Cyrene’s Maria VUs…

Maria’s Cyrene Vu 1.0:…=1#post3636457

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Maria’s Cyrene Vu 1.0:…=1#post3636457

‘Maria’s Cyrene vu’

Maria’s Cyrene Vu 2.0:…=1#post3668696

More Cyrene update promises…

Vlad will start looting stuff again (as originally promised in March 2018 vu – currently as of 10/12/2018 he doesn’t loot anything at all… he simply dies if you kill him and mission to kill him completes):…7th-2018.7825/

– Vlad the Unraveler now can drop Mazeweaver Certificates.…82/#post-28280

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Hey mastermesh,

Yes, there were some sync issues with the last PP VU that prevented some changes from going through, we’ll attempt this one again for the next PP VU.



False advertising about price of campfire will be fixed (guess it’s 500 and not 50 tokens as advertised when you click on the campfire and the little text thing comes up that says you can buy it for only 50? Hope they make it only 50… since false advertising is not a good thing):…11/#post-28278


Maria’s Cyrene Vu 3.0:…=1#post3739197

Lighter maze hammers are coming soon!…29/#post-29284

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If you cannot get it sorted, or heck even if you can, just reduce the weight of them to about half. They weigh in at 10 lbs each, making the weight as much as a Zyn’kimbro Fishing Spear, and only 4 lbs less than the heaviest club in game, the Large Thoriofoid Battle Spike Club. I actually kinda like packing around however many I have since it costs about 50 ped to repair them all, but I have to unload a lot of other stuff in inventory so I don’t go heavy if I carry em. Reduce the weight to at least 5 lbs or less and it might be worth keeping em around. 

Other that just visual appearance in size they shouldn’t weigh in more than a lot of other clubs that actually carry more damage per hit, etc. If you sort by weight on entropiawiki some really heavy hitting clubs weigh in only at 1 – 2 kg each. N00b Club (L) on Rocktropia weighs in only at 0.1 Kg… and it’s shaped like a baseball bat… if other planet partners can get away with that, surely you guys can too.

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Hey mastermesh,

I think that’s fair, I did ask MA to make sure that this mission is active, but a weight reduction will come with the mini patch.


Ancient History… is the oldest blog I have on Entropia. It is very outdated, but it’s interesting to see where we’ve been to know where we’ve come and where we will be going.

Back then I owned a shop and booth in Omegaton Delta building on Calypso and eventually had a few apartments in the same building… That was way back in 2008 or so…

It was a fun time, but I could not afford to do a lot of playing back then so ended up just putting stuff in the shop like blueprints, which did not sell much… When where was a buyer they’d buy the entire shop out in one night, etc.  It was really hit an miss.  I may go in to more details about this era and history of things here over time.  In those days I was in the shop next to Spawn.  Spawn is now the leader of the Ministry society that I’m in.  I am not a big chit chatter on society chat much since I usually have a lot of things going on as I hunt silently, move items around in estates, tame pets, etc…

I was originally in TAS – the American Soldier society when I first started the game, and that died out after a month or two… Then I was in Entropia Asia since one of the friends I’d found in another avatar was with them… When that society broke apart Zoku was born… There is a few stories there, lol… which I may discuss later… blackmail, deceit, ISP bills, and open marriages were all involved in that set of stories in one way or the other, lol.

After that I was in The NBK – and NBK Entrepreneurs a while… before I moved on to Kaos and finally to the Ministry… there’s some stories there too…

I may look in to getting in to another society one of these days but we’ll see.


meanwhile back in the apartment


Re-arranged the apartment a little bit today… removed one of the L-quents and a few oddball items to make room for the Logs, and pets. Boxer, Oratan Axe, Atrox, and Saphire Chirin are still accompanying me in my hunting and taming quests at the moment, so you won’t see those little guys in the apartment, but the rest of the zoo is over there for now. Apartment location on Calypso is Sakura City, Yuujou Condos, Apartment 17 H.

Defenders still hasn’t been watched yet. Spent this weekend doing some fun things with the family. If you have kids, and are in the Midwest, check out the City Museum in St. Louis sometime. It’s awesome!



73.8% on the autoloot prereq

oratan axe passive: auto loot 73.8%

This one is still a very slow progress… each auto loot pill popped only ups the bar by .3% roughly. I’m using the pills to do combine with other buff items I’ve got through the webshop boxes the last few months and am grindng out these irons one at a time. about a third of the way through the 3k berycled iron mission in the last 2 hours of buff pills doing this.

lets do some math…

26.2×3=78.6, so what is that roughly 79 more actual in game hours to get this criteria bar completed… I probably should just activate a pill and go to bed irl, but since I’m burning the pills and need to up some skill levels for a few of the weapons I have in inventory to get in SIB range I suppose I’ll keep doing it the hard way… Just hard to do when most of the time I log in for more than an hour at a time are all either on the weekends, when no household chores need to be done, or when I’ve got insomnia like tonight… then it’s hard since what would normally be a 20 minute log in turns in to an hour and a half log in since I just keep shooting til all the red dots in the radar are gone or pill buffs wear off, whichever comes quicker.

May have to ‘take a break’ a couple of weekends since Netflix’s Defenders just came out… that’s 13 hours or so I don’t want to be watching two screens at the same time since I’ll miss something if I do.

The ‘roll’ action on the oratan axe doesn’t seem to require as much time for him to recover from as the left right combo requires the boxer to have… in that regard, I think the axe is actually a ‘better pet’ even though I kind of like the buffs on the boxer a bit more… well, sort of…

I’m not sure if it’s the action itself or the difference in metabolic rate that makes the difference. The boxer’s left right combo usually drops him down a little over 10% in focus. The roll on axe just drops him a few points.

Eating all of these loot pills, I’m getting used to this lazy way of hunting. When I do finally get the passives unlocked, the axe may become my hunting buddy and the boxer my little run around everywhere else in between nunts pal?… unless I’m hunting way above my level and need that decrease crit buff?



slowly moving up…

still wish Mindark would allow us to change colors on these screens… that color scheme is very hard to read for us partially color blind folks. Yellow on black or something would be much easier…



after an hour or two of bery hunting TTed the muscle oil and shrapnel and now the boxer, axe, and atrox are fully fed again.

Got to figure out a cheaper way of getting nutrio… over 200% just for pet food is kinda crazy.

Working on the 3k bery mission now. a few hundred in. South of the hangers near corinth is amazing spawn for hunting bery. Glad I didn’t try to do this mission before they put all of that in place.

bp list update, etc.


tweaked the blueprint list a little with some changes and updates… that is a time consuming and mentally challenging thing to do… not too serious about the crafting side of things at the moment, but starting to track it all here in the forums so I can easily figure out what I need, etc. as it’s sometimes confusing if you just use in game info.

Slowly starting to more or less take stock of what I got in game on that front and some of the first posts here in this thread… going to probably make take full inventory list and organize it, figuring out what needs to go where as far as distributing it all to the different apartments on each planet, etc. soon… time consuming figuring this crap out when more than one planet is involved and your inventory has over 2.5k items in it.