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Dev Links, Quotes, etc.:
http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/fo…=1#post2597728 – Devs Said Thread
http://www.entropiaforum.com/forum/f…70-Ask-MindArk – Ask Mindark Section of Entropia Forum
http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/fo…0-Dev-s-Corner – Dev’s Corner on PCF

Marco’s PCF Profile – Marco used to be Mindark’s community Manager before First Planet Company was formed, bought out by See Digital Studio (SDS)

Some of Marco’s past comments about decay and MindArk’s revenue (pretty sure this one is not accurate based on the info here about the old affiliate program, with auction fees being shared between PP and MA and whatnot…

Ludvig’s PCF Profile
Kim’s PCF Profile
Charlie’s PCF Profile
Hanne/Skam’s Profile at PCF – Hanne was the Community Manager for SDS when SDS ran Calypso. Skam was originally just a participant, and has now taken up that aspect of Entropia again. Here is Skam’s Profile at PCF in the participant role.
Marco Quotes:

There are no secret – Bridge wants the opportunity to invest in MA as PE is an exciting product with an excting future. MA needs capital to expand PE more rapidly, with more hardware, staff and marketing. I suspect, as with any investment the owners/investors want the investment to grow. Today MA is valued to some 200 MSEK. But we intend to grow a lot, and say that we in a year or two is worth 1000 MSEK – that is a 500% increase, and a good investment, wouldn’t you all agree?

Look – anyone may invest in MA. Just come up with an interesting deal. Stocks are being traded everyday. MA PE AB has dozens of various stock owners today already.

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Well, if you happen to stumble upon an Upgrade Replicator, I’d suggest you don’t TT it. ,-)

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Confirming this. FPC does not intend to open up a Planet Calypso forum run by FPC. We believe it is better handled by the community itself – like it is now. However we will add more community related links on the FPC / Planet Calypso website for much easier access compared to the Entropia Universe web site of today

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