Meanwhile back on Calypso…

Back to taming bristlehogs since they are near Port Atlantis Mall. (using that 5k ped from the boxer pet to bid on Trade Terminal (TT) priced stuff off of auction.

More info on that is available over at Maria’s TT+Half Ped Service Thread on Planetcalypsoforum.

I do that at PA Mall since there’s quite a few terminals nearby… allows me to tame near civilization, unlike a lot of other spots in game where you can tame… also does not hurt that with viper whip it’s fairly easy and each bristlehog costs roughly 3 pec decay or so…

Viper whip is up in tier and ready to tier. I may up it’s tier level in a few days… not sure it’s worth it though since it’s such a low level weapon. Using tiers on it that add to damage, etc. would probably just result in overkills on little mob like the bristlehog… for some other stuff it may be worth doing the upgrade though?..

More Lootius History…

Not sure how proud we are of it .. but this is how it started:

Clan Lootius Is The Shit – formed

and name was changed because of complaints hahahaha 😀

Some RP times with Desperate House (that was actually awesome …)

Desperate House V’s Church of Lootius

A little more info:

Church of Lootius – The rebirth of Lootius

(old info but gives a hint about CoL)

we also use to make events 😉

Here’s a fun one – unfortunately it didnt succeed 😦 But the idea was great 😀

~ Naked Skalman Fisting Event ~ 4th of August

And an offer – not that well accepted 😀


Anyway, go to EF and search for Church of Lootius … :bandit:


Things changed a lot after this though. Lots of members don’t play anymore – and we also have been too busy to be playing. Things today are way too serious – and often I miss the good old ones!! Just for a laugh and some plain stupidity and craziness..


(working on getting the pcf links above instead of the old ef links…  A couple of them work, but will get the rest later…)