voice system gets to the next Phase I think we can tackle this properly

42. Jukeboxes, lootable music real life items, etc?

thats what we have to work towards

On a final note for this Q&A I would like to remind everyone that because of delays in the readiness of the platform we launched ROCKtropia before all the systems were provided to us to create a functional Economy, this can be seen with the latest planet on the platform launching with fundamentals we will not have until our next VU .We have paid a heavy price for this and this has been a big game of catch up for us and been extremely challenging emotionally and financially. For those Players who enjoy ROCKtropia, I sincerely hope we move a big step forward with this next VU to giving you a world that you can take pride in and build a community on and that We can market.

In another thread he also confirmed that NDS will be focusing only on Rocktropia now.
Posted in this thread.

Question # unknown:
How does Next Islands announcement of a new game producer affect NDS and Rocktropia?
Does it mean you are no longer working on Next Island and will be able to Dedicate full time to Rocktropia content?

Yes we are focused Solely on ROCKtropia content now

Local Copy: Q&A: SEE Virtual Worlds Part 2

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Q&A: SEE Virtual Worlds

Q&A: SEE Virtual Worlds
Part 2

Hello Calypsians!

I’ve worked directly with the team at SEE to look over the many questions you shared with us regarding the recent acquisition of First Planet Company. Together, we have responded to all Planet Calypso and Entropia-related questions. As always, your input and interest is of great value to us, and we’re looking forward to a great continued communication with our awesome colonists!

It is still too early to respond to all questions pertaining to Planet Michael, however,we will make sure to answer those once additional information is available.


· Will you try to lower the play cost to a more normal level to be able to compete/increase the player base? 
We are always examining the needs of the monetary system to provide the best possible service and entertainment to our users.

· Will the acquiring of FPC by SEE mean disassociation with the urgency to which serious game play mechanics issues (team size limit, missing game play modules, server lag, caching leaks) are forwarded to MA and therefore addressed?
Not at all. SEE Digital Studios will continue to address the player’s needs and issues and be just as attentive with game-play mechanic issues.

· What are your plans to help grow the user base, retention rate and overall happiness of players?
We are currently taking many measures to ensure that our current players are satisfied, while our user base continues to grow. One of our top priorities is establishing a stronger relationship and enhancing interaction within the community.

· I understand, that you cannot give exact head counts who works on what. But is it possible to give a rough estimation how your budget is planned?
We are not at liberty to disclose this information at the time, however, we are making sure that we’re staffed accordingly so that Calypso can continue to thrive.

· What changes does SEE feel are necessary for the RCE concept to appeal to a broader market?
In an effort to appeal to a broader market, SEE will continue to work with MindArk as they casualize the gaming experience while maintaining the RCE structure.

· How do you plan to address the avatars involved in developing other planets and having knowledge of graphics created for future, knowledge of event mobs and released new lands on their planets? Can they still be equal players with all of us and have properties and businesses on Calypso or whatever the new name may be?
As with any organization, there are safeguards in place to ensure that all players everywhere are on an even playing field.

· Could a Beta testing area maybe be set aside (or planet) where we can help iron out bugs before implementation and maybe get some items, etc for helping?
Great idea. The suggestion will be taken into consideration.

· Will SDS also be developing the Universal Monsters planet? If not, who will?
We will be announcing news of our developer shortly.

· Where does the “planet calypso” game and player base fit into SEE’s overall business strategy?
Planet Calypso is our flagship planet and its overall existence is imperative to our overall business strategy.

· So how exactly are MA and SEE (and other Planet Partners) going to ensure that the other part of the relationship performs, and what is going to happen if one side doesn’t?
MindArk and SEE have been working together for quite some time and have spent countless hours on building a relationship to ensure all companies work together as a team.

· What pressure can you exert on MindArk to improve the deposit options for North Americans? 
SEE and MindArk will work closely together in our new ventures in order to expand and improve the deposit options for North America.

· Does a raised budget also mean raised cost to play?
No,despite our raised budget, our intention is to maintain a reasonable cost to play.

· Which categories of player are you hoping to attract with the playing cost Entropia has compared to any other MMO game on the market?
The Planet Calypso player tends to be older and more affluent than the traditional MMO gamer. We will continue to pursue this target audience.

· Will SEE cooperate with other planet owners to set standards on things like item and building statistics? For instance I see another planet partner is releasing shops with 1000 item points for a price that is next to nothing. Will SEE stick to their current item count for all estates, or will they change it (either for new or for existing estates) to be able to compete with other planet partners?
As you may already know, we make adjustments based on player demands, however, a lot of time is spent testing and balancing before any changes are implemented. Additionally, before anything is finalized, we make sure that changes will encourage activity and planetary growth.

· How do we contact SEE regarding commercial opportunities?

· One of the planets is related to SCI-FI. Wouldn’t it be better to sell it to Arkadia? It would free resources for the new targets.
While we cannot speak for other partners,SEE currently has no plans to develop any further Sci-Fi related planets.

· When will SEE have a comment about Calypso and what their plans are to continue the story line and development of ‘our’ planet?
We plan on releasing a development plan very soon, but rest assured there will be no major changes in the story line – only some terrific enhancements!

· This is a monumental occasion, quite a big deal. Will we be seeing a TGA (Third Golden Age) to celebrate this major event???
Although we are not at liberty to disclose this information at the moment, we sure hope so.

· Will SEE keep a bigger bankroll to shorten withdraws to say 7 days? If withdraws fall under MindArk and planet partners can’t do anything about it then you really should start haggling with them for our sake.
Withdraws fall under MindArk.

· Seeing as how you’re now a part of SEE do you foresee any Japanese Anime
related planets being produced by SEE Virtual Worlds? This is a MAJOR
industry that far exceeds Universal Monsters and Michael and is worth looking

This is an interesting idea and the suggestion will be taken into consideration.

· Can you explain further the relationship between MA and Planet Partners such as SEE? MindArk is the Entropia Universe platform provider and is responsible for the system as a whole, while SEE Digital Studios develops the content and game-play.

· Who is SEE? 
Special Entertainment Events, Inc. (“SEE”) has been in the business of themed entertainment for over a decade. For SEE this is a process of utilizing known entertainment titles and franchises in new and innovative ways to increase brand awareness and create lucrative additional revenue streams for licensors and project investors. SEE has worked with some of the most iconic names in show business, including Star Trek and Titanic. SEE has received numerous awards for excellence in touring attractions and other themed entertainment projects.

SEE Virtual Worlds, LLC is a division of the Los Angeles based SEE family of companies. A natural extension of the company’s core licensing business, SEE VW is bringing the world of themed entertainment online.

For more information on the SEE familyof companies their products and employees, please visit http://www.seeglobalentertainment.com.

· Can we see some CV’s for key persons working with SEE?
We are not at liberty to disclose this information, but bios for all key executives are posted on our corporate website located at http://www.seeglobalentertainment.com.

· How much capital the company has today?
We are not at liberty to disclose this information.

· How many investors are in SEE? Who are the main investors?
We are not at liberty to disclose this information at the time.

· Does SEE plan to do anything to increase the “fun ratio” of this game? Or will it continue to be a click/grind fest?
There are many plans to enhance the game play and much of those discussions stemmed from player ideas and comments. User feedback is always encouraged as it helps us understand the wants and needs of the community. So keep them coming!

· Is SEE a Swedish company? Self governed?
SEE Digital Studios was established and is currently located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

· Who is ultimately in charge now? Martin Biallas aka SEE or Marco aka “old FPC”?
Martin Biallas is the president and CEO of the SEE family of companies and Marco Behrmann is the managing director of SEE Digital Studios.

· What did SEE actually get for 6 million $? Did MA keep anything from you? Rephrase; what wasn’t included in the sale?
We are not at liberty to discuss the details of our agreement. However, the two companies are well organized and have everything they need to collectively continue, enhance and grow Planet Calyps

Local Copy: 2008 Q&A

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15 Oct 2008

This is a day of great fortune and aspirations, of excitement and hope, of respect and history. Continued operation and development of the planet Calypso is to be handled by MindArk PE AB subsidiary First Planet Company AB. I have been asked and I have accepted the role of CEO and Creative Director for First Planet Company, along with the responsibility of developing and marketing the MMORPG “Planet Calypso”.

The Calypso journey began in mid-2002 when the commercial open trial phase started, leading up to the gold release of “Project Entropia” on the 30th of January 2003. I still remember the launch day as if it were yesterday. At seven minutes to midnight VU 4.2 was applied and Entropia officially went live. In April 2006 Project Entropia evolved into “Entropia Universe”. And, now the online game known as Entropia Universe will evolve again to become “Planet Calypso”.

The “Entropia Universe” brand will continue as the name of the platform all planets will operate on, continuously developed by MindArk PE AB. The creation of First Planet Company allows for focused and efficient development of both the Entropia Universe platform as well as development of Planet Calypso. First Planet Company will act as a partner planet within the Entropia Universe.

My vision is to supply the resources needed for the creative team to allow them the freedom and time to create interesting short- and long-term storylines, enhance and polish game-play, add role-playing aspects, and cater to events. It is also important to develop participant-based tools for creation of activities, add depth to the various activities present today, and of course introduce new activities not before seen.

My role will be to bring and maintain a coherency to the Calypso history and storyline. The over-arching goal is to make Planet Calypso a truly kick-ass Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game!

All virtual items, records, PED’s, and item values will still be maintained by MindArk PE AB – as before. The change applies to the development side of game-play, design, content development and storyline.

With highest regards and a commitment to a fun and exciting future,

Marco Behrmann
CEO/Creative Director
First Planet Company AB – Planet Calypso

“If we are lucky this will be the end to never finished storylines.
Gratz to Marco for his new position. How fast will he get his new desk and team? I would like him to start engraft the promises in this statement.”

Thanks everyone for your comments. I am humbled and proud and have some very exciting plans for the future.
And as to the previous non-finished storylines – I see it as a priority to close and finish many of these quite soon, to make room for this next era of Calypso’s long future history.

-Q:Marco, How much of the MA staff moves to this subsidiary?
If this is just an “on paper” thing it’s not gonna make much difference overall to the player base.
Thanks, and
…and congrats!

The initial staff of FPC will be around 10-15 people, including game designers, writers, graphics artists, sound designers, markerting, community, and events. It will be a great difference – we are two seperate entities. MindArk PE AB will have focus on infrastructure and systems development of the Entropia Universe platform, First Planet Company will handle development and progress of Planet Calypso.

-Q:Second question:
If it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game then the famous “it’s not a game it is an universe” is no longer true ?

M:First Planet Company will focus on creating an exciting kick-ass online game. It is not our vision to create a virtual universe – that is for MindArk to pursue, with the Entropia Universe platform. So yes, this is a distinct move towards a much more cohesive game experience.

-Q: [However … today’s news is great news, and it gives renewed hope that our beloved Calypso will now get the attention it so rightly deserves. I have always loved this universe, as has so many, and why we have become so protective of it, especially since you gave this home to us so long ago. I couldn’t be happier that our past will be preserved, and that our existence and colonization into the future will not be “lost in space.”

M:Thank you. Me and my team are gearing up slowly to begin the next era of Calypso. We are, however, also bound by the CryENGINE2 integration process, so the major updates will not come before that is ready for release. I will make sure we enter some sort of “prologue” state until that happens, with some glimpses of the upcoming story-arc.

(as I am very excited today I can hint that Omegaton, Chikara, and Genesis Star will be brought back as powerful entities in this)

Now that that’s out of the way, how about a timely landgrab? Areas have been expired for a couple months now.

M:Land grab is being prepared… ,-)

-Q:Hmm.. Will CND still be part of “First planet” or will it be taken over by ND studios?
And will we get a REAL community representative now?

M:All enteties associated with Entropia Universe today (Eudoria, Amethera, Crystal Palace Space Station and Club Neverdie) are all part of Planet Calypso.

There will be several people handling community activities. There will come further announcements in a few weeks.

-Q:Will each planet partner have their own planetary system or will they be incorporated into the Calypso system?

M:Each planet partner will have their own system. First Planet Company may add new entities to the Calypso system though.

Some of MindArk’s planet partners will be game like and have storylines that may coincide with Calypso’s – some will have their own. And some planet partners will use the Entropia Universe platform for entirely other purposes which doesn’t even involve storylines at all.

-Q:I believe Marco got his start with paper and pencil RPG games so writing and role play adventure seem to be part of the fabric in which he envisions games to be made out of.

Marco, you now have the chance to drive Entropia forward. I hope you seize the opportunity.

Only one question. Will there be a clean break between you and MA? Will you still be a member of a board of directors or connected to MA in any other way?

M:Yes, I have written some 20 RPG books (in Swedish) and love the medium. Even nowadays I try to play once a week.

I will seize the opportunity with profound respect and excitement. However, it is very important to have some “expectation management” – most of the ideas will not be realized until after the CryENGINE2 release. We will have a “Prologue” period up till then, with some tidbits and previews. I am still limited as to the current MindArk development and integration of the CryENGINE2 into the Entropia Universe platform. But the time in between is spent designing and writing a bunch of cool stuff that will come eventually.

-Q:since marco is answering questions here today……how bout mine?
are we gonna get fishing?
i wann go fishing, and while yer at it how bout that shipment of beers?

M:Fishing is part of my todo-list. But it is too early to say any specifics.
Ah, Beer… no, I will behave. ,-) I see a future system in food and drinks, probably as a buff/booster system rather than a boring necessity system. We have to wait and see.

-Q:Quests? kill 1000 argo and receive 10 ped bonus?

M:I hate that kind of grinding quests! Really. I’d like quests to be more in synch with the storyline and with a purpose and a history to it. A good example of a simple quest I like was the time when RDI issued requests for items to battle the robots and when it was over, by a joint effort of the brave colonists for weeks, it happend. The robots got kicked out and it became a turning point in Calypso’s history. Something to remember.

The mechanics might have been weak at the time (a lot of hunting) but that is the kind of “quests” I’d like to see in the future. Purpose and history.

Originally Posted by ALEXANDER :

Still a big question, how will people move around planets ? Will the companies that own the planets decide how u get there ? free or not ? How will people know there is another planet ? Show them at the teleporter next to the continent button ? adds ? etc

Marco: I cannot discuss that yet, as it will ruin some planned surprises…


Local Copy: 2007 Q&A

Original Source

Internet Archive Copy

Archive.is Copy


Q&A Answers (May 07)

Hello crew!

Here are the Balancing Manager’s responses to the Q&A. Any questions that were unrelated to balancing were omitted. Also, rather than respond “I cannot comment on the inner workings of the dynamics of Entropia Universe”, any other questions that required such a reply were also omitted in the responses.

Thanks to all who provided questions for this thread. A New Q&A will come later on, and with a faster time frame between Q:s and A:s.

Post 2
Are rare items expensive because they are rare or have they become rare drops because of inflation?
Submitted by Soundboy

It’s because of their rarity.

Post 5
What were the biggest/most surprising balancing mistakes ever made?
Submitted by Pirx Danford

When the loot during 10 seconds after a release contained 1000 times more shadow armor parts than there should have been.

Post 11
When am I going to get some decent loot or claims bigger than ample?
Submitted by dean

I actually don’t know and that’s a good thing.

Post 13
The question is would a hunter have the same profit with the same loot on different LA’s with different taxes?
Submitted by Raffaele Meiers

On a land area with higher taxes the hunter pays higher taxes.

Post 14
Why do you not “raise the bar” with SIB tools and weapons that require skills higher than the current “maxed” skills (~10k average) to give ubers something to aim for instead of destroying the chances of anyone new becoming uber (without an uber bank account)?
Submitted by Doer

We are doing that.

Post 17
There are certain items that have disappeared completely from the game, or are stuck on old avatars not active anymore. I think it’s a shame that those items will be lost in history (and in some cases, all we have is pictures to know they existed). Not only talking about equipment, but rare clothing-pieces. We all know clothing doesn’t drop anymore so getting it back seems rather hopeless unless you plan to do something about it.
Do MindArk in any way plan for these items to have their “return” on Calypso?
Submitted by Skam

We have no plans to return these items.

Post 18
Sometimes fairly common types of loot stop dropping completely, like Fine wool a few weeks ago. Is this on purpose or by mistake?
Submitted by Darkaner

There is always a natural variation cycle in drop rates on all items.

Post 22
Is the promised MindForce update coming or have you given that up?
Submitted by nisse

It hasn’t been given up on. It will be done.

Post 26
Does EVERY one in Entropia have the same programmed or instilled “luck”?
Submitted by jak

Of course everybody has the same installation there is no such thing as luck.

Post 31
Why are rifles so plentiful and seemingly encouraged, with few options in melee weapons?
Submitted by Spud Striker

We are starting to introduce more now, with many more planned for.

Post 32
Was the almost 20k ped HOF of Rugaritz a regrettable mistake?
Submitted by strakkan

No, but very rare.

Post 33
Can we expect more L weapons to fill the incremental SIB equipment void soon?
submitted by The Nightbird


Post 42
As the balancing manager how do you determine when you can release more Land Areas/Asteroids/Space Stations/etc without severely impacting existing owners and their profit?
Submitted by Vap0r

Time, statistics, and a pre-planned release strategy.

Post 45
Will there be unlimited (!) melee amps, or improvement of melee generally?
Submitted by Alice

Yes to both.

Post 48
Will you ever actually release a list (sort of a ‘Heads Up!’) in regards to HOW and possibly WHAT drops certain new items?
Submitted by Sunab Naverith

We have no such plans today.

Post 50
What is the effect of the new auction fees on the general market transaction balance?
Submitted by helena

No unnecessary transportation sales, no display entries in the auction, an overall growth of the use of the auction and finally a growth of the use of participant owned shops.

Post 52
What role do the commercial ads play with loots, ATH and HOFs?
Submitted by Haxtor moogle

They add money to the system by being watched.

Post 55
When will you update with something not only MA is gaining on?
submitted by SODERD

We have done, and do so with every release – sometimes small things, sometimes whole systems. To take some examples: sweating, land areas, participant shops, auction system, real world and participant commercial system, Event system.

Post 56
How many people are in the balancing department, what are their responsibilities and what is the process to balance a VU (loot changes, new features, etc.)?
Submitted by fluke

I cannot go into details here, but there is a group of more than five people involved in all balancing.

Post 62
Will there be any amps for faps in the near future?
Submitted by Omega

We have no plans today to introduce them.

Post 63
Why does MA make things better for crafters and worse for miners and hunters.
Submitted by bigdeal

We don’t, there are always ways to find opportunities in all systems.

Post 64
Can we expect to see more frequent events and story lines that actually have both a head and a tail?
Submitted by JackFree


Post 69
What makes an item balanced?
Submitted by Dunn

Many parameters determine balance, here are some of them. An item is balanced when:
It fits the user’s skill interval and current state in EU, meaning that it is fun to use and lets you interact with fun and intriguing events or mobs.
It doesn’t cost too much to use and its owner knows it.
You cannot drain the system with it.
It can be found in the way it was meant and with the right frequency.
The owner knows it’s expensive to use, but its fun to use or it has an interesting and unique advantage.

Post 78
How many in game data points are you able to balance?
Submitted by Gazza

There are millions if you mean when items and rules are created. A lot fewer when the systems, items and Entropia are running. The goal is to sit beside the universe watching the nature of Entropia take its course.

Post 79
I believe that the return rate (the “cash/ped” that the users are getting from the system as loot) should be increased. Why shall I play this game and not play on a casino where the odds are much more for me to gain some money?
Submitted by Niovara

I agree, everything we do aims for a better return rate for the users, but must still pay for the systems and us at MindArk. I think you should participate in Entropia because it’s a virtual universe and nothing else.

Market prices are at work, services are up for trade, socializing and training pays off. Opportunities are there all the time for the observant and hard working participant and not just at the same place everyday.

The universe isn’t static and predictable instead it’s built on natural laws and the goals of the users in it and that’s what makes it intriguing and full of possibilities.

Post 80
As far as I know only CEO and balance-manager know exactly about and set the parameters of the loot-system.
Since this is the most important part of the whole RCE-game: Is some 3rd person/team checking their work or do they just proof each others work?
Submitted by Agnus Dei

There is a bigger team working with these questions today.

Post 87
We’ve heard the term “Balancing Manager” ad nauseum, but there’s been no real description of what that position entails. Please describe exactly what you balance.
Submitted by AlphaGeek

Firstly, there is a whole team involved in balancing work. The team analyze every new system from when it’s only an idea to when you all are using it.

What will the system affect? What will it give and what will it take? What should the cost be to use the system and the items connected to it? Who will use the system, who are the real life users of system and who are the in world users? How will the system affect the performance of the hardware and the software platform and what will it cost to solve possible bottlenecks?

And of course the team continually analyze how a system works long after it has been released.

Post 93
Does MindArk have any plans of rekindling the past staples of our economic growth, or is their vision purely of advancing into the future?
Submitted by Stryker

We are constantly working with both new and old systems. It’s just a matter of time and the point of view of the beholder.

Post 94
Some time after VU with amp nerf has passed. Now what were impacts of it on “balance” (maybe reallocating part of loot from opalo users to high-lvl hunters etc.)?
Submitted by Denis

There is now a point in constructing, finding, selling and owning amplifiers other than just the best type. This has boosted the whole economy regarding amplifiers. 

Post 99
Why do some mobs loot a large variety of items while other mobs loot only 1 or 2 items?
Submitted by Chilly

All creatures have different benefits and drawbacks. 

Post 105
Is it balanced to make it better for low and high level players and worse for the mid-level?
Submitted by habanero

All users can find opportunities no matter what level they are at. 

Post 112
Today my hit ability is for example 3.9/10, 6.1/10 on EP-10 and the same up to EP-50, shouldn’t the hit ability be higher on low guns and get lower on high guns depending on your skills?
Submitted by Rapido

You have to use skill interval dependent tools to get what you ask for.

Post 113
Is MA’s plan to keep going the actual process: Universe drain investor through big PR that deposit a lot of cash to buy “asset” and parasite gamer with tax and fee to use the new universe feature (examples: malls, CND, Land areas)?
Submitted by Etopia

We want to have many types of user groups. Investors with possibilities to enhance the experience of Entropia are one of those groups but certainly not the only one or even the biggest. Remember that they in many cases do important work with their areas and it’s voluntary to enter their areas.

Post 121
Rare Items/Ores and especially Blueprints in inactive accounts are a huge balancing problem, because they can be reactivated.
Limited Items avoid this problem.
But what will you do to balance the existing rare Blueprints (etc) in inactive accounts?
Submitted by schnups

The inactive accounts are eventually purged and the items go back to Entropia open market. All this is taken account for in the balancing.

Post 126
Are we all dealing with the same virtual world, insofar as odds/rules/chances?
Submitted by Amanita

Of course.

Post 127
Will Houses ever have the option of selling items when a player is off line like a shop without the need of a shopkeeper?
Submitted by TotalTwist

You need to have a shop or a shopkeeper.

Post 128
Is Land Grab no longer existent?
Submitted by Mercury

It definitely is existent and will return, in a different way though.

Post 136
When will respawn rate of mobs be fixed during events?
Since kinda hilarious to try to host nice events for community if there isn’t any mobs left after 5-15min of shooting in LA. No problem with Big mobs and 10 or 20 participants, but above 20 participants LA will be wiped clean.
submitted by Zap

The mobs will re-spawn faster after the next release.

Post 148
In a previous support case I asked if there will ever be any whip better than my Cobra ME. The reply was NEVER. So if there will never be any whip with more damage – how can the taming system work with bigger mobs?
Submitted by Sneaky B’stard

Of course there will be more whips that do more damage.

Post 158
The transferring of skills as it is now seems to be very confusing for most players. Will we see a system that is easier to manage, like just entering i want to fill a chip with 10 PED worth of skill x, then it shows how many of your skills that would take away and you press ok?
Submitted by Snakecharmer

No plans for that now.

Post 176
What is the prime motivation in your balancing?

To create a sustainable intriguing world with indisputable natural laws that can host a vast number of users and activities.

Post 192
I’m wondering if MA is going to introduce more mobs that use firearms as their
combat mode? There are currently 96 mobs in Entropia, of those only 5 are firearms.
Submitted by m0000


Post 212
Whilst this isn’t strictly speaking a balancing issue, it does have a relevant impact for crafters. The lack of knowledge of what these attachments (scopes and lasers) actually do quite possibly subdues the market for them thus having a direct impact on the cost of crafting such attachments for crafters. Can MindArk provide a little more clarity as to the function of laser sights and scopes?
submitted by Jimmy B

More information has been delivered to all items, we are just not ready with all items yet.

Post 218
Now that players will be able to upload content of their own in form of pictures, ads or videos, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to upload your own musical compositions?
Submitted by Glyphan


Post 221
Will there be more shops available at places like Genesis, Omegaton, Sakura?
Submitted by Violet


Post 270
Are there any plans to introduce farms in the game, or farming licenses?
Submitted by Dusk


Post 271
Will we one day have the ability to take one melee weapon in each hand?
Submitted by ufcfl


Post 272
Does MA has an “inferior loot list” for avatars that have been annoying?
Submitted by Micheva


Post 281
Will an item appear on market by re-looting it after it was TTed (used up)? Is the rule applicable to any kind of items?
Submitted by Auktuma

I’m not going to give details, but it works something like that.

Locl Copy: 2006 Q&A

Original Source

Internet Archive Copy

Archive.is Copy

Q&A Answers (Aug-Sep 06)

This is the replies from the Q&A from Aug-Sep 06. The replies are based on the information I currently have and every reply can be subject to changes later on, based on new information or events.

This is the replies from the Q&A from Aug-Sep 06. The replies are based on the information I currently have and every reply can be subject to changes later on, based on new information or events.

Mindark Communication:

* Can mindark please get themselves a powerful PR campaign that draws in people from everywhere so we have an even bigger playerbase? Seeing the streets of Hadesheim buzzing in neon and flooded during the day with a lone couple walking the streets at night together would be amazing.

We’re looking forward to a busy year in front of us as our marketing department kick into gear with a range of exciting projects. We’ll keep you updated through the news section of the website.

* Will their ever be a chance of a MA hosted EU convention / meet up?

That could be a fun idea for the future but unfortunately it’s nothing we can make any plans for right now.

* Whats going on with “The Entropian” magazine ?

The second issue of The Entropian has been indefinitely postponed. Both MindArk and MMM Publishing really want to continue with The Entropian, as it is a witty and classy publication that participants enjoyed. MMM Publishing could probably answer the question better as to when the second edition will be released. You can find their contact details in the first issue of The Entropian.

* What is MA going to do to stop the 70% of the players leaving in the first month of joining?

First of all, the churn rate of 70% isn’t as bad as it sounds considering that Entropia Universe is free to download and many people do that without any idea of what to expect. Many then discover that Entropia isn’t for them and leave quickly. That being said, we still want a higher conversion rate into active participants and we hope to improve that statistic during the coming season. On a side note, the Entropia Universe has quite a high number of long-term participants, many whom have been with us for years, compared to the ordinary MMORPG-mean of 5-6 months. 

* Why did the Terranova Blog controversy got so out of hand? When simple dicussions could have suffice and ensured a potential ally for promoting the game.

I was not involved in the situation and cannot really comment. However, there is always a reason when any “controversy” occurs.

* Will your Press Releases be based less on sensationalism and hyperbole and more on actual facts? The hype is killing EU as people join with far different expectations to whats on offer.

Marketing is a science in itself and those decisions are best taken by the marketing department in conjunction with management and outside consultants. Overall MindArk is very pleased with the result of the marketing activities we plan, and we will continue to market the Entropia Universe as much and best as possible, for the benefit of MindArk as a company and for the community, as more people equals a greater experience and economy, with more opportunities.

* Will MA start treating its player base with a bit more respect in terms of our feedback and wishes? Communicating openly and effectly.

Yes, MindArk already have the greatest respect for the player base and pay attention to all feedback and suggestions. Unfortunately the staff here cannot instantly implement all the wishes and suggestions that come in from such a large player base. We are forced to sort and prioritize community wishes. We will never be able to accommodate every wish and have to reflect upon every idea in light of the greater good and how such suggestions will affect the virtual universe itself.

* Can the community have a definitive answer about trapping creatures (such as araneatrox) and what will MA do to stop this as clearly they allow it to happen and ATH HOFs to result.

MindArk are always working to curb abuse inside the Entropia Universe. Obviously abuse is not a desirable situation for MindArk or the community and in the interest of correctness and fairness we can only move forward with an increased commitment to detecting and dealing with abuse.
We’ll never be able to predict every exploit that people will come up with, but we can move swiftly to stop the situation when it arises. 

* Can we have a roadmap?

We are not comfortable giving out to much info in advance as we have competitors who watch MindArk closely to see how we achieve and succeed with the unique business model we work by.

* Which events IRL are you guys going to attend to? any list?

As soon as the marketing department have decided on an event they’re attending we’ll always let the community know about it as soon as possible, through the news section of the website. We are thinking about some sort of world tour in 2007, being close to conventions and festivals.

* Is MindArk going to be more active ingame and will these monitors give usefull info to newbies/mid levels/ubers? do something upon an scamming report to them? if a bug is reported, such as warrior bug, go there and try it out so they actually see what is wrong?

Having more In-World support is a good suggestion and will be discussed further.

* Will MA hold a survey again in the near future with some options about the direction for future development, to see what people like most/first implemented ?

The support department are planning a survey for the near future and we would like to make it as comprehensive as possible so we should be able to include some questions like these.

* When we will get someone to make official statement for MA when something happen?

Me (Marco) and Frank make official statements to the community when they are needed.

* Are there any plans of having a permanent MA representative on the forums, or even better an official MA forum? I’m asking this because sometimes there’s a lot of activity from MA’s side and then you hear nothing for 2 months (Not only in vacation). For example the trapping issue… no response from MA for a long time. Basically the question is: do you think MA owes it to their playerbase to be represented at all times (again this isnt about Marco having been on vacation, it’s about the periods of no-contact that happen more then I personally like) or do you think the representation of MA on private owned forums is more like a favour from MA’s side? And, wouldn’t it be better to have a MA forum in the latter case.

MindArk’s representative on the forums is me (Marco).

* Next HoC on irc?

Not decided, we would rather use the web for such communications. A constant Q&A-section which can also be used as a library for reference would be a good idea.

* Did you enjoy vacation?

Yes, I had a great time. ,-)

* Can MindArk show how fruitful the partnership with Bridge, Kostabi and other partners has been for the players?

MindArk are pleased with these partnerships as they open the door for diversity inside the Entropia Universe. A diverse customer base makes the Entropia Universe more interesting for everybody. Features like these are still in their infancy but we look forward to developing them further in the future.

* Is MindArk willing to admit that collectively taking a holiday is bad for the playerbase, and what can/will be done to prevent that from happening in the future?

Yes, of course, we learn from experience. Company holidays next year will not affect participants in the Entropia Universe.

* What is, in MindArk’s mindset, the result of blocking Romania as a country? Will this happen to more countries? Will the measure be taken to other countries as well? What about the reaction of the playerbase, and in particularly the players from Romania who do actively contribute to PE as a whole?

This measure, while crude, should also have been seen as a positive service to the community at large, as it was grounded in providing a secure and reliable system to all participants.
We are in the process right now of lifting the ban on entire countries; we now instead require extra verification of identity for new accounts from “risk” countries. 

* What will MindArk do to improve the negative feelings from the playerbase towards the company.

Without meaning to be trite, it is difficult to please everyone all the time. We know that we do have many satisfied customers and we will work steadily to improve the situation for less satisfied customers because that is in everybody’s interest. We can guarantee that we do read the forums and note everything. It is also important to understand that the happy participants in the Entropia Universe are busy enjoying themselves and that the majority of the negative feelings come from a smaller group of people who are vocal about their dissatisfaction. Entropia appears to bring passion into the mix, we even have people who no longer partake in the community or experience that still like to bash us – for whatever reasons. 

* Rumor has it that a new RL economy based game will go into beta some time this year – If this happen, will MA then try to make PE more enjoyable for new people who can’t deposit $20-50K to start playing ?

Obviously, we cannot comment on rumours. However, we already feel that the Entropia Universe should be entertaining on all levels from newcomers to high level participants. We will add to, and fill the gaps that exist in the progression chain within the virtual universe and we have allocated extra resources to accommodate this desire.

* This is not a MA flame, but from alot of new people I have heard that they have to leave PE since they simply can’t afford skilling up to a lvl where they can actualy enjoy PE like “the rest” of us.

It is tempting to want the ‘quick fix’ because it’s great to have those big skills. At the same time the Entropia Universe does offer participants the opportunity to build skills at their own pace.

Skill Questions:

* Will we ever get better skill descriptions that actually explain what the skills do?
Skill description says actually nothing about its influence. Why can’t it just explain like “Aim – skill that modifies hit ability, min dmg and pro standing”? I know that MA does not want to give out certain numbers which would say that hit ability consists of 20% aim, 16.5% RDA etc. but we do not even want to know these numbers exactly (however, it’s not clear, why it should be hidden information anyways…)
We need an update to our skill descriptions and we have asked about it since the start of EU.
There are way to many theories, and I think it will just be fair and helpful so people understand the game and enjoy it even more

Yes we could definitely work on those descriptions but they will probably never be as detailed as some of the community wish. Everything doesn’t need to be clear and written down, it’s part of the entertainment to discover things yourself as a participant, or together with a society, or just by meeting someone running through a forest on Calypso. Again though, we will do some work on those skill descriptions.

* ETA on activating heavy weapons skill, particle beam skill, stamina attribute, and other skills that is not active?

No ETA yet. It will come though (and the heavy weapons icon will change from the confusing Laganus canon).

* Can we have an option to change our secondary professional standings?

Yes, it will come, but is not yet determined when.

* How does MA intend to combat the massive difference in skills between avatars who gained most of their skills 2+ years ago by auto-clicking, against the newer avatars who can no longer skill this way; coupled with the intense slowdown of skills resulting in it being literally impossible to attain such high skills now? Or are avatars younger than 2 years screwed?

The question assumes that we have reached some sort of finished state, which I believe is wrong. The newcomers of today will be veterans for the newcomers a year from now. Given the ever-changing nature of Entropia Universe they will probably ask the same question at that time. 

* Will attributes ever be chippeable?

Never say never, but we have no plans to add attributes to the skill implant system at the moment.

Land Management and estates:

* Could you remove the percentage based fee on selling things in shops?’

We don’t have any plans to do that at the moment. However, as the shops have been a constant source of problem we intend to completely re-design and rework how they work within half a year, I reckon (no promise though). Once I get a firm VU priority on it I’ll put a Q&A for the shops out for discussion with the community.

* What purpose would factories have, would they be able to mass-produce Ammo, ME, Nutrio Bars? Will the factory owners be able to pick out a certain percentage of manufactured wares that should be put into a private terminal, while the rests goes into some kind of storage?
Will the Factories be automated?

Introducing factories will be great. This is a typical example of a system that could be introduced at a basic level and developed over the course of time. We can’t offer any details right now as to how it might work, other than it will probably include opportunities to actually have employees.

* Will Hangar-owners be able to hire pilots and give them a certain percentage of the ticket cost in the near future?


* Will Hangar-owners be able to sell real tickets in the near future?


* When are we going to be able to rebuild our houses?
What kinds of advantages will a house owner have in the future? Will he be able to build any kind of business or such if he decided to demolish his house?

Rebuilding houses is on our roadmap, but no ETA yet. Therefore no more info can be given.

* Will landowners soon be able to (if ever) change the minerals found on their land?

It is being actively investigated as we see great potential in it. The diversity displayed in regards to the various animal allocations shown today means there is a need for such influence.

* Will landowners soon be able (if ever) to make robots come to their land?

Maybe. We are toying with some interesting concepts for the future, but I cannot go further into it at this point.

* will landowners get unique mobs other then those avaible already, such as flying mobs. swimming mobs other then the ones we have now?

New DNA will always be supplied. 

* What MA is going to do with all those unsold appartments ?
Are they going to stay at auction forever?

They can certainly remain there for the time being. As the number of participants rises in the Entropia Universe so will the demand for apartments.

* Why is CND subjected to “Other Zone” auction fees, but Crystal Palace is not?

I don’t know, actually. =)

* When is the next LandGrab? and will there be new/more areas?

The next land grab will be a lot different to the ones we have had. Other rules, other goals and better security against abuse. Once we know when, we will inform the community.

* Will there be a big sale at the end of the year again? (like TI, CND), but for something different? like a continent with building rights?

It’s a secret. ,-)

* Have MindArk plans to make it possible to split estates like Land areas in shares and sell them?

Yes, we have but it is quite far in the future.

* Is MA planing to make a real good shop system to intoduce concurence in game,like rented shop less taxed than auction.

Now that we have some good systems in place within the universe, we are looking forward to expanding them. Examples of such systems would be shops, events, the auction, taming, beauty etc.

* Can we know exactly how work the tax system on the LA ( how the % calculation is made)

More financial data is expected to come later on. No ETA.

* As of now one of the really interesting area of the game, i.e land management is not available to most of the player base. Is there a plan to develop this theme such as introduce very small plots of land for people to get a feel and perhaps add a farming profession (as of now there is really a few professions in the game), faminers can grow crops and also domestic anmals. Of course large landowners of today can make part of their lands farms as well

That’s an interesting idea and something we will examine. 

* Can we expect more things to do with spaceships in the near future then flying up and down on autopilot?

Again that’s another system which would be great to develop and expand. Everybody would love that including us, but without bursting the bubble, it does become an issue of time, resources and priorities. As we’ve always said, the Entropia Universe is going to be around for decades and we will continue to develop and expand its content. 

* Are you still planning to allow society houses on LG’s they aquire? Originally we were going to be able to build our homes and they would stay regardless of ownership.

In some form yes. I am not sure it will be just like that though. Society houses are better used elsewhere than a LG area. But a “hall of fame” for LG-areas would be cool.

* When will the Land Area system be upgraded? (for example you get to choose the plants that grow in the Land Area and these plants affect the stats of the Monsters uniquely )

Way into the future.

* Will there be more specific bills to Land Area owners? (for example electircity bills)

This would fall under the ‘Development of Existing Systems’ category. There are lots of similar questions here so we’ll try to address this whole subject separately.

Society Questions:

* Can you have society ‘wars’ where a certain battlefield is given, and two societies can ready up players and teleport off to said battlefield and fight a war and perhaps put certain things on a line as well as keep leaderboards?

Development of Existing Systems is a definite. 

* In up coming VU’s is there a possiblilty of a Alliance chat option??
Eg . IF our Soc was friendly with another we could chat between each other with out using PM’s ?? Who we’re allied with would be controled by the Soc leader.

Development of Existing Systems is a definite.

* Is there any form of group ownership going to be added so Soc’s can buy land without having to totaly trust the deed holder. Maybe as part of the stock exchange. We need more ways for the general players to be able to invest as that seems to be the direction MA is heading in paying for new updates.

Development of Existing Systems is a definite.

* Are there any plans to extend the functionality of the society? Can we expect more society/contact features? (Soc storage including seeing who has which item, mail system, etc)

Yes, but they are not in the immediate pipeline. Soc storage is the biggest issue though but it is not guaranteed it will come at all.

Event Questions:

* Can we see an improved event system?

Yes. It will be enhanced over the course of the Entropia Universes development.

* Could we possibly have multiple events going on at once or an event system? Perhaps have regular events then host smaller ones that people could take part in that are just small non-‘storyline’ based events

We’ll look into this.

* Could we possibly see more main events happen faster in order to create a feel of a ‘storyline’ in game?


* Will MA adapt the Event System so that we can search for events anywhere, and not ONLY the events that were created in that specific location. It’s impossible to visit every single Claim Marker and Event Organiser in order to find events to participate in.

The hindrance right now is the bandwidth and intra-server-communication. We like to limit the amount of global systems that communicate with every single server in the Universe. Once we feel such functionality doesn’t hurt the performance of Entropia Universe as a whole, it will be added. 

* Will NPC corps ever play any part in the storyline, economy of EU? I’m thinking in the lines of hiring and gaining reputation for doing errands, quest or missions for the NPC Corps like Omegaton, FireForge and Affirmative Action Arms. Would be it be possible for participants who choose to work for these NPC corporations to gain rewards and access to, new weapons, armour, tools, blueprints or even a simple cash reward?

Oh yes, both Frank and I have great plans for the mega corporations once the next phase of storyline begins. 

* The Robots, we all know they are a threat; but there doesn’t seem to be much incentive in fighting them at all. Would it be possible to implement a permament exchange program for robot parts, similar to what has been done before?

I have heard the same suggestions over at RDI about this… ,-)

Mob Questions:

* Will we ever see perhaps mob infighting or sensible teamwork between mobs/mob hatred between species?

Probably not. We don’t see that as a priority and the resources needed to develop that are better spent elsewhere.

* Will their be a chance that new mobs will be introduced that newb / mediocre players can kill?

New species are discovered in almost every VU.

* TANTARDIONS! When will DNA be dropped for these? Or is it already? And do they still drop stuff?

I cannot comment on such In-World balancing matters. It has been the policy for years and it still stands, sorry.

* Will there be more possabilities to create new (non-existing) mobs from DNA?

Remember the Globster? More such DNA’s will surely be found with more never before seen creatures.

* One of your postings mentioned upgraded AI for mobs, can you say more about what you mean by that, i.e will swarming behavior and aggro leveles change, wil mobs be smarter…

We definitely have plans to allow mobs to group themselves and act in a more natural way. Quite soon, as a matter of fact. ,-)

* With the new AI for mobs, will there be an increase in rewards?

I cannot comment on such In-World balancing matters. It has been the policy for years and it still stands, sorry.

* Where are the native mutants and the volcano that were supposed to be on Treasure Island?

Am I the only one hearing a rumbling in the ground over at TI? ,-)

Loot and Item Questions:

* Could we ever expect a ‘ramping up’ system so perhaps a bigger gun is always harder to use than a tiny gun? Not as good as some of the limited weapons offer, but better than a flat rate. Think shooting a .22 at 30 feet vs 30.06 in a warzone at 1km

We have no intentions of making any big changes to the way ranged weapons operate in the near future.

* Could we ever possibly have area of effect weapons(balanced to allow mass minimob fragging….perhaps extremely powerful, rare, not too accurate, and slow to encourage teamwork to defend the cannon)


* Will you add body mods as are shown in part of the inventory menu and allow us to augment our bodies with electronics/mechanical parts?


* Do you think that ammo will be removed from the terminal in the near, or distant, future? Perhaps when we have factories?

I don’t think that basic ammo will be removed from the TT, however deluxe ammo that is only made by the participants is a definite path we would like to pursue.

* When can we expect more Adj/Imp/Mod armors, and possibly, the Modified Shadow?

I cannot comment on such In-World balancing matters. This has been the policy for years and it still stands, sorry.

* Are Mindark just focused on limited weapons now, or are you going to implent more regular (not Adj/Imp/Mod) weapons in the near future?

I cannot comment on In-World balancing matters. It has been the policy for years and it still stands, sorry.

* We got a Real Cash Economy ingame so why isn’t decay rate on items given an exact number instead of “medicore” or “good”?
The item is decaying and my money/peds are paying for it so why isn’t the information provided directly by MA/EU. Paying customers are not suppose to need to refer to third parties such as PE Wiki, (which may contain incorrect information) inorder to find out how much we are paying!

Part of the Entropia Universe experience is to gain personal knowledge of things, some data is presented as is, some is up to the participants to figure out, as knowledge is power. We believe this aspect of Entropia Universe is quite fun and entertaining, and stimulates curiosity and copperation with other participants in the quest for knowledge. However I don’t see why the decay should be one of these really. It will be brought up at the next developer meeting.

* Are real life items still droping ? (Like posters – it was great idea imho).

I cannot comment on In-World balancing matters. It has been the policy for years and it still stands, sorry.

* Will MA ever merge several very similar items into a single item, thereby reducing the confusion and pointless duplication of very slightly different items… for example Handguns, there are many, many very similar guns in stats, why not just merge them and reduce the database overheads.

We want to have millions of items in Entropia Universe, so no, we do not intend to remove items.

* In Issue 1 of The Entropian, MA promised vehicles by the end of 2006. That timeframe is fast approaching it’s end.. when are vehicles going to be implemented?

Yes we are still planning for vehicles. A more accurate date is probably mid-2007 I guess.

* Why is the Ravenger series of miniguns the ONLY gun type that is unable to be Amped? (Maybe Lagunus too, not sure) Is this going to change?

Not all items can have all amps. The same goes for certain plasma guns. 

* Why does a Focus Charge allow concentration to continue for Sweating, Healing, etc… but NOT Teleportation? It’s illogical !

I agree. I’ll convey the feelings at the next developer meeting.

* Item drops.. previously it has been said that all items will always drop, from the mob they dropped from before, just the frequency changes. fair enough – but clothes stopped dropping, as did toys and certain high-level stuff. Is it still possible to loot all post-gold items? not just mod/imp/adj stuff, but other stuff which we dont see anymore?

Most items, that aren’t “special” (like from campaigns or events), can be found, however, some are very rare.

* Why is there no stats shown on faps?

It will come. It is just a matter of priority.

* Is it possible (I know it is) to show min or even average dmg of weapons based on holder’s skills? i believe same goes for other equipment aswell.

It already does?

* Are there plans for more personal terminals? For instance a personal auction terminal?

Yes, we are looking at ways of adding more personalized content to homes and land areas.

* Will we see new and better Fast Aid Packs in the near future? Possibly crafted (non-limited) once which can reach a higher max heal than the Ek-2900?
Or will we see other improvements, such as attachments for FAPs?

Yes, it is in the pipeline, no ETA though.

* How does mining amps work? The info says xx% efficiency but it says nothing about how it actually works or what it does. And that would be nice to know.

Part of the experience is to gain personal knowledge about how things work. Some data is presented as is, some is up to the participants to figure out. We believe this aspect quite fun and entertaining, stimulating curiosity and cooperation with other participants in order to gain knowledge

* When will we get an “opalo” blp gun?

Soon. The same goes for plasma guns.

* Will you change the gauss guns into a better category or new category? And also their damage should be improved.

We are very reluctant to change the stats of any items that are released into Entropia Universe. The auction is currently being reviewed to meet current demands and expectations.

* What about gauss technology weapons? Now we have just 2 Gauss Guns…one limited and one looted in beacon mission. Will be more in close future?

I cannot comment on In-World balancing matters. It has been the policy for years and it still applies, sorry.

* Will we ever get a more fair and logical system for weapons? One in wich the vast magority of weapons are not junk becouse they can never be maxed out.
L weapons do not fill the need by a longshot as currently implemented.

The system is continuously being expanded to give a better and better experience.

* Will we have the abiliy to loot complete armor sets

I cannot comment on In-World balancing. This has been the policy for years and still stands, sorry.

* Will Mindark reflect in the future the genderproportion in the droprate of armor-parts (e.g 30% female avatars means 30% of the looted armor-parts are female)?

I cannot comment on In-World balancing. This has been the policy for years and still stands, sorry.

* What are the future plans for (L) items? And kind of related, will the tt weapons be removed or changed to make (L) weapons more popular?

I cannot comment on such in-world balancing matters. It has been the policy since years back and it still stands, sorry.

* Will we see more futuristic items instead of ancient katanas and swords?


Economy Questions:

* With the recent hyper inflated economy would the idea of a market crash be possible in the eyes of MA, and what would/could you do to make sure we dont see a crash

There won’t be any market crash and you know I can’t give details about this.

* When is MA going to start releasing more minerals into the ground so prices are not so outrageous?

I guess we will see new tools in the future that will bring new dimensions to mining.

* What is the average cost to play EU for an hour? average cost per month?

MindArk’s business plan states that we aim for a cost of 1 USD per hour.

* What makes EU not a casino or not gambling? What odds are we playing against?
I don’t want to know how the loot system works so don’t tell me you cannot reveal sensitive game information.

In the Entropia Universe you develop your avatar by gaining skills, which have a value. Skills are gained through usage, and are not based on loot.

* Will the uber hofs be one day funded entirely from advert revenues or will they continue to be subsidised from the general loot pool (as I think is current practice?)?

I cannot comment on In-World balancing. This is a long standing policy, sorry.

* Will MA start working to enhance the game more for the players and not the investors?

We want to make Entropia Universe attractive for everyone. Investors also benefit the community, as more people come, the economy expands and more goodwill is generated.

* How does MA intend to counteract the massive price markups we have been subjected to over the last 6 months? or is this “just the way it is”?

With a system as open as the Entropia Universe you are going to experience the full range of human behaviour. Resellers and the like are able to exist because people allow them to exist and provide them with the means to exist.

* Will MA ever change their stance on avatar owned items? Currently MA own everything, it’s not right as the universe is linked to a real cash economy.

Never say never, but we don’t intend to change it any time soon. MA owns the virtual items, but the participants own the value of them. It is a necessary step as long as MA is the one actually making the items and storing them in our databases.

* Will the droprate be increased to accomodate for the boom in prices, or is MA happy to see mk5’s going for 15000ped and imk2 for 400000ped?

I cannot comment on In-World balancing. It has been the policy for years and still stands, sorry.

* Is the Opalo and other TT items due to advertising? they are obviously far more economical (especially for newcomers) than any other weapons.. where is the funding coming from if these couldnt be available before?

I cannot comment on In-World balancing matters.

* I have thought of one more question that came up in the course of this thread. The advent of land areas allows us to chose whether we hunt on a taxed or untaxed area. There is some doubt as to whether this tax is taken from the general “pool” or directly from the loot awarded the person hunting or mining in the land area, and even if perhaps a bonus maybe be given to those that choose to hunt on taxed areas. If the tax is not taken directly from the person choosing to hunt in the taxed area, this is in fact penalizing those who take (what should be) the wiser course of avoiding the taxed areas and creates a “tragedy of the commons” situation that is ultimately detrimental to MA’s continued existence or the health of EU. Is the tax taken directly from the loot return of the hunter/miner, with no special bonus modifiers for hunting in a land area?

The tax comes from the avatars activities on a land area.

* Will there be any effort to stop the market manipulators who use multiple avatars in the auction?

MindArk are always working to curb abuse inside the Entropia Universe. Often we don’t publicly state how we operate as this gives the bad guys information how to cloak their devious doings.

* MA controls the loot for everything (obviously): as far as i can tell the mining economy (of ore drops) has stabilised, with slight fluctuations of the common ores/ens. does MA plan to change certain drops (ie make some rarer ones appear for a while) or is the system going to stay as it is?

I cannot comment on such In-World balancing matters. It has been the policy for years and still stands, sorry.

* With the “improving of the players experience of the Entropia Universe”, will we see the loot being upped a bit? or decrease/remove the no loot messages?

I cannot comment on such In-World balancing matters.

* Is MA planning to increase a bit the “general” item drop ( loot , BP , ore to craft) in order to reduce the crazy inflation?

I cannot comment on such in-world balancing matters.

* Can we Know how exactly work the advert system for the loot ( does it increase all loot , only create special loot …)

The information stated in the VU Content List explains this.


* Could you open up a larger variety of ‘mentor edition’ items that are useful and make mentoring more worth it to do it and also more worth it to do it RIGHT?


* Will there be an alternative way to manufacture food than the current one? ie, picking up fruits.


* Will Fishing be made a profession in the near future? What will these fishes be used for, if so?

Fishing is cool. ,-)

* Has MindArk got any new professions (chemist, drawing, musician on the drawing board? Some time ago MindArk said a possible profession for the future could be “truck driver” where you could transport items from one place to another, is this idea discarded or is it still something you are looking into?

We are definitely looking into the subject of new professions.

* How are Mindark going to update the melee profession in the future? Will there be amplifiers, and if so, when can we expect them?

No ETA, it is being discussed.

* In an old issue of The Gate, we could read about a certain “Create Colors”- tool. Is there a possibility that we will see such a tool in the near future, or any other kinds of improvements to the clothes-coloring system?
Perhaps a possibiliy to select the Brightness, etc. And possibly a possibility to just bleach/recolor one field instead of all of them. Anything comming up soon?

There will be quite a large update as to how coloring works later on. No details yet though.

* Will pets in EU ever be able to attack and have any use to their owners?


* Pilots need more places to fly to. are we getting any interesting places to fly to soon?

Yes. Space will open up later on, as well as more planets.

* When will crafters be able to repair items?

It is an idea that has been tossed around quite a bit, and my guess is that they will later on, yes.

* To follow up on taming developments, any ETA as to when the improvements may take place, what direction (higher level features i.e hunting pets, fighting in arena, riding them, using for transport)? Will there be additional pet related equipment available (like armor, attachable weapons, saddles, etc.) Also will there ever be a non (L) brush, as those of us that tame a lot hate to see the item disappear. Will the skillgains in taming be able to grow normally, as they have been slowed down lately considerably

Taming is one of the areas that will get attention in the near future. 

* Are you going to speed up the process of bringing components back into use?

With new blueprints, new ingredients come. Components are part of this.

* Customized content ? I mean … design our own clothes, weapons, items in general. Even if it’s planned for a distant future.

Yes, it is on the road map. We just need ways to maintain the security and integrity of Entropia Universe as well as make sure we don’t breach copyright laws.

* When will there be new BP sectors such as colour mixing and jewelry?

Later on. Exactly which new areas that will come are not yet decided, but there will be more.

* Will there be an autocrafting feature so that crafters wont have to use illegal 3rd party software?

We are actively looking into ways to remove boring repetition and supply means to get a better experience.

Technical and UI etc Questions:

* Can you get a phone deposit system that works again?

We had a phone deposit system before but were not satisfied with the results it gave. We can certainly look at the issue again.

* Is there any plan, in near future, to allow universe modification by non MA developers, eg. as it is happening in Second Life?

Yes we have an exiting idea for the expansion of the Entropia Universe but you’re going to have to be patient because we have quite a task list to get through before we set our next mega idea in action.

* Are there any plans to integrate something like team speak into the game for teams and socs? (This can be implemented without need of extra servers for the communication)

It has been discussed but it is not a path we feel we need to venture into right now – the programs available are quite good at what they do.

* When will a new graphic and physics engine be implemented? Since this is very much needed as EU is getting way to old graphics.

It’s in the pipeline and should be implemented very soon.

* When will we have an ingame Mail system?

Probably during 2007.

* When will the chat system be upgraded? Right now the chat system aint very good.
A better system would be able to be customized with skillgains/damage in one box that is movable and then soc chat and others in another box(es).

The next generation of the chat/communication system will be fully customizable.

* Will you soon improve the auction? with search functions, sorting by price or and or type etc etc.

The auction is currently being reviewed as it is one of the older systems in Entropia Universe, and as such requires attention to bring it up-to-date and meet the demands of tomorrow.

* Can you get some kind of bug hunting system? like, people that go searching for bugs and report those to you, and they get a reward, and depending on the bug they get a reward presented ingame, say, every first monday of the month or something like that?

According to the EULA you must file a support case when you find a bug. At certain times MindArk has given rewards to bugs discovered, if deemed critical and the reporter is the first one reporting it.

* Participants asking for a long time for the implementation on a lending system. Can we expect this in the near future ?

No. We don’t believe a general lending system will be beneficial to Entropia Universe, and the security around it is very complex. The indications we have are that if a lending system is introduced it will create monopolies and remove a large part of the fun factor from Entropia Universe. 

* Will the servers improved soon to reduce lag and make Eu ready for asia release?

I cannot discuss the technical side of things regarding the servers and backbones. But rest assured that MindArk is well prepared for the ventures we engage in, as if we would make a “broken launch” onto a new market, it will only hurt ourselves.

* Isn’t it possible to send people a reciept when they withdrawal to give them faith that the withdrawal transaction is really on it’s way. Especially because it takes so long time? It can be frustrating when you are not sure if the withdrawal is going troughtor not – and to the person it is imporant, since it is his real life money?

More information and transparency about the withdrawals will be added to the Entropia Universe web site during the fall.

* Would mindark consider a feed providing auction prices including buyouts to better help the community see the economy movements?


* Can we have a clarification about the cash card taxe?

The correct fees are now displayed on the Entropia Universe website at: http://www.entropiauniverse.com/pe/en/rich/5716.html

* Can we have a “bug” list on the EU web site (and other usefull updated list like lock list , abuse list …)


* Will the map system be improved soon ?

It is not in the pipeline right now.

* will there be imporevements to the radar system (ability to see further and identify spider from fugabarba)

Yes, the radar will receive updates soon – probably with more fog of war measures in PvP areas and cloaking and anti-cloaking items/Mindforce.

* Will EU ever be multi-threaded and non-blocking so that it doesn’t freeze completely while accessing eg. storage, auction, etc. and so it can take advantage of all new processors (dual core)?

I cannot comment on such matters.

* When will we be able to tweak more aspects of Entropia Universe ? The graphic options (screen size … 1024*768 is ugly on my 19″ flatscreen … fog distance, etc), the HUD (the other parts that haven’t been changed yet), the chat (something IRC-like would be awesome).

It’s coming quite soon.

* When will there be cycles of day and night?


* Is a “pack item” auction will finally come.Its specially whanted for sell Full armor set.

Maybe, but not likely.

* Will the help system for newcomers ever be updated? 10s upon 10s of newcomers leave everyday due to the fact that they have no clue what to do. Maybe make a tutorial when they start the game?

Yes. This system will be updated before Christmas.

* Could we possibly have an upgrade in the combat systems so teams are more useful? Perhaps multi-person weapon systems?

Possible future development.

Abuse and Cheaters/Third party tools:

* Will a clear and non-evasive answer ever be given about Auto-Clickers and 3rd party software?

It is clearly stated in the EULA and you all know that MindArk do not endorse the use of any Third Party software in connection with the Entropia Universe. All external software is prohibited on the basis of fairness of experience. Software that may offer a participant an unfair advantage over any other participant is in contradiction of the EULA. The discovery of such software may result in the locking or closing of a participants account.

* Is Mind Ark responding to the current increase in ‘hunting bot’ usage? Numerous people have been reported but there has not been any action that shows the playerbase that MA is taking notice.

Yes MindArk is responding but obviously we can’t tell you how – that would just give cheaters more information.

* Will MindArk take actions against anyone cheating, exploiting, scamming and what not, regardless of uber-status?


Misc Questions:

* Can we possibly see other ways where newcomers could perhaps do certain jobs and have a way to make money like sweat gathering is at the moment?

It would be more interesting to see participants providing jobs and needing services that could be fulfilled by newcomers. A system like the Entropia Universe has so many possibilities. Again it’s a matter of time, resources and priorities. It’s also worth remembering that MindArk is in fact a business with all the normal responsibilities and commitments of a business operation.

* Refferal System – I want create a website(s) to refer people to EU – Give me banners, links and incentives. Ie…Reffer Edition rewards when the person you refer reaches a certain Prof Standing.

We have some banners available on the website and we will expand that area with more content in the future. We have also publicised the Entropia Universe Ambassador program where we would like to help people with good ideas. Read more at the website.

* Will Mindark implement Avatar Food in the near future, and if so, how will that food work? Will it boost certain attributes/stats for a certain time, or will be used for survival?

Food in some way is planned. No details yet though.

* How many real active players do we really have ingame?

We don’t publish that figure for business confidentiality reasons.

* Can we have “players online” counter on entropiauniverse web page ? If not – why ?

We have no plans for this at the moment, but there may be other interesting ideas like having a live feed from Calypso somewhere on the website.

* If the MMO underlying EU is not up to scratch how can you hope to create your virtual universe?

The Entropia Universe is always evolving; it is part of the vision. If some things work less than expected they will be enhanced.

* Why did MA change the style between Eudoria and amethera? I.e. maps and landscape.

To add diversity, and make it interesting to explore.

* There are tons of information available regarding distant planets in the universe, such as Gorgon or Janus 2. When will we recieve more updates to the space-system, ie, the ability to travel (freely) and land on asteroids and such to explore them for certain rare and uncommon minerals or creatures?
I know this is a huge update, but what kinds of updates could we expect in the short-term?

It’s coming but will take a while.

* Will the Exchange Terminals ever work? (I think I heard they used to a while ago but were terminated because it was part of some legal stuff with the game? If that is true, will they ever come back?)

Yes, when corporations can be founded and traded. It will take a while yet though.

* Will there be improvements to the beacon system? like, more different tt beacons?

Development of Existing Systems.

* Will there be other “quests” then robot beacons? such as, alien beacons? underground dungeons?


* Is MA planning to increase the “game” part again with new activities to game play like lumberjacking , or MA will increase the “investor” system with more LA , apartment..

Both. However, in the near future attention is on more “game” like additions.

* Will there be a Quest system for anyone? (like collecting a certain amount of items for the quest) If so what will the gains be?

We have been looking into it, but I cannot say more at this time.

* Are there any continenets on Planet Calypso that we haven’t discovered yet? If so what are your ideas on this?

Who knows, if you haven’t found them? ,-)

* Is the game going to become more realistic? (for example the Geography of the continents)

Of course this is something worth concentrating on.

Local Copy: 2002 q&a

General Information

Environment and Setting

What is the basic theme for Project Entropia?[

Project Entropia is set far into the future on the planet Calypso, where humanity is trying to make a new home for itself through colonization.

What is the name of the Project Entropia Planet?[

The planet is called Calypso. It is a planet with two orbiting moons, part of a solar system with 11 other planets.

How big is Calypso?

2900 square kilometers

What do you mean by a Persistent World?

A persistent world means that when you log off, the world still continues to turn, evolve and things will have changed when you log in again. This is why online Virtual universes are so intriguing. Online or off, changes happen and you will always have something new to discover.

What different environments can be found on Calypso?

Calypso will contain most of the natural environments that can be found on Earth today, including forests, deserts, mountains, cities, towns, oceans and lakes.

What can be found in the cities?

Same as you would expect to find in most normal cities today, all the shops and amenities you desire, bars, cafés, shops etc. Also most of the apartments are located within city walls for safety. So if you are out to visit a friend, then this is where you more than likely are headed.

Are there oceans on Calypso?[

Yes, Calypso is largely a water planet; there are huge oceans full of life to be discovered. And then there is of course the opportunity to place buildings on floating barges that can be linked to each other. Creating cities, or even entire floating continents out at sea.

Will there be caves, sewers and underground bases on Calypso?

Yes, all of the above will be found on Calypso. Some of the cities have extensive sewers underneath filled with every kind of unpleasant surprise you can imagine.

Will the weather affect us or is it just for show?

Weather has a real impact; waterlogged clothes are heavy and will wear you down faster for instance. You may also encounter potentially life-threatening effects. In addition to this, harsh conditions will cause your equipment to wear down faster.

What are safe zones?

Safe zones, such as the cities on Calypso, will be areas where combat is not allowed. These areas will encourage more social interaction between players. Be it just for social reasons or business transactions, once you are in a safe area you are just that, safe.

Will there be day and night on Calypso?[

Yes, there will be day and night on Calypso. A day is at the moment is planned to be 4 hours with 1-hour nights and 3-hour days.

Will there be dynamic weather?[

Yes, you will see dynamic weather effects, anything from gently drifting clouds to dramatic weather such as lightning storms; heavy rain and maybe even a Tornado will come and make your day a little more interesting.

Will it be more difficult to travel over certain types of terrains than others?[

Certain terrains and travel will have different resistance, for example when swimming, walking, running or climbing a mountain face. Each different way of moving also carries different levels of fatigue with it.

Will Calypso have its own special flora and fauna?[

Yes, there will be a variety of unique plants and trees on Calypso. You can read more about them on the website. The wildlife is equally diverse and unique. It is also described on the Project Entropia Website.

Are all animals and creatures dangerous?

No not at all, just as in real life, most animals have some sort of protection, but there are also those animals, which are completely harmless.

Where in the cities can players take out their aggressions safely?

Well, there will be at least one big gladiator arena in the city of New Haven, and perhaps smaller ones in other parts of the city. If player created cities with safe zones may be able to have one has yet to be determined?

Will mining resources be finite or infinite?

Just like in real life resources will be finite and in different quantities.

Is there a limit on how much land a person can own?

No, there won´t be any such limit.

Will there be clocks in the game?

There will be a time scheme in Project Entropia. Plans are evolving around a four-hour day, which would include one hour of nighttime.

Will there be things like a North and South Pole and an equator?

No, there will not be poles and an equator.

Is Calypso spherical?

Yes, it is a sphere.


How much control do I have in creating my character?[

You have an enormous amount of control in customizing your character to represent who you are or who you want to be. You can elect anything including hairstyle; skin and eye color, facial shapes and body shape. And almost anything in between. This will be further customizable by scars and tattoos. Once you have arrived on Calypso this continues by allowing you a wide choice of clothes and accessories.

Are there different races that I can be?

No, you will only be able to play a human character, maybe in the future development as we open up new planets for colonization will you be able to play other races, but not at present.

How do I create my character?

You create your character through an interface with sliders where you have essentially an unlimited number of options to choose from. When you are satisfied with the way you have shaped your appearance, you select your name and are then ready to take on your role as a new colonist to Calypso.

How many characters will I be able to have?

At present we are allowing one character per account, this may change in the future depending on both popular demand and possibilities.

Will there be different classes or professions I can choose?

No, you choose your way of life and proficiencies based on your actions as you live your virtual life, not through a checkbox in the beginning.

Will I have to choose Stats?[

No, everyone starts out equally, there are no points to place on stats, skills to pick or specializations to consider, All of this will happen once you are up and running. Project Entropia is designed to be fast and easy to get going in. Your character will be created over time according to what path you choose, not by decisions made before you have even started.

Are there any animated Emotes?

Yes there will be a number of animated Emotes, and you will be able to combine them with one another. There will be facial emotes; smiling, frowning etc. and body emotes such as waving, bowing or saluting. We are working on pair emotes such as hugging, kissing, dancing and others.

Will characters be allowed to walk around naked?

It will not be possible to walk around completely naked. We discussed this and in the end found nothing that implementing this required many aspects that posed big problems for us.

So what about fashion? Can we choose what we want to wear?

Yes, you have a choice between a very large number of clothes and accessories such as jewellery etc. There will be new lines of fashion introduced on a regular basis. You will be able to have your closet filled with different outfits. Even the different armors you may wear have a distinct design element to them.

Will protecting your name be an option? Can I be the only one with my name?

No, this would be impossible. If Project Entropia was a MMORPG with multiple shards like the other current MMORPG’s in the industry it wouldn’t be a problem since those server shard populations are at most a few thousand, but with PE our goal is to have one huge game world without shards. Since we are projecting for one million players online at the same time in our future. Than if we had unique names it would be an act of desperation to find a name if a few hundred thousand others have already taken it. So our solution is this we will allow repeated names, but to distinguish you further you will have a unique ID number, also, don’t get caught up so much in the name being repeated, your avatar will also be unique in appearance, and physical features drawing further distinction for you as a player.

Where can I store my possessions?

In either one of three places. On your person, in an apartment or in a bank facility. Regardless of where you store the items, they cannot get stolen. Should you however encounter a Player killer while you are not insured, he or she may take your possessions if they kill you.

Can players get drunk or drugged?

Yes there will be bars in Project Entropia, you may also combine chemicals to create various drugs, of either beneficial or detrimental effect. Street drugs are not available in Project Entropia.

Will there be cybernetic limbs i.e. can I become a cyborg?

Yes there are plans to allow for certain parts to be replaced with cybernetic parts that can enhance your body with stronger arms, a more efficient heart etc.

How will reputation work?

Reputation works on your skills, the better you are, the higher your reputation is, when you have reached a certain level people will be able to see your accomplishments when they examine you, expert gunsmith, master cook etc.

What happens when my character dies?

When your character dies you are forced to wander the realm of the dead for a while, either you can try and make it back to a hospital or outpost where you can be revived, or you can wait for one of the resurrection ships to pick you up.

Will I be able to delete and remake my character?

You will be able to remake you character appearance by seeking out a plastic surgeon, if this isn’t enough you may delete the character and start over on a new one.

Will my character be able to marry another character?

Yes you will be able to marry your loved one on Calypso.

Will MindArk support character marriages?

Yes, there are many thoughts around this, we have discussed treating this as a “Mini” society where you get to co-own housing etc. Given enough fore warning MindArk may even provide an officiate to hold the ceremony.

If so, will there be any special clothing, etc. for these occasions?

Yes, there will be many opportunities to arrange the occasion to be as special as you want a marriage to be.

What does an outlaw status involve?

The outlaw status involves a loss of personal insurance for a certain amount of time (hours) and the opportunity for other players to kill and loot the outlaw without penalty.

What removes outlaw status?

Outlaw status is removed after a certain amount of hours.

What is character insurance?

Insurance will be available in different forms in order to protect your personal belongings from being looted in the event of being killed.

Can any type of sickness infect my character?[

Poisons will exist in Project Entropia. There will be diseases in the game; treatment will come from various skills and players. Disease exposure may come from a creatures touch or from bad weather. And, yes if left untreated you may surely die of it.

Will players need to sleep or eat food and drink water?[

Sleep won’t be necessary for players, but food and drink will be needed to replenish your stamina and health. You’ll be able to feed NPC’s with food and water. As well as use a cooking skill, and have farming in the game.

Can players change their avatar names at a later date?[

Yes, this is possible there is nothing stopping a player from doing so if they want to. You will have the ability to choose whether you want to display your name publicly or not. The same for society members you will be able to toggle on or off the ability for players to know if you belong to a society. If you do toggle it on whether it’s your name of society status it would be polite to ask first before you click on them to see.

Will cloning your character inside the game have a fee like insurance?

No it will not have a fee associated with it. Although some services within a city hospital will have a fee, for example, putting in new MindForce implants in your avatar.

Is there a minimum size for avatars?

There is a minimum size to avatars, but it isn´t possible to make your character TOO small. It will reflect the normal diversity of human beings. It is still an average size. Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to being both big and small. If you´re smaller you may be a harder target, but if you´re bigger, maybe you´ll be easier to hit. But that´s where skill comes in. The great thing about PE is the ability to create a totally unique avatar; yes the size, but so much more, from the hair and eye colour to the shape of your face…even your ears!

Will characters grow with age?

Characters will not physically age.

Can you have offspring?

No, this will not be possible in PE.

What is an Outlaw?

An outlaw is basically someone who has attacked or killed another player; the outlaw status allows anyone to attack him or her without risk of becoming outlaws themselves. Being an outlaw is very difficult, where you have little chance to rest and can trust no one, it can also be a rewarding and exciting life where thrills and adventure are never far away.

What kind of equipment will I receive when I first enter Project Entropia?[

You will be equipped with basic colonist clothes. Good quality but maybe not the most exciting outfit you can think of.

Will Project Entropia have aligns like good, neutral and evil?

No, this won’t be a feature of Project Entropia. Everybody will begin playing on the same level and from there it will be the players own actions that determine how other players perceive them i.e. as a friend, an enemy, a liar, a cheat etc. Project Entropia will allow the same individual diversity that exists in our normal daily lives.

Will there be audio emotes?

The idea of audio emotes is something we have on our ToDo-list. We also have several upcoming surprises in this development phase, as we believe that emotes and audio emotes are an important part of the PE experience.


Is project Entropia Level or skill based?

Project Entropia is entirely skill based; there are no Experience points or levels. Only your proficiency in the actual area is taken into consideration.

How many skills are there for me to learn?

There will be approximately 50 skills, maybe a little less in the beginning, we will however add skills if necessary.

What trade skills are available in Project Entropia?[

Skills such as evaluate items, Armour crafting weapon Crafting etc all come into play. And there are many more for specialties.

How do I allocate my skills? Or is this done automatically?[

Skills are improved automatically as you learn, and you most often learn by doing. You will never have to select skills to improve by adding points.

Is there a maximum skill cap?

No there is no skill cap in place, improving does get harder as you get better but you can theoretically improve infinitely. The skill system allows for improvements beyond what has ever been seen before.

Are users limited to specializations and categories?

No there are no specializations or categories, at least not in the fashion you would be used to. Skills have been subdivided into categories to improve your progress, not hinder it as you may see in other products.

Can I teach my friend a skill?[

Yes there are plans for people to be able to teach each other basic skills. It is however not decided if this will be implemented from the start.

How can I learn a new skill, and train my existing ones?[

There are specific schools or academies where you can go to train a skill. Not only basic skills but also MindForce can be learned in such places.

Are there political skills in Project Entropia?[

Yes there will be some political skills in Project Entropia, their exact nature or what they encompass is not decided yet.

Can I become a sniper with ranged weapons?[

Yes both the technology and skill systems allow for this. You will need a good scope for the rifle and a high enough skill to be effective at longer ranges. No one starts out as a marksman, we all have to start by shooting at shorter distances same as in the real world.

Will there be a swimming skill in Project Entropia, and can I swim underwater?

You will be able to swim and swim underwater; there may even be some places that require that you use both to reach.

Can Citizens do any mining or prospecting of minerals and ores?

Yes this will be a big part of creating items; you will need to procure the materials that you need. You can do this by either purchasing them or finding them on your own. After prospecting you will have to use a machine to turn the ore into something more usable, like ingots.

Are there Civil Engineering skills that are beyond research, building streets etc?

Yes, there will be.

How about hairstyling skills?

There are plans for hairstyling skills and the likes, however you have the option to go to a professional hairstylist or even a plastic surgeon if a new hairstyle isn’t enough.

Will skills conflict with each other?

No, being good at one skill does not preclude you from being good at another. The only conflict that you can possibly see is the time constraint; while you are practicing one skill you are loosing time from practicing another.

Will you be adding skills later?

Yes as soon as we see the need or wish for a skill we will start looking into its viability. And if at all possible the design and implementation of that skill will begin. Project Entropia is designed to be under constant development, improving and changing to remain at the forefront for many years.

Is there a skill hierarchy?


Will it cost money to learn any one skill?

If you want to there are places where you can gain skill levels by paying for lessons, but all skills can be learnt by doing. It will however take longer to learn by “trial and error”.

How can skill levels be increased?[

Skill levels can be increased through practice and training. It will also be possible to study and educate yourself in certain areas which will also increase your skill level without direct practice.

Can you lose skills?

No, once you have learned something, it will remain with you through out your time in Project Entropia.

Is there a limit to how many skills a character can have?

There won’t be any limit on how many skills you can have but there will be restrictions on how many that can be used simultaneously.

Will there be nautical skills?

Nautical skills should become available at a later point

Can I sell a skill?

No, this won’t be possible.

What sort of trade skills can we expect to find in PE?

Well what we can say is through item creation, trade and skill, players will be able to create items such as: tools, weapons, armor, ammunition, etc…

Are there any farming skills in Project Entropia?

There is a skill tree with farming skills, for either recognizing the plants you find or to grow your own. Either for chemical use or for plain food.

Will skills depreciate with time?

No, skills will not depreciate with time. Once you have learned something it will remain part of your character for as long as your character exists.

Are skills lost when I die?

No, your skills will not be lost when you die. Skills will remain a part of your character for as long as your character exists.

There is no skill cap in PE. Will you also be able to raise stats/attributes indefinitely ie. psyche, strength, etc.?

The same goes for stats/attributes. There is no cap.

Can players mine for ore while standing in water?

Yes, they can.

How do I mine?

Mining 1 2 3 First thing you will need to do is get your tools. Find any TradeTerminal in the cities or an outpost. (out posts are the red dots on your map) Once you get to the Trade Terminal you need to look under tools. You will need a detonator, this will be found under beneficials. Scroll all the way down and you will see the omegaton detonator. Purchase this for 2.4 ped or in usd thats 24 cents. Next you will need some bombs, so scroll down under tools to the very bottom and find Modifiers. Check in there to find your bombs – Omegaton seismic bombs. Purchase some of these at 1 ped each or usd 10 cents. I normaly take 15-45 at a time. You will need a extractor to extract the ore from the mine. Look under Beneficials and at the very top is Genisis Star Earth Excavator. Purchase this for 2.0 ped or usd 20 cents. If you want to make ingots you will need a refiner. Look under refiners and the only thing there is a Chikara Refiner.

Now you have the tools you need to mine ore and turn them into ingots. So where do I go from here, the map is huge. You can ask around where to mine, you can buy maps of where to mine or you can go cold turkey and just try your luck.

Once you get to where you think is a good spot.

  1. dbl click the bomb. This will set the bomb on the ground where you are standing and it will be activated. It will auto put the detonator in your hands. You will be able to see it in your hands.You will see a message on screen telling you your detonator and bomb are linked and ready.
  2. You will now need to move away about ten steps to detonate the bomb. Press your left mouse button to set the bomb off. BOOM! you will hear and see a nice explosion.
  3. Now you will learn if you have found ore or not. On your detonator it will show either a message stating you have not found any resources or you will here DING DING DING and see a message on screen showing what type of ore, how far away and how deep it is. At the top of the screen you will see arrows leading you towards the ore. Follow the direction it is pointing and narrow it down to at least 3-0 range then hit your space bar and hit print screen. This will either tell you there was not enough resources to mine or you will hear a telescoping claim rod stick in the ground and expand with a light on top.
  4. Now when this happens a claim deed will be placed in your finds pack.
  5. Dbl click the claim deed and this will link the extractor to the claim. You will hear the sounds and see the extractor in your hands.
  6. Now you are ready to extract the ore. Using your left mouse button click it once. You will hear the ore rising up from the earth and into a box. Ding Ding Ding.
  7. You will now see a nugget or nuggets inside this box and will need to move it to the lower half of that box. When you do this the box will disapear and you can extract more ore.
  8. When all the ore is extracted the claim rod and deed will disapear.
  9. Now you have ore in your pack. You can stack this ore up to a stack of 50.
  10. You stack the ore by dragging and droping it ontop of the other ore. (this takes practice its not really easy)
  11. You can also choose to refine your ore into ingots. This takes 3 nuggets per ingot. This saves space and weight. And the Smiths will like it better that way. If your selling to smiths I would highly suggest if your not going to smith the ore your self to find a smith (gun or armor) and try and sell the ore or ingots to them. If not you can sell them to the trade teminals around the world.

Why? cause they will most likely pay a higher price than the trader in town or in the out post.

Skill and how it affects your mining.

When you first start out your gonna get chumpy ore amounts but as your skill improves so will your claims and the amount of ore you get out of the claims. Your Skill also affects the range and the depth the ore can be found. The higher your skill the better types of ore will be found. The higher you are the more you will get out of claims and the better ore you will find.

Thanks to Sabbath for an excellent description.


What is MindForce, is it a type of Magic?

MindForce is the result of research into the human mind, where the uncharted areas of the brain were made active through the use of implants. These implants allow a person to use psychic abilities. Dealing in offensive and defensive aspects, the user can heal or harm, destroy or create. In short MindForce is where the mind truly overcomes matter.

What is a MindForce aspect?

MindForce abilities are referred to as Aspects. The aspects are divided into offensive, defensive and supportive categories. For instance, healing is an aspect that falls under the Supportive category.

How many aspects are there?

More then 80 Aspects have been planned; if we see a need for more then more will be added.

Can I use my MindForce aspects in combat?

Yes, MindForce in itself can be a terrible weapon, an offensive MindForce user can be a real asset to any party, and lets not forget the healing powers that a supportive MindForce user brings to any endeavor.

What are the implants used for?

The implants are used to access and augment the powers that lie dormant in all people, they allow those powers to be enhanced and amplified to the point where they start to affect the world around the user.

Will implants be restricted by stats and skills?

In a way yes, adding advanced implants to an inexperienced user will not result in any great gains, however a skilled user who upgrades their implants will see massive improvements and new possibilities.

Can I be a healer?

Definitely, a MindForce user will be a valued addition to any party with their ability to heal and even resurrect other colonists.

Is there a gauge such as mana, or magic points needed to use MindForce?

Yes, your psyche is required.

If so, will it regenerate, or will I need to pay to recharge my skills?

Yes, it will regenerate.

How will characters learn aspects?

By trial and error i.e. practice.

Can I research new “spells”?

This is an upcoming feature.

Can I tame animals via MindForce?

No, this will not be possible.

Are there a maximum number of implants I can have?

You can only have one implant at a time.

If so, can I control people as well?


Will MindForcers be able to communicate with ghosts? If so, if I am a ghost and want to stay that way for a while, can I tell the MindForcer I do not want to be resurrected?

There will be some sort of communication between the ghost and the MindForcer. It will be up to the ghost if he or she wants to be resurrected and up to the MindForcer if he or she wants to provide the healing service.

Will armour protect against MindForce attacks?

It is likely armour will protect against some forms of MindForce attacks, but it depends on which aspect is used.

Does upgrading your implant mean getting the ability to learn new aspects while keeping the old ones?

Yes, that is correct. You keep everything.

If you lose aspect access, do you lose your skill levels as well?

No, you do not lose skill levels.

Regarding MindForce, will implants cost and degrade over time?

Yes, they will cost and will suffer degradation.

Vehicles and Structures

Items, Crafting and Manufacture

Can I make items like furniture and decorative items?

Yes, any type of item can be created.

How many different items are there in Project Entropia?

The number is open ended, at present there are thousands of items in our databases, and we have no intention of stopping the production.

Can I craft items?

Yes of course, you can craft any number of items, and even come up with some new designs in the process.

Is there a way to improve existing items?

Yes you can for instance make changes to your weapons to make them more efficient, this is primarily done with a modular design where you break an existing item down and replace a certain part or simply add parts to it.

Can I mass manufacture an item?

Yes in a way you can, you still have to manually attend the process but you can produce large quantities in short time if you streamline your operations.

Can I make weapons and armor?

Yes, any item can be manufactured, from weapons and armor, through clothes all the way down to small items like jewelry and decorative items for your apartment.

Will I be able to construct a Robot droid?

Yes you will be able to construct a robot helper, and program it with simple commands.

Can I research items to make improvements?

Not as such, when you manufacture items a research aspect is carried out in the process, while making items you may discover new ways to create better items.

Can I create blueprints for the design of items?

Blueprints are created when you make new discoveries. They will be added to your inventory at that time.

Will I be able to sell my blueprints or share them with others?

Yes blueprints are trading commodities, once you sell them however; you lose the ability to create that item.

Can I train others to manufacture my item: i.e. an apprenticeship?

No not as such. The skill is really tied into the Blueprint; you can turn it over to someone else. But then you lose the ability to create that item.

Can I “brand” items that I have created with my name?

Yes you will be able to mark your creations with your name, this information will most likely be presented in the item Information window.

Is there a skill in creating an item?

Yes and no, the skill is tied into a specific blueprint, so you are in fact making improvements to the blueprint while you are making the item. Thus if you sell the blueprint you cannot make the item anymore.

How many steps are involved in creating an item?

Early on the process will most likely be shortened, with one or two steps, Later on you will probably see refinement of the raw materials before you start production, Making the process longer and more controllable.

How does the actual manufacturing process work?

You will use a blueprint and the necessary Raw materials in a manufacturing machine, if the process is successful you produce the item and get the blueprint back. If it fails the materials are destroyed and the blueprint returned to you. So no matter what, you retain the blueprint for construction regardless of success of failure.

Can I purchase my own manufacturing machine?

Yes you will be able to purchase a manufacturing machine for your home, making it possible to set up an entire manufacturing operation and even to start selling the items you produce from your own home.

Will loot fade away like corpses?

Yes, it’s very likely that the loot will be made to fade away with the corpse. It may though with testing be designed to stay a bit longer, and decay slower than a corpse.

Will items decay in the game?

Yes, items will decay in the game. But note that not all items will have the same decay rate. You will also be able to repair items as needed.

If the manufacture process fails, can I recycle the used goods or do they vanish?

You cannot recycle the used goods. They disappear.

Can blueprints be duplicated?

No, they cannot be duplicated.

Can multiple persons invent the same item?

Yes, multiple persons can invent the same item.

Can I patent an invention?

No, you cannot patent an invention.

Will it be possible to make weapons and sell them to the NPC´s?

Yes, it will be possible to sell weapons to shopkeeper NPC´s.

Weapons and Armor

Are all weapons energy based?

No, all weapons will not use energy. We intend to have more conventional projectile firearms available too, simply because it’s cool. The plan is to let humans have mainly “hi-tech” energy weapons while mutants have “low-tech” firearms, though both will be able to use the same weapons.

Are there any heavy weapons like rocket launchers?

There will be heavy weapons available, such as launchers. Their effect may vary from immense direct damage to causing damage over a larger area.

How long on average will it take to research and create a new weapon?

This question has not been decided upon yet.

What are the cannons I have seen in screenshots?

These are defense systems of some kind. Right now they are only simple environment objects but we have plans to make fully operational versions. As for now these big canons just adds to the story and the urban scenery.

How many different weapons are there in Project Entropia?

Right now we have around 70 weapons and we will continue to make more. These weapons vary from ranged weapons to close combat melee weapons.

Are the armors composed of one or several pieces?

Armors will consist of eight pieces, covering most of the body from head to toe. These pieces are helmets, faceguards, harnesses, gloves, arm-guards, thigh-guards, shin-guards and boots.

How many different armor types are there in Project Entropia?

There are now approximately 200 armors and we will continue to make more.

Are there scopes or other improved sights?

There will be scopes with a zoom function and a natural increased ability to aim and target enemies from a longer range. We are also looking at the possibility of having some sort of laser-sights.

Are there area effect weapons such as grenades etc?

Yes, there will be weapons with an area of effect, such as launchers but also remotely detonated bombs.

Can I use two weapons at once, dual pistols or swords etc.?

No, this won’t be implemented in the near future.

How much will the armor and weapons cost?

It will vary a great deal depending on how effective the weapon or armor is and whether you buy the item in a shop, get it from trading with another player or get it as loot from a defeated creature.

Will I be able to customize my weapons and armor with decals or logos?

Perhaps later on.

Are there limits on personal weapon creation (nuclear weapons, etc.)?

You will be able to create almost any type of weapon that is available inside the virtual world, provided you have all the right parts for it. But no, you won’t be able to create weapons of near or mass-destruction because we don’t want our players to blow up cities or the whole planet.

Can players join an army or any other military branch within the game?

Of course. If a military type society is available, you can enlist.

Will weapons have recoil?

Yes, but this is more a visual effect rather than something that would effect your aim.

Will weapons deteriorate with time?

Yes, the condition of a weapon will decrease with usage. Some weapons can also be sturdier than others and will wear down at a slower pace.

Will PE have crossbows as projectile weapons?

No, PE will not have this from the start.


What is a society?

A Society is a group of colonists that have decided to work together to reach a common goal. They have set up a more or less sophisticated structure and decided how their cooperation will function. This makes sense for some users since the strength in numbers can be a real help when taking on major tasks.

Will Societies have their own bank accounts in Project Entropia?

Yes, the pooling of resources will be of importance when purchasing major items or properties, and this is facilitated by a society account. The society leaders will be able to decide who has access to that money.

Can I leave a society once I am a member?

Yes, There are no rules that prevent this. What that means with regards to your relations with the society is however up to them.

Why would I want to be part of a society?

It is a great way to make friends and to ensure that you never have to stand alone in a pinch. It can also help you to make progress. The benefits you receive are entirely up to the society though.

How do I know which society to join?

Well this is a problem that no one can really help you with; they all have WebPages that inform you about what they are all about. You should go and read up on each one and decide if there is one that suits you and your aspirations.

Will society leaders have any special tools for management?

Yes there will be tools for management, member databases, communication solutions etc.

Can societies go to war with each other?

Yes if they both decide that force is the only way to resolve their differences then one society can declare a challenge, should the other society agree to this conflict, the rules of conflict will be set and the conditions for ending the war will be decided. After this the society war will erupt.

Who decides on the war “conditions”?

The leaders of the two Societies at war decide the conditions. With aid from tools that MindArk create for the purpose.

Will MindArk ever intervene during a society war?

No not unless there is a problem that requires attention such as programming problems, or a situation where the societies request intervention. Then and only then will MindArk intervene in such a conflict.

Will a society have its own house or headquarters?

Yes a society can purchase a structure where they can conduct their meetings or even allow their members to set up residency depending on its size. They can even purchase several houses and construct a society settlement or even a full city.

Will society members be able to wear uniforms?

We are planning to allow for uniforms and patches to be allowed for societies; even specially designed armor vehicles and structures are a possibility.

Can we have Society markings of other sorts?

Yes, we are planning for patches and other marks to be available. Special Society tattoos could also be implemented.

Will society members get special privileges over regular players?

Not for the reason that they are members alone, if they are part of a society that offers special benefits to its members then yes. But MindArk will not sponsor Societies in that fashion.

Can elections be organized?

Yes, elections can be organized.

Can you be insured citizenship of a certain city?

No, that will not be possible.

Can I belong to more than one Society? If not how will MindArk enforce this?

At first you will only be able to belong to one society, this is enforced by your society affiliation being logged on our servers. Joining another society will remove your membership from the old one immediately.

Will Societies be provided with any special tools for governing themselves?

Yes there are specific controls made available for Societies, for instance there will be society bank accounts where they can pool their resources, taxation tools for the societies who decide on having membership fees amongst other things.

Will it be possible to have societies that travel from one place to another?

Travel is unrestricted.

Will there be groups that are a step down from societies, like associations?

Not in the immediate future. This will be possible after we go gold.

Economy and Commerce

How do I access and use the bank in Project Entropia?

Once logged on you press the bank button on the HUD which will take you to the banking window.

Which credit cards will be accepted?

Alll of the major international credit cards that are used today will be accepted, for example Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

What does it mean that the financial system is live?

Project Entropia uses an economy model that is directly linked to the real world. If you want to buy something in the virtual world, you can transfer money in a number of different ways into the game economy. At this point your money is exchanged for PED (Project Entropia Dollars.) And ready for you to use. Should you make money in the virtual world you can also withdraw it to your real world account and thus actually make money in a virtual world.

Other products have seen users trading their items on online auctioning sites to make some money off all the hours that they have spent in game; with project Entropia this is not something that will be necessary. Every item has a real value already in the system. And trading between users is encouraged in every way.

What are the accepted means of payment for Project Entropia?

We are looking into many different ways, Credit Cards is a definite. Checks, pay pal and many other services are also possible in the future.

Will Citizens be forced to spend real money in Project Entropia?

No you will never be forced to pay anything, if you do pay real money into the system that is your decision entirely based on what you want to achieve.

How will trading between Citizens be carried out?

Trading between citizens is done either Face to face, where you will open a trade window where you can see the item and talk to the seller, or there will be an auctioning system where you can look at and bid on items that other colonists have put up for auctioning.

Is there an auction system in Project Entropia?

Yes there will be an advanced auctioning system where colonists can sell items to the highest bidder. It will be a good place to make really good deals.

Is it true that Project Entropia will have advertisements from Real life vendors?

Yes, Project Entropia will have a semi transparency to the real world where companies can advertise their products and even sell them through virtual stores and other ways. The fact that The PED carries a real life value makes the system a perfect E-trade solution.

Who can advertise in Project Entropia?

Any company that is interested can place an ad in Project Entropia, the way that advertisement is carried out can be discussed with MindArk to ensure the best results.

Also societies and even single colonists can place advertisements to inform about either whom they are or things that they are selling.

Why would anyone want to advertise in Project Entropia?

It is a brand new way to reach a very wide audience, People from all over the world will see the ads, and a wall in a Project Entropia city may see more traffic than any real world location in the course of 24 hours. Making it an enormous potential for building Brand name recognition.

What is the PESE?

The PESE is the Project Entropia Stock Exchange, A place where virtual stock can be traded. It is going to stay true to a real life stock exchange in many ways, and will offer yet another way for Colonists to make a little money (or a fortune with a little luck and skill)

Will we be able to research the companies traded on the PESE?

Yes companies traded on the PESE will publish reports, and you will be able to find out other pertinent information, information that is vital in making good well-balanced decisions on the PESE. There will also be other channels of information about these companies.

Can I start a Virtual company?

Yes you can start a company, providing Goods or services to other colonists. There will be a contract system that allows for fairly complicated deals to be arranged.

Can I hire people or NPC’s to work for me?

Yes you can hire both people and NPC’s. The contract system will allow you to bestow rights on other users to act in your behalf, but also limit them in many ways. When hiring an NPC the system is very much similar.

What kind of businesses can I run?

Anything you like basically, as long as you can provide a goods or service that people are willing to purchase and that can be accommodated by the Business and Contract systems. Shops, bars, protection services etc., all are possible.

Will I be able to advertise for MindArk and Project Entropia?

Yes, should you be in control of a site or publication that has a good coverage of our target audience MindArk may be interested in running advertisements with you.

Are we forced to use our credit cards?

Project Entropia is truly a free game to play and enjoy. You will not be asked to provide or reveal any of your credit card details when entering Project Entropia.

How secure will the player trading system be?

We can assure you that our system will be secure by the fact that we will use Unique ID numbers for all items so they can be tracked. We will also encode every single Calypso PED with an ID number for security purposes as well. There will also be a secure backup server system if the game does crash.

How will players handle the issue of real life tax in our respective countries?

Well the tax issue varies greatly from country to country, and the local user will have to follow its own tax income laws. So in this case MindArk cannot report for you to any tax authority. You as the player of the game with any income you earned have the sole responsibility of reporting your own income to your countries tax authorities. Also, in some countries Project Entropia may be considered a hobby, and not actual work. But, if it is considered income as work than for example in the U.S. you can claim other exemptions. For example your computer, your Internet connection, etc…

Note: MindArk AB does not claim to be a legitimate source of Tax advice. In all cases you need to consult with a professional who is briefed on your current tax laws.

Will players be able to own their own shops?

Yes, players will be allowed to set up there own shops. Also, if they prefer they can also become a traveling salesman.

How can players have jobs and create real life income inside the game?

Yes, that´s true this was one of the ideas for Project Entropia. To build the first virtual world that player´s can actually work, and make a living by transferring funds out of the game. Players will be able to set up shops or to manufacture certain items in a specific trade that they can sell, and make a realistic income out of. There will also be the opportunity for players to become a day trader at the (PESE) Project Entropia Stock Exchange. If politics is your thing be elected Mayor of your player settlement. This requires of course a settlement of many players that are active in the world.

What is this transaction fee I keep hearing about?

Yes, we MindArk AB will charge all players within the game world a percentage surcharge for all transactions. Consider it a developer tax for using our game. This is one of the ways for us to make an income from the game. That is also why Project Entropia is a free game to play.

Will PE have real life Internet merchants in the game, if so what kinds?

Well that is hard to say at present. But, we will have merchants that come from every continent that users access our game from. Hopefully this means that your country may be covered with an Internet merchant.

Will the Calypso bank offer many services to players?

The bank at this point will only have few and simple services for players.

Will players be taxed when making personal transactions between themselves?

No, players will not be taxed in this instance.

How will you ensure that the game economy will not fade and hit bottom?

Don’t you gamers hate it when after playing an MMORPG for a few months, getting your stats up etc. you see stuff of value lying all over the ground discarded. When this occurs you know the game economy has become worthless. Now in Project Entropia this will not occur due to the fact that the currency has real life value.

Can player shop owners create a franchise system within Project Entropia for their brand name store outlets in the game?

As this opportunity exists in real life it should also be possible within the virtual universe of Project Entropia. Further consultation with MindArk will be necessary however when the question becomes actual.

Will sellers be allowed to set a reserve price at Project Entropia auctions?

Yes, this will be possible.

If all PED and PEC are always on a character, does this mean they are in a character`s inventory all the time?

Yes it does.

If a company wants to lessen the profit of another company, is it possible to go in the shop and break things, harass customers or block the entrance?

No, this type of harassment will not be tolerated.

Will there be a sort of society or business partner´s bank account added in?

No, there are no plans for this type of banking system at the moment.


Will there be a Heads up display or radar in the User interface?

Yes the User interface is designed to be easy to learn and easy to master. Much is graphical and we are trying to keep the text down to a minimum in buttons and selections so that it becomes second nature to access the portion of the UI that you are after.

Is Project Entropia 2D or 3D?

Project Entropia is completely 3D; you will experience the world either from a First person or third person view.

Is stealing possible in Project Entropia?

No, since every item carries with it a real value. The prospect of stealing really means that you are stealing real money. And that is not something that we condone or plan to include.

Will there be a manual in paper or electronic form?

Yes there will be an electronic manual included with the finished Product. Whether we will create a printed manual is still open for discussion.

How will I move from one place to another?

Moving around can be done either by foot or by vehicle; you will also be able to cover certain distances with teleporters and televators.

Will the user interface be easy to learn and use?

Yes the User interface is designed to be easy to learn and easy to master. Much is graphical and we are trying to keep the text down to a minimum in buttons and selections so that it becomes second nature to access the portion of the UI that you are after.

Can I take screenshots of my experiences in Project Entropia?

Yes you will be able to take both photos and moving images, enabling you to truly capture what happens to you and the people around you.

Do I have to be lightning fast to handle the FPS combat system?

No, combat is naturally faster than the turn based systems, but it is also slower than a normal FPS where your reactions are everything. Project Entropia offers a nice combination of the two. More action than a turn based, and better manageability than a pure FPS.

Do I have to sleep?

No you do not have to sleep at any time, you can however go to your apartment and lie down to rest up a little if you want.

Will I have to eat and Drink?

No you don’t have to Eat or drink, it does have benefits to recovery times though, but there is no need to do so.

Can I get fatigued?

Yes you can experience fatigue, Where your ability to run will decrease up until the point where your avatar is barely able to move. Your stamina will recover faster if you drink something at this point.

Can I drown?

Yes if you attempt to swim underwater for too long or if you try and swim a distance that is greater then your stamina and skills allow, then you will drown.

Will cooking be a factor?

Yes, the better cook you are the more benefits you get from eating the food that has been prepared.

How many users worldwide will be expected to be online at once?

We are designing the system to hold more than 1.000.000 (one million) players at any one given time. This has meant creating server systems many times larger than any previously seen on the market. To reach 1 million users we expect 25 million active accounts.

What will radar show?

The radar will show what is in your immediate vicinity.

Will energy cells be recyclable?

No, energy cells will not be recyclable.

Will there be a police force in PE?

There are no plans for a police force.

Will there be jails in PE?

No, there are no plans for jails.

Will players have nets?

There will be fishing in PE.

Will there be a magnetic north for compass use?

There will be no need for a compass. There is a navigational system that includes a radar.

Will PE have a bonding system for regular non-society players that allows one player to contract another player to perform a service, for example a courier?

Yes, PE will have such a system.

Will there be any in-game items that can be recycled?

Yes, there will be a variety of items that will be recyclable.


Will there be headset communication?

Not at the official release.

Can I talk to anyone at anytime?

No, without any type of technology you are restricted to shouting distance. A few hundred meters (500-600 feet) at the most. You need some sort of communications equipment to cover more distance than that.

Can I block other users, such as a mute function?

Yes you can block users from your chat, meaning that if someone is annoying you, you can turn them off and never be bothered by them again.

Is there a Bad language screen?

Yes you will be able to filter certain words, it will also be customizable so that you can add words to the list yourself.

Can I chat privately with someone or will everyone hear me?

You can chat privately with one or more persons, and you will not be broadcasting everything you say to the world. You can also retreat to your apartment with your friends and no one will be able to hear you.

Will there be voice communication in Project Entropia?

It will be possible to use voice communications in Project Entropia, whether by third party software or hardware solutions, or when implemented by the Project Entropia Voice chat.

Can I send E-mails to other users from my apartment computer?

Yes you will be able to contact others from your computer. Just as you would in the real world.

Are there MindForce aspects for long-range communication?

MindForce has the opportunity to send and receive thoughts over distance with another colonist.

How about emotes, can I combine two at once?

Yes, you can use the emote system to combine anything that does not collide with another, you can smile and wave, but not sit and dance for instance.

Will there be a system for spying (eavesdropping etc.)?

Not planned at the moment, but if we see a need and a want for a system like that we will look into implementing one.

Will there be special channels for users to access (help, trading, stock, etc)?

There is a help chat window that will get you into contact with the Game Operations center immediately. Other than that the system allows for areas to be divided into areas of interest. If you wish to talk stock you go into the stock market etc. For casual conversation you can go to one of the bars or cafés.

Combat and Death

As a ghost, will I be able to interact with others?

No, your main priority will be to get to a hospital facility and get revived. There will be a MindForce aspect which allows you to revive ghosts and obviously this will involve some sort of interaction between the ghost and the player with the right MindForce implant. This however will be the extent of interaction with ghosts.

Will robots be able to attack the cities?

No, cities are safe zones.

Is the Combat system Turn based or Real time?

The combat system is in real time, with added rules to account for skill values etc. It is a combination of the action of a First Person Shooter, and the manageability of a normal MMORPG system.

How do you fight in Project Entropia?

Simply, by selecting a weapon, making sure that it is loaded, aim at your target and shoot. And in the process you should attempt to find some sort of cover to ensure that you don’t get hit that much in return.

What does FPS mean?

FPS is a First Person Shooter, a game form where you look through the eyes of your character, and aim with a sight. Common representatives of this genre are Half Life Counterstrike, Doom and Quake amongst others.

How does the skill system affect my aiming?

Think of it as a cone with the tip at your rifle, the shots can land anywhere in this cone. The better you are the narrower the cone gets until it reaches a point where it more resembles a tube, which is when the shots will land where you are aiming at all times.

How does the skill affect the damage?

Quite simply, the more proficient you are with your weapon (i.e. Higher skill) the more damage you will produce per hit.

Do I lose everything when I die?

That will depend on other circumstances. Your money is always safe; your equipment however is covered if you have insurance. If you are insured, your equipment will be returned to you as soon as you are brought back to life.

What types of weapons and Armor will be available?

Hundred of types literally, the system allows for a mix and match types of armaments and components as well as armoring. You can create the style and functionality you are after.

If I’m using one-handed weapons, can I use two at once?

No we have decided against this, Mainly for balancing reasons.

Can I fight in the cities?

Most cities are safe zones meaning that you will not be able to fight or fire your weapons. This is for the safety of all citizens. User created cities may not be a safe zone though. Enabling you to wage war in the streets.

How does insurance work?

When you have possessions that you do not want to loose, you can contact the insurance company and insure either random pieces, or your entire inventory. Should you get killed, the items are transferred to you at your point of resurrection. At this point the insurance is spent and you will have to reinsure the items.

How much does insurance cost?

This is based on the value of the items you wish to insure; the exact cost has not yet been implemented.

What happens when I die?

When you die you will travel Calypso as a walking ghost, you must then find a resurrection terminal or a resurrection ship that will bring you back to life. If you have a powerful MindForce healer with you, the chance that he or she can resurrect you immediately.

How do I get resurrected?

Either by waiting for a resurrection ship to pass nearby and pick your spirit up, or by traveling to the nearest hospital where you can get resurrected at a hospital terminal.

Will there be hotkeys for changing weapons?

Yes that has been discussed, if this is implemented it will depend on how you are storing your backup weapon, if you get a holster for a pistol, a sling for a rifle or a sheath for a sword. Then using hotkeys to rapidly change a weapon is possible.

Drawing a weapon or item from your inventory will however not be possible with a hotkey.

Can there be group “hunting”?

Yes, all social interaction and cooperation is a big part of Project Entropia, groups can band together to achieve many goals, and hunting is only one of them.

If more then one colonist is involved in a fight, who gets the loot?

The one that has produced the largest portion of the damage inflicted before the enemy was killed. This stops kill-stealing and other grief problems fairly efficiently.

What happens if I accidentally shoot a friend?

One accidental shot won’t damage a friend very much so this won’t be a problem. To kill them you would need to shoot more than one shot and by then I would imagine this player was bent on PK and would thereby fall into the outlaw category?

Will there be ‘prone position’ in Project Entropia?

Yes, prone position will be possible.

How will corpses be handled inside the game?

Corpses will have a decay rate, no matter if they get looted or not. How long this decay rate will be isn’t possible yet to answer about right now. Further testing is in order. Also, robots will decay as well.

Can players be snipers in combat?

Yes, with long-range weapons, including rifles will be possible. There will also be the chance to kill your target in one shot.

Will players have a choice where to respawn after death?

Yes, players will come back as a clone and either resurrect next to the resurrection ship or back at the closest city hospital.

Can weapons be modified?

Weapon modifications and upgrades will be available. Such as scopes for rifles, however there will not be laser sights. You will be able to change ammunition for projectile weapons. Reloading them will be a manual process. We will also allow players to build their own weapons.

Will we be able to stun opponents in combat?

No, at this point it is not a feature. However the idea has merit as a future possibility.

How much gore will there be in PE?

There will not be excessive gore. Ex. There will be some blood splatters but there will be no body parts flying around.

What are the main threats to me as a citizen on Calypso?

The main threat to your life on Calypso will be the enemy robot force that wish to take over Calypso. As well as this there is a wide variety of native wildlife on Calypso that can be quite dangerous including a variety of beasts and human mutants.

How will PK be handled in Project Entropia?

Pk-ing will be possible in certain areas such as special arenas in the cities and certain areas out in the wilderness.

Will Project Entropia allow PvP and the looting of uninsured corpses?

PvP will be possible in certain designated arenas within the cities as well as areas of the wilderness. The looting of uninsured corpses will also be possible which again underscores the importance of insuring valuable items.

When you die and become a ghost, will it be possible to use MindForce or items you had before you died?

No, you won’t have any particular abilities except the capability to take yourself to the nearest revival terminal in order to be restored back to life.

Will PE have any sort of siege warfare, be it from societies or not?

No, it is likely there will not be a siege warfare system in PE.

Is there a limit to the genetic enhancements or resurrection capabilities of a character?

No, there is not.

Storyline and Quests

Why is it called Project Entropia?

The answer to this question can be read under the World Information-section of the website.

Why is the World called Calypso?

The world is called Calypso after a siren in ancient Greek mytology who called Odyssesus and attracted him to her island. The human colonists were beckoned to the planet in this way. Hence, the name Calypso.

Will there be a storyline?

Yes there will be a storyline, the world is dynamic so the actions of the colonists that inhabit Calypso will shape this storyline and how it unfolds. There are several key points that are set to happen in the future, but actions taken by the users can alter this to completely different situations.

Will there be quests?

Yes, there will be quests.

Are quests static or dynamic?

Both will exist.

Will there be “tutorial” quests or missions?


Can we create our own quests?

Yes, the contract system will allow for user-generated quests.

Can we create sub-plots if there is an already existing storyline?

Yes, your actions will be recorded and the storyline will evolve with those actions, so your every step could be a sub-plot in that fashion.

Non-Player Characters

What are NPC’s?

NPC stands for non-player characters, which means people that are controlled by the servers, they look the same as any other but populate certain areas and functions to enrich the atmosphere.

Will there be NPC’s?

Yes parts of calypso will be heavily populated by NPC’s; they allow for richer environments and can be used to fulfill important functions in the storyline and immersion.

Can I interact with NPC’s?

Yes you can interact with the NPC’s and they will have many different personalities, just as the real world you will find anything from kind good-hearted people to sinister and evil characters.

What different types of NPC’s could I encounter?

Anything from the fat bartender with the good advice to the back alley man that wishes you to go on a quest or perform some other murky task for a few PED.

Will all creatures encountered be dangerous?

Not at all, as you would expect from any biosphere, most will have the ability to protect themselves, but there are those that for the most part just want to be left alone and go about their business.

How good is the A.I. (artificial intelligence) of the Project Entropia NPC’s?

The AI is fairly advanced, when dealing with a world this size, you can’t use the same calculations as you would for a FPS where the entire world is a few hundred feet squared. In a full world such as this, the AI has to be advanced enough to handle itself no matter where in the world it would end up. Regardless of terrain, buildings etc.

Key points cannot be programmed for every rock and tree in the world, which is the system used to produce the seemingly lifelike action patters that are emerging today in First Person Shooters. Here a rock is a rock and thus a vantage point or an obstacle depending in the situation. And the AI must at all times account for this and make calculated decisions as to what to do next.

The AI will account for obstacles, both to avoid and to find cover, it will attack from behind you if possible. And some smart opponents will even try to catch you in a deadly crossfire when working together. They will work together if that is in their natural behavior, and robots may even use advanced communications systems to call for backup.

Will I be able to have conversations with NPC’s?

Yes there will be conversation options at certain times. For example NPC’s carrying out tasks will take up conversational options relating to the position they are in.

Are all the NPC’s hostile?

No, some are friendly and many are harmless, they will leave you alone as long as you leave them alone, even the hostile ones may leave you alone if they are not threatened or hungry at the time. Robots have a very high degree of aggressiveness, but may in certain situations decide to leave you alone depending on the situation.

Can I tame and train animals to use as mounts or pack animals?

Yes there are skills that allow for taming and training of animals. It will allow you to use them for several tasks such as a mount or to carry heavy loads, they are very useful since they can scale terrain that some vehicles cannot.

Can I have a pet?

Yes there will be pets in Project Entropia, you can own and train them, and they will be great companions for those lonely nights out in the wilderness as well as in your home.

Can I hire an NPC to work for me?

Yes, NPC’s can perform certain tasks for you and you will be able to control some of the things they do through an interface that is easy to learn yet complicated enough to cover the commands and instructions that you need to be able to give them.

Can NPC’s undersell players?

That’s a good question. This is a matter of economic balancing which we will test.

Will NPC’s once attacked chase players indefinitely?

Well first of all some Mobs will attack with ranged weapons, thus attacking you from a distance. Other Mobs that get closer will chase you out of their home territory. It also depends on there level of aggression, so yes a few might chase you indefinitely.

What can you tell us about the robot bases in the wilderness?

Well if a small robotic installation is left untouched it can grow into a large menacing base. So wherever you encounter a small installation take it out, before it grows to a gigantic scale. If you do encounter a large base, you better enlist a large group of players to assist, or you’ll be a clone very quick.

Will you show us more of the NPC mobs on the PE website in the future?

Yes, we will regularly update our game website with new screenshots and biographies of animals, mutants, and robotic Mobs.

What sort of robot types will players encounter on Calypso?

There will be several kinds of robotic types for instance there will be robots for: land, air, sea, and underground. We will release more information about the specific robotic models at our PE game website.

Where do I find different NPC mobs?

Just walk around, there are many different mobs out there.

Will the NPC`s be able to sell more equipment than the resources in the world would seem able to support?

Yes, the NPC`s will have their own channels of purchase, from sellers off the world of Calypso, like large omni-corporations that have branches all over the known Federal Empire.

Development Process

When MindArk sees something that they have implemented has gone wrong, will it be removed?

In the case of an obvious bug it will be removed and corrected. In the case of social tools and systems such as bars and quests we will try to leave it up the the players as much as possible to solve any issues that might arise. This is part of our commitment to creating a world – just like real life, its users will steer any developments.

Will Project Entropia be developed further in the Future?

Project Entropia is going to continue its development as the Dynamic universe it is, storylines, content and rules can all be added and changed as we progress. And the world itself will take on a lifelike feel due to its constant development.

Will Project Entropia have expansions? If so, will they be free as well?

Expansions as such are not planned, when development of a new system is completed, we will update Project Entropia to bring whatever changes needed into effect. The expansions in themselves will be free from cost, there are no plans to create a pay system for any expansion whatsoever.

Will you remove exploits; fix bugs and problems after release?

Yes we will constantly work to upgrade the system, and the design team. We’re doing this to ensure that the safety systems for our users are kept updated and that no one will be able to exploit a bug for very long, we will address any problems detected immediately. When the bug is detected all those who have used the exploit and not reported its existence, may be subject to account termination.

Does MindArk AB develop anything else besides Project Entropia?

No we are focused on delivering Project Entropia as the leading edge in online virtual entertainment. Project Entropia will continue its process of evolution in-house and requires a full compliment of programmers and artists to continue its growth.

How long has it taken to develop Project Entropia?

Project Entropia has been in full development since 1999 in its current form. The development process has seen developments in server structuring and capacity to handle the enormous user loads that Project Entropia involves.

What are the voting booths I have been hearing about?

The voting booths will be in place so that the users can influence the development process, listing the possible development paths and giving everyone a chance to move the process in the direction that they would like to see. This allows us to ensure that the most wanted developments get implemented first.

How are you planning to implement new rules and systems?

As we get the steps drawn up by the user votes, design and testing of the new systems will begin. When completed we will simply add the new system, inform the testers that it is in place and move on to the next step. The whole process is designed to incur minimum disturbance in the system.

When are the developments going to appear?

Each new development will be implemented as soon as we have tested it in accordance with our specifications for security and stability. As the process is fluent the update process is fast and relatively low in friction.

When will PE go gold?

Sometime in 2002.

Website and Community

What kind of features does the community section have?

Some of the features include internal mail, a chatroom, personal web pages, a guest book, a friends list and webpages for societies. There is even a search function to search for people or societies. A news page is included with news concerning societies, users and communities. On your personal page you can include a photo and information about yourself as well as your e-mail address.

What is the community section for?

The community section is for users to maintain a communication with other users and interested parties outside of the actual game but within the Project Entropia setting.

Is there a Project Entropia news letter and where is it located?

Yes, there is a weekly letter as well as a monthly letter to subscribe to. These can be found under ‘news database’ and ‘subscriptions’.

Will MindArk staff edit messages in the forums?

No, we will not edit messages in the forums if they do not conflict with the rules and etiquette stated by MindArk at the MindArk site. MindArk does reserve the right to edit our own comments should we discover an incorrect answer or statement.

Will MindArk continue to post on the Official forum after release?

Yes, we will continue to answer in the forums according to how our workload allows. The structure of the forum will probably change then however, but this hasn’t been decided yet.

How often will there be updates on the Project Entropia website?

We plan to make two to three updates per week depending on what we have to offer. These updates will mainly consist of screenshots and text updates in the World Information section.

Does the web team listen to ‘requests’ regarding wanted features?

Yes, of course we listen to the requests and wishes of our users. We can’t guarantee that we will implement every singular wish however, rather we will try to focus on those wishes that are popular with many users.

Will MindArk ever delete threads from the forum?

As a rule, no. The only reason we would have to delete a thread is if it is in direct conflict with the rules and etiquette of MindArk AB.

When will new screen shots be made available?

We will present new screen shots in accordance with availability and content that is interesting for the user.

Are you taking fan site or society banners to put on your website?

Yes, of course we do as long as they follow the rules we have set up. Societies must have a website and a minimum of five members. The banner should be 400×70 pixels in size.

What is the point of personal statistics in the community section?

The idea of the personal statistics is to give users the chance to see how active other users are.


What art software do the artists at MindArk use?

The artists here use 3d Studio Max and Photoshop.

If I need installation help, who do I contact?

For this type of help you would contact the support department. support@project-entropia.com

When you log out, or suffer a break in connection, where will your avatar appear when you reconnect?

Your avatar will reappear where you last logged out or experienced the break in connection.

Is Project Entropia going to have 3d sound?


Is Project Entropia a zoned or seamless world?

Project Entropia will be seamless.

Will there be a translation server?

This is being discussed by the development team, and has not been decided on yet.

Will there be real physics used in the game?

There will be real physics used in the game including air resistance, friction, gravity, bounce, force and mass.

Will the 3D game engine use portal technology?

No. It will use Occlusion Culling.

Does Project Entropia use a real world physics engine?

We have not bought in an outside engine but rather decided to develop our own. This was in order for us to be able to address our specific needs.

What graphics engine is used for Project Entropia?

Project Entropia uses the NetImmerse graphics engine.

Can citizens use macro programs in Project Entropia?

No, this will not be possible.

How will lag be treated in Project Entropia and what happens to your character when you loose your connection?

First of all, the goal is to eliminate lag from Project Entropia, but if you do experience a short lag of one or two seconds it shouldn’t break your connection. In the case of an actual break in connection when you return to the game your character will be in the position you lost it, just like when you log off officially.

How will MindArk deal with server reverts?

When Project Entropia is officially released the aim is not to have any issue with server reverts at all. As there are items of value involved in the game, this point is something we must pay close attention to.

Will Project Entropia be ported to the X-Box, PS2 or any other platform such as Linux?

Not at the time of official release, but these are areas we may look into for future development.

What type of Internet speed connection is MA going to lease out?

None, we will not be doing this.

Can you estimate the system requirements for Project Entropia at open beta launch?

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 98
  • Windows 98 SE
  • Windows Millennium
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows XP

Supported Memory Configurations

  • Required Memory — 128 Mb
  • Required Video Memory — 32 Mb

Supported Graphics Cards

  • GeForce2
  • GeForce3
  • GeForce4
  • ATI Radeon
  • PowerVR Kyro

The five cards above are officially supported and tested by PE. There are probably several others that will work, but haven´t been extensively tested yet.

Other Requirements

  • Latest Drivers Installed
  • DirectX 8.1 Runtime Installed
  • Pentium III/500 MHz minimum; 800 MHz is better
  • 56 K modem link



How many accounts can one person have?

The system allows for one account per credit card. It is up to you if you want to utilize more than one of your credit cards.

How old do you have to be to play Project Entropia?

You must meet the legal age requirements of the country in which you live because of the presence of casinos and trading systems, which involve real life money.

How many characters will be allowed per account?

There will be one character allowed per account.

Why is there an age limit?

The legal age limit in each respective country will apply to users as there is real life money and transactions involved in Project Entropia. This will include casinos and a stock exchange which in real life carry an age limit.

Will users have to pre-pay any deposit before entering Project Entropia?

No, this will not be necessary.

How is my account information protected?

There is a complete security system to take care of this.

How is account hacking going to be handled?

As you must understand we cannot reveal any details about our security.

If there is hacking, will the users be notified of it?

As you must understand we cannot reveal any details about our security.

Service and Support

External Testing

What is external testing?

External testing is when people from outside the company test our product and give us feedback on how they find it.

Is there any testing in progress?

Yes. At the moment we are involved in the Commercial Trial Phase where we are testing the patent pending economy system for the first time.

What are the expected timeframes for closed and open test phases?

At the moment we are conducting the Commercial Trial Phase and it’s difficult to say when this will be completed. We are committed to releasing a quality product and don’t plan to rush it just so we can release something.

How do I sign up for testing?

Go to the ‘applications’ section of the main menu at the Project Entropia website.

What does it take to get picked for the testing program?

Several factors are taken into account, including hardware and software configurations as well as the past gaming experience of the would be tester.

How many testers are there?

We can’t release this information right now as the test is in progress.

Does it cost anything to participate in the testing?

As the test is in progress we can’t release this type of information.

What obligations to MindArk do testers have?

Any obligations that the testers have to MindArk have been decided through previous agreement and don’t need to be divulged here.

What does it mean to be an external tester?

It means that you have access to the product, which has not been officially released yet, for the sole purpose of testing it and reporting any bugs back to the manufacturer. This is an exclusive relationship and is protected by an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).


Can I work for MindArk AB?

If you’re interested in working for MindArk you can leave an application or just ask further questions at: jobs@mindark.com