Maria’s Pets: Ancient Exarosaur Strong

Ancient Exarosaur Strong

Level: 3

Passive Effect: Skill Gain – Pet and Taming
Strength: 20%
Energy/h: 54.00
Level Required: 28
Criteria: 60.1%
Cost to Unlock: 15.00 Ped, 35 Essence, 1 Rare Essence

Metabolic Rate: 20.00
XP: 676
Exportable: Yes
Training: Hard
Rarity: Legendary

Ancient Exarosaur Strong (Legendary) – Level 3 
Passive: SG-Pet & Taming 20% @ Lel 28 Criteria: 0.0%
Training: Hard
Exportable: Yes

Ancient Exarosaur Strong level 3

Maria’s Pets:Ancient Daikiba

*** zoo project is temporarily on hold or may be cancelled since compets no longer exists, which was the whole reason I started getting in to this stuff originally… ***

I am slowly working on selling off my zoo… so if you see something you want, let mastermesh know over on planetcalypsoforum…


Ancient Daikiba

Level: 1

Passive Effect: Skill Gain – Pet and Taming
Strength: 15%
Energy/h: 35.00
Level Required: 20
Criteria: COMPLETED!
Cost to Unlock: 5.00 Ped, 30 Essence, 1 Rare Essence

Metabolic Rate: 15.00
XP: 0
Exportable: YES
Training: Average
Rarity: Legendary


Ancient Daikiba – Level 1 (Legendary)
Passive:SG-Pet & Taming 15% @ Lvl 20 Criteria:COMPLETED!
Training: Average
Exportable: Yes

Ancient Daikiba prereq unlocked!

not-so-easy training… 9.7% of the pre-req bar on pet and taming for Ancient Daikiba is now up…