Monria’s & Cyrene’s Forum are BOTH DOWN!

Cyrene’s Forum is down, AND EXPIRED!

Why, oh why don’t the Planet Partners buy 20 year contracts when they buy domain names?!?!

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Cyrene Forum is down!

Important Dates
Expires On2018-10-08
Registered On2009-10-08
Updated On2018-10-13


Monria’s Forum is down due to a Virus!

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This makes the second infestation on Monria’s site in less than a year! Damn Cthulu must be messing with the server again.

Nice way for PPs to support the FEN initiative and bring lots of new players in…

Mr. CEO, if you are reading this, perhaps you should create new security rules PPs must adhere to in how they establish their websites for their planets, or alternatively start doing the legwork for them and make them renting the domain, webspace, and sites from Mindark as a part of the contract since it is Mindark’s commitment to make both Planet Partners and the participants on the planets always feel safe in their endeavors related to Entropia Universe.

Ancient Snablesnot-Female Strong (Legendary)

Ancient Snablesnot Female Strong

Level: 1

Passive Effect: Skill Gain – Pet and Taming
Strength: 20%
Energy/h: 54.00
Level Required: 27
Criteria: 0.0%
Cost to unlock: 15.00 Ped, 35 Essence, 1 Rare Essence

Metabolic Rate: 22.00
XP: 172
Exportable: at Level 7
Training: Hard
Rarity: Legendary

Ancient Snablesnot-Female Strong (Legendary) – Level 1
Training: Hard
Exportable: @ Lvl 7 (Calypso)

Ancient Snablesnot Female Strong – Level 1

Maria’s Pets: Ancient Snablesnot-Female (Legendary)

Ancient Snablesnot Female

Level: 1

Passive Effect: Skill Gain – Pet and Taming
Strength: 15%
Energy/h: 35.00
Level Required: 20
Criteria: 0.0%
Cost: 5.00 Ped, 30 Essence, 1 Rare Essence

Metabolic Rate: 13.00
XP: 0
Exportable: at Level 7
Training: Average
Rarity: Legendary


Ancient Snablesnot-Female (Legendary) – Level 1
Training: Average
Exportable: @ Lvl 7 (Calypso)

More Lootius History…

Not sure how proud we are of it .. but this is how it started:

Clan Lootius Is The Shit – formed

and name was changed because of complaints hahahaha 😀

Some RP times with Desperate House (that was actually awesome …)

Desperate House V’s Church of Lootius

A little more info:

Church of Lootius – The rebirth of Lootius

(old info but gives a hint about CoL)

we also use to make events 😉

Here’s a fun one – unfortunately it didnt succeed 😦 But the idea was great 😀

~ Naked Skalman Fisting Event ~ 4th of August

And an offer – not that well accepted 😀


Anyway, go to EF and search for Church of Lootius … :bandit:


Things changed a lot after this though. Lots of members don’t play anymore – and we also have been too busy to be playing. Things today are way too serious – and often I miss the good old ones!! Just for a laugh and some plain stupidity and craziness..


(working on getting the pcf links above instead of the old ef links…  A couple of them work, but will get the rest later…)