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15 Oct 2008

This is a day of great fortune and aspirations, of excitement and hope, of respect and history. Continued operation and development of the planet Calypso is to be handled by MindArk PE AB subsidiary First Planet Company AB. I have been asked and I have accepted the role of CEO and Creative Director for First Planet Company, along with the responsibility of developing and marketing the MMORPG “Planet Calypso”.

The Calypso journey began in mid-2002 when the commercial open trial phase started, leading up to the gold release of “Project Entropia” on the 30th of January 2003. I still remember the launch day as if it were yesterday. At seven minutes to midnight VU 4.2 was applied and Entropia officially went live. In April 2006 Project Entropia evolved into “Entropia Universe”. And, now the online game known as Entropia Universe will evolve again to become “Planet Calypso”.

The “Entropia Universe” brand will continue as the name of the platform all planets will operate on, continuously developed by MindArk PE AB. The creation of First Planet Company allows for focused and efficient development of both the Entropia Universe platform as well as development of Planet Calypso. First Planet Company will act as a partner planet within the Entropia Universe.

My vision is to supply the resources needed for the creative team to allow them the freedom and time to create interesting short- and long-term storylines, enhance and polish game-play, add role-playing aspects, and cater to events. It is also important to develop participant-based tools for creation of activities, add depth to the various activities present today, and of course introduce new activities not before seen.

My role will be to bring and maintain a coherency to the Calypso history and storyline. The over-arching goal is to make Planet Calypso a truly kick-ass Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game!

All virtual items, records, PED’s, and item values will still be maintained by MindArk PE AB – as before. The change applies to the development side of game-play, design, content development and storyline.

With highest regards and a commitment to a fun and exciting future,

Marco Behrmann
CEO/Creative Director
First Planet Company AB – Planet Calypso

“If we are lucky this will be the end to never finished storylines.
Gratz to Marco for his new position. How fast will he get his new desk and team? I would like him to start engraft the promises in this statement.”

Thanks everyone for your comments. I am humbled and proud and have some very exciting plans for the future.
And as to the previous non-finished storylines – I see it as a priority to close and finish many of these quite soon, to make room for this next era of Calypso’s long future history.

-Q:Marco, How much of the MA staff moves to this subsidiary?
If this is just an “on paper” thing it’s not gonna make much difference overall to the player base.
Thanks, and
…and congrats!

The initial staff of FPC will be around 10-15 people, including game designers, writers, graphics artists, sound designers, markerting, community, and events. It will be a great difference – we are two seperate entities. MindArk PE AB will have focus on infrastructure and systems development of the Entropia Universe platform, First Planet Company will handle development and progress of Planet Calypso.

-Q:Second question:
If it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game then the famous “it’s not a game it is an universe” is no longer true ?

M:First Planet Company will focus on creating an exciting kick-ass online game. It is not our vision to create a virtual universe – that is for MindArk to pursue, with the Entropia Universe platform. So yes, this is a distinct move towards a much more cohesive game experience.

-Q: [However … today’s news is great news, and it gives renewed hope that our beloved Calypso will now get the attention it so rightly deserves. I have always loved this universe, as has so many, and why we have become so protective of it, especially since you gave this home to us so long ago. I couldn’t be happier that our past will be preserved, and that our existence and colonization into the future will not be “lost in space.”

M:Thank you. Me and my team are gearing up slowly to begin the next era of Calypso. We are, however, also bound by the CryENGINE2 integration process, so the major updates will not come before that is ready for release. I will make sure we enter some sort of “prologue” state until that happens, with some glimpses of the upcoming story-arc.

(as I am very excited today I can hint that Omegaton, Chikara, and Genesis Star will be brought back as powerful entities in this)

Now that that’s out of the way, how about a timely landgrab? Areas have been expired for a couple months now.

M:Land grab is being prepared… ,-)

-Q:Hmm.. Will CND still be part of “First planet” or will it be taken over by ND studios?
And will we get a REAL community representative now?

M:All enteties associated with Entropia Universe today (Eudoria, Amethera, Crystal Palace Space Station and Club Neverdie) are all part of Planet Calypso.

There will be several people handling community activities. There will come further announcements in a few weeks.

-Q:Will each planet partner have their own planetary system or will they be incorporated into the Calypso system?

M:Each planet partner will have their own system. First Planet Company may add new entities to the Calypso system though.

Some of MindArk’s planet partners will be game like and have storylines that may coincide with Calypso’s – some will have their own. And some planet partners will use the Entropia Universe platform for entirely other purposes which doesn’t even involve storylines at all.

-Q:I believe Marco got his start with paper and pencil RPG games so writing and role play adventure seem to be part of the fabric in which he envisions games to be made out of.

Marco, you now have the chance to drive Entropia forward. I hope you seize the opportunity.

Only one question. Will there be a clean break between you and MA? Will you still be a member of a board of directors or connected to MA in any other way?

M:Yes, I have written some 20 RPG books (in Swedish) and love the medium. Even nowadays I try to play once a week.

I will seize the opportunity with profound respect and excitement. However, it is very important to have some “expectation management” – most of the ideas will not be realized until after the CryENGINE2 release. We will have a “Prologue” period up till then, with some tidbits and previews. I am still limited as to the current MindArk development and integration of the CryENGINE2 into the Entropia Universe platform. But the time in between is spent designing and writing a bunch of cool stuff that will come eventually.

-Q:since marco is answering questions here today……how bout mine?
are we gonna get fishing?
i wann go fishing, and while yer at it how bout that shipment of beers?

M:Fishing is part of my todo-list. But it is too early to say any specifics.
Ah, Beer… no, I will behave. ,-) I see a future system in food and drinks, probably as a buff/booster system rather than a boring necessity system. We have to wait and see.

-Q:Quests? kill 1000 argo and receive 10 ped bonus?

M:I hate that kind of grinding quests! Really. I’d like quests to be more in synch with the storyline and with a purpose and a history to it. A good example of a simple quest I like was the time when RDI issued requests for items to battle the robots and when it was over, by a joint effort of the brave colonists for weeks, it happend. The robots got kicked out and it became a turning point in Calypso’s history. Something to remember.

The mechanics might have been weak at the time (a lot of hunting) but that is the kind of “quests” I’d like to see in the future. Purpose and history.

Originally Posted by ALEXANDER :

Still a big question, how will people move around planets ? Will the companies that own the planets decide how u get there ? free or not ? How will people know there is another planet ? Show them at the teleporter next to the continent button ? adds ? etc

Marco: I cannot discuss that yet, as it will ruin some planned surprises…