a few links (copied in case original is deleted)

Maria’s Muse: F.O.M.A. (Asteroid) Shop # 22

https://space.entropialink.com/ -best space map out there…


Question: – Newbie starting z12 Barbarella

Hi, I am new as the heading says, I have purchased a $5 starter pack with the z12 barbarella, I have done a bit of grinding a few quests and have my CDF Scout set. I have a Mentor, he is great. 60% to getting my Adjusted pixie set. I don’t have a SOC yet. I have chipped into a little EVADE…

www.planetcalypsoforum.com www.planetcalypsoforum.com

/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10960, 10085, 113, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10795, 10065, 113, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10710, 10220, 113, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10480, 10430, 81, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9965, 10240, 109, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10030, 9970, 131, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9920, 9670, 114, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10040, 9145, 127, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10310, 9110, 116, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10385, 9281, 125, Waypoint]
Free 2 Play

Maria’s Endeavors
Maria’s Compets
One of Everything Project

Generally useful non-eu links


Over the years in watching this and a few other forums and websites I’ve seen a good many links to various things, some of which were what I’d classify as worthy of being a sticky or something to stick in a signature. I sometimes throw some of that stuff in my blogs or visitor messages, etc. but decided today to just make this little thread as a place to house it all and I’ll link to here from the sig and visitor messages, blog, etc.

Feel free to add your own special little Entropia related links if you wish…
If it’s REALLY IMPORTANT stuff that I think may someday get deleted, moved to another server, etc. I usually try to use Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine or similar methods such as mementowebScreenshotsPandoraexaminemintGoogle SpreadsheetWeb Archive, or archive.is to archive it… and post the link to the Archive below the main link I post. Feel free to follow suit if you post your own links in replies to this thread. 
Moon daily extc
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10959, 10078, 107, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10479, 10430, 81, rWaypoint]

/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10479, 10430, 81, rWaypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9960, 10240, 110, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9960, 10240, 110, Waypoint]

/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10042, 9151, 129, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10313, 9107, 115, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10392, 9280, 127, Waypoint]

entropiawiki: Mission: PTech Extractors Daily Maintenance

/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10960, 10085, 113, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10795, 10065, 113, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10710, 10220, 113, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10480, 10430, 81, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9965, 10240, 109, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10030, 9970, 131, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9920, 9670, 114, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10040, 9145, 127, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10310, 9110, 116, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10385, 9281, 125, Waypoint]


SinKillerJ Tachikawa said:

Moon daily extractor waypoints. These can be pasted into the chat, and then made into a in game sticky note to assist with tracking.
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10959, 10078, 107, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10713, 10225, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10479, 10430, 81, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9960, 10240, 110, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10027, 9971, 133, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9916, 9672, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10042, 9151, 129, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10313, 9107, 115, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10392, 9280, 127, Waypoint]

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mastermesh said:

Open up Action Library, Pull up “Desktop Icons” and “Dashboard” and “ScreenShot” commands and assign them to a quick key…

Now you are ready to start taking pics that don’t have the icons all over the place. Simply turn off the dashboard and desktop icons with your quick keys, then hit screen shot button to capture a screenie…
Upload em here and lets see some beautiful screenies of different things in game.

(You don’t have to use the quick keys, but it’ll make life easier when you want your precious icons back)


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These are the 3 locations where you can try your hand at harvesting Toulan trees.
Location #1:
/wp [Planet Toulan, 131286, 91972, 100, Waypoint]
Location #2:
/wp [Planet Toulan, 131718, 91780, 102, Waypoint]
Location #3:
/wp [Planet Toulan, 131536, 95229, 118, Waypoint]


Henrik|MindArk said:

All withdrawals are made directly to the account holder’s bank account, with exception for participants in the US who can use Paypal under these terms:

• One withdrawal up to 600 USD via PayPal per month.
• MindArk covers the PayPal fee.

Please note that the only currency for PayPal withdrawals is USD and that your full name and address must be correct in your Entropia Universe Account.

To make a PayPal withdrawal, select the option “via bank” and write PAYPAL in the field “Bank BIC”. After submitting the withdrawal request you will receive a withdrawal ID. You should then contact support and choose the category “Withdrawals”, include the withdrawal ID and your PayPal email address. The transfer will be made to your PayPal account once all other usual withdrawal precautions and procedures are completed.

In the future, we plan to make it possible to specify the PayPal email address when making a withdrawal.

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Scholarly Links
actual thesis papers, publications, etc. that have been written about, or contain references to Entropia Universe

PARAMETERIZED GENERATION OF AVATAR FACE DATASET by Justin N Oursler, Mathew Price, and Roman V. Yampolskiy
Internet Archive Link

Because Players Pay:The Business Model Influence on MMOG Design by Tiago Reis Alves & Licínio Roque
Internet Archive Link

An Exploration of Entrepreneurship in Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Games: Second Life® and Entropia Universe® By Stéphane Kieger, France

Organizations in Entropia Universe by Susanne Sperling
Internet Archive Link

Legal Implications of the Project Entropia:Conducting Business in Virtual Worlds by Ida Damgaard
Internet Archive Link

Virtual Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Virtual Worlds by Benjamin Tyson Duranske

Death in Space and the Piracy Debate: Negotiating ethics and ontology in Entropia Universe bu Rhian Morgan
Related Link
Related Link that goes directly to the PDF
Internet Archive Link

Security and Privacy Preserving in Social Networks
edited by Richard Chbeir, Bechara Al Bouna

Are you working on a thesis paper related to Entropia? Please pm a link to your paper or post a reply with the link and I’ll add it to this list if you wish! 

Spawn uses e.u. for class purposes https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/…In-education&p=3625614&viewfull=1#post3625614

Virtual Justice: The new Laws of Online Worlds
(Pdf can be found over at http://klangable.com/blog/cc-books/ Direct link is http://klangable.com/uploads/books/lastowka.pdf Book is also on Amazon… mentions Entropia on page 56)

https://books.google.com/books?id=8qAAYshXp8EC&pg=PA2&lpg=PA2&dq=entropia+museum&source=bl&ots=h4j2yEwAeO&sig=ACfU3U0kzlpCHHg0jfET4wqDL_8PcK5szg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiu0PupyqLlAhVCIKwKHRjIBLsQ6AEwCXoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=entropia museum&f=false – book that mentions entropia
Online multiplayer games
Author: William Sims Bainbridge
Publisher: San Rafael, Calif. : Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2010] ©2010

Other Link Lists:
Internet Archive Copy of this Link List
Internet Archive Copy of Entropialinks.eu
Entropia Media Section on EntropiaPlanets Forum: A place for all media outlets in Entropia. TV, Radio, and Papers. (Sadly a LOT of the links in this part of EP’s site don’t work any longer… but a few do… If you have archived copies of some of these places, feel free to post a link and share with us! :) )
Social Media: (also see Blogs section below)…
Please note, links to individual Social Media accounts is being done on an ‘as requsted’ basis or on an ‘assumed as requsted’ basis if I find a thread, website, etc. associated with the link that seem to be ‘advertising’ the link somewhere to the community…

Starfinder XXXVI VIP Warp Services- https://36warp.com
Trading – https://eutrading.net
Discord – https://https://discord.gg/y3t4CVN

Entropia Universe
Entropia Universe Public Group (2130 members at the time this entry was created)
Entropia Universe Public Group (over 2170 members at the time that this entry was created)
Entropia Planets.com Public Group (3 members at the time of this entry being created)
Rocktropia Facebook Page
VR President
Sokolade – Added per PM Requst
Honey Potts (Added per PM request)


Neverdie’s Twitter


Yes, I do know that you can put video links in directly in to this forum, but am choosing to only provide links here so that this thing won’t take forever to load…
Entropia Movies Youtube Channel-

Avalon’s Thread
Hypnotyk’s Thread
Mik’s Vids
Mik’s Thread
Opalo Man
Opalo Man’s Thread
Sasha’s Thread
JungleStalker’s Thread
AkiranBlade’s Thread
Raven Jade
Danielle just Danielle

a few playlists that others have created:
Entropia Universe “The Free Play Experiment”
WangXiang’s Entropia Playlist
How become a Sergeant Planet Arkadia
Starting Out in Planet Calypso
Gaming (tutorials)
Entropia Tutorials (OLD) by Smoerble
Entropia Universe – All Entropia Universe Gameplay Videos by PigBenisHateraid
PE Playlist
Virtual Videos – really awesome nostalgia type vids by BAM
Mitchy Moo’s Entropia Universe Videos

Individual Videos that others have created:
Rocktropia Union Station Subway by Billy Jean Ruby
Related Link making the above suggestion

How to find people incognito
We Are The GAME ~ ROCK STARS by Daisy ColdFinger
Freeman’s Entropia Universe Guide Part 1
RockTropia Tutorial 1 – Sweating
how to fly in entropia universe
Pink’s Saturday and CL Ceremony Prizes
Pink’s Saturday Hunting
Entropia Universe: Laudanum Alliance
The Things You See… (time lapse Video)

a few playlists that I created(been a long while since I added stuff to the playlists… may add more in coming weeks or months):
Maria’s Mesh Playlist
McCormick’s Entropia Universe Videos Playlist

MARIKA related Youtube videos:
Engaging the distributors: Christian Wikander at TEDx Transmedia 2011 Youtube Video
The Truth About Marika

Random Youtube Links related to Entropia Universe:
SUMMIT1G WATCHING RANDOM VIDEO – Starts talking about Entropia at 2:34


Twitch Streamers @ Monria

Support EU – Stream & watch streams! Thread

tyrionnn said:

this guys might stream entropia a fair bit

Raven Raven Valicur’s
Micjack’s Twich Thread
Direct Link
EMW’s Thread
TheRock’s Thread
Star Marcury
bird83 (Messi)
EMS’s Thread
Black Ceaser
Black Ceaser’s Thread
AkiranBlade’s Thread
Strash’s Thread
Detritus’s Thread
Fort’s Thread
Georg3’s Thread
Kitty’s Thread


Hypnotyk’s Thread


Mindark’s Linked In Page


Entropia Universe


Entropia Universe on Pintrest
Entropedia.info Database Dump
Entropia Planet’s Wikii
Wikipedia’s Entropia Universe Entry
Entropia Directory
Tutorials, etc.:

***also see the Professional Advice section below***​

Tutorials Section of Arkadia Forum
Tutorials Section of Toulan Forum
Tutorials Section of Monria Forum
Tutorials Section of Cyrene Forum

Planet Caylpso New Player Walkthrough
Alice’s Guide:
Entropia Universe Guide – 2015 Edition
Direct Link
Entropia Universe Guide Edited by The Knights of Entropia
Beginner’s Guides

Entropia Universe Player Walkthrough
Related Thread


Chat Channels:
List of chat channels

Every channel is universal in the sense it’s not dependent on the location.

You can join the chat by typing “/j #chatname”. Example “/j #Trade” to join the channel #Trade. Then right-clicking on [#Trade] anywhere in the window and “Open channel in new tab” will open it as a separate tab the people are used to from the past if you like it this way.

I’ll try to post only one channel per some specific theme. So if there are two channels like #FOMA and #foma I’ll try leave only one, the more active one, if possible to determine.

So, let’s start the list:

#global – chat to chat about everything, global being the opposite of local

#trade – trading chat
#fap – to find and advertise fapping services
#taxi – to find and advertise taxi services

Location specific channels (names speak for themselves):
Places on Calypso

Planet channels

Click to expand…



baron topper said:

a list of to days public channels


Baron topper

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Mindark Tutorials, Informationals, etc.
Auction and Trade

Where can I find the auction?
In all cities and at some outposts you will find a trade center building, where there is a NPC

Non-Participant Character

called “Auctioneer”. The Auctioneer is easily distinguished since he or she is always dressed in a brown suite with a yellow shirt. You access the auction via the Auctioneer.

Click to expand…

Why does the auction time sometimes change when I place a bid?
If you place a bid on an item that has 5 minutes or less left of its Auction time, the timer will be reset to five minutes. This will continue until no new bids are placed for a five minute period.

I sold my item to the Trade Terminal, is it possible to get it back?
It is possible to get an item you sold to the Trade Terminal back. However, this is not part of our regular service so an administrative fee of 1000 PED plus the Trade Terminal value of the item will be charged for each item that you wish to have recreated.

All requests must be submitted in a Support Case within 7 days of the incident. Please include the full exact name of the item, the date and the time of the transaction.

To avoid selling items to the Trade Terminal unintentionally, make sure to carefully check all items involved in the transaction before you confirm it.

Mob Specific Tutorials, etc.
THE HIVE: a tutorial to aurli uber bosses


https://www.labnol.org/embed/google/photos/ – embed photo links this one works when https://ctrlq.org/google/photos/ does not… especially for png files, etc.

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Maria’s Muse: FOMA Shop #21 & 22 …
Maria’s Endeavors... Links…. BP LIST



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JoinedApr 21, 2007Posts16,206LocationFOMA SHOP # 22SocietyFreelancerAvatar NameMaria Mesh


Antrace’s Viceroy selling thread
Axe Murder’s Blog post about the Skullcandy Viceroy

Complete List.

Arm Guards (Mission 1)
2000 Corria Veneer (100 Corria Timber)
100 Soft Leather (300 Soft Hide)
400 Paint Can (Yellow)
100 Electronic Stabilizing Component
800 Animal Oil Residue

Foot Guards (Mission 2)
2000 Miluca Veneer (400 Miluca Timber)
300 Socket II Component
100 Paint Can (Brown)
900 Animal Oil Residue
1000 Blazar Fragment

Gloves (Mission 3)
2000 Miluca Veneer (400 Miluca Timber)
200 Socket I Component
100 Paint Can (Green)
1000 Nova Fragments
700 Animal Oil Residue

Harness (Mission 4)
3000 Hekia Veneer
1100 Generic Leather
3000 Paint Can (Orange)
1000 Animal Muscle Oil
2100 Animal Oil Residue

Shin Guards (Mission 5)
2000 Arkace Veneer
40 Wool Thread
200 Animal Thyroid Oil
700 Animal Oil Residue
70000 Explosive Projectiles

Thigh Guards (Mission 6)
2000 Corria Veneer
50 Wool Cloth
100 Animal Adrenal Oil
700 Animal Oil Residue
70000 Explosive Projectiles

Helmet (Mission 7)
2200 Arkace Veneer
220 Socket III Component
440 Animal Eye Oil
800 Animal Oil Residue
40 Tier I Component

or Total:
4000 Corria Veneer (200 Corria Timber)
4000 Miluca Veneer (800 Miluca Timber)
3000 Hekia Veneer
4200 Arkace Veneer

100 Soft Leather (300 Soft Hide)
1100 Generic Leather (Animal Hide)
40 Wool Thread
50 Wool Cloth

400 Paint Can (Yellow)
100 Paint Can (Brown)
100 Paint Can (Green)
3000 Paint Can (Orange)

1000 Animal Muscle Oil
200 Animal Thyroid Oil
100 Animal Adrenal Oil
440 Animal Eye Oil
6700 Animal Oil Residue

100 Electronic Stabilizing Component
40 Tier I Component
200 Socket I Component
300 Socket II Component
220 Socket III Component

1000 Blazar Fragment
1000 Nova Fragments

140000 Explosive Projectiles

Click to expand…
Viceroy Armor
Armor: Viceroy
VICEROY Armour Ingredients
Svarog’s Viceroy Ingredient Spreadsheet
Mission: Obtain Viceroy Arm Guards from Bill
Mission: Obtain Viceroy Foot Guards from Bill
Mission: Obtain Viceroy Gloves from Bill
Mission: Obtain Viceroy Harness from Bill
Mission: Obtain Viceroy Helmet from Bill
Mission: Obtain Viceroy Shin Guards from Bill
Mission: Obtain Viceroy Thigh Guards from Bill

Viceroy armor Upgrade
Upgraded Viceroy the new alternative to EST

New tier upgrade formulas thread
Entropedia Tier Ingredient Lists

How to pick up a stuck item
Uploading PC Content

Shop Guide – Diagrams of Floor Plans on some shops, (slightly oudated) auction fee vs shop fee formula comparison, (very oudated) shop retail value comparison, Shopkeeper Decay listing, upgrade costs, etc.

Secret Island and Bananas
Related Youtube Link(s):

Eco Calculations

How the hell is eco calculated?
More WILL be added in the future… :)
Maps/TP Lists:

Next Island – https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/…-list-UPDATE&p=3651268&viewfull=1#post3651268

Calypso Explorer Map (Continued)

Cross Reference to Artrat Missions since the above mob map is great, but having cross reference for mob hp, etc. is nice to go with it…

Cross Reference to Arkadia Repeatable List

Arkadia Mob Map
Calypso Explorer Map
Calypso TP List Thread

Nisha said:

Since I have not been able to find an up-to-date teleporter list for Calypso, I figured it might be a good idea to post my current tp list:

Teleporters: 117
Televator: 1

Aegis Mound74230, 85859
Ahh…the Estophyls25921,46796
Akmuul Island25133, 27321
Amethera Outback Land #1531006, 30008
Angelica’s Paradise22129, 46878 (former Atami’s Paradise; renamed Jun 2014)
Ashi82242, 78326
Athena Spaceport71641, 68185
Atlantis Archipelago61494, 68922
Atlas Haven71677, 82337
Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld62003, 80263
Bilton Towers33472, 47347
Boreas74368, 67332
Camp Caravan87158, 89492
Camp Echidna79521, 87853
Camp Echidna East Hangar80997, 87525
Camp Echidna North Hangar77868, 88972
Camp Icarus63216, 74370
Camp Phoenix62475, 82572 (new coords Nov 2013)
Cape Corinth61750, 87915 (new coords Mar 2015)
Cayuze20175, 39704
Chilled Hogglo and Maffoid23033, 44207
Chimera Canyons78509, 82352
Chug’s Hideout68161, 74754
Club Sweat37623, 39348 (former Shavante)
Corinth East Hangars A64830, 86055 (new coords Nov 2013)
Corinth East Hangars B64992, 85828 (new coords Nov 2013)
Corinth West Hangars A60805, 86645 (new coords Nov 2013)
Corinth West Hangars B60978, 86280 (new coords Nov 2013)
East Scylla Mountains75042, 72629
Emerald Lakes Mall31578, 50206
Eos71412, 69463
Fort Ares80000, 80243
Fort Argus75581, 92655
Fort Cayuze19785, 36399
Fort Fury68209, 79053
Fort Lahar66995, 74881 (new tp Oct 2016)
Fort Ithaca68527, 87953
Fort Medusa68831, 84382 (new coords Mar 2016)
Fort Pandora84781, 85241 (new coords Apr 2016)
Fort Sisyphus62140, 85402 (new tp Dec 2016)
Fort Troy80503, 68308
Fort Victoria55199, 60153
Fort Zeus86535, 94697
Genesis Amethera Headquarters34249, 48217
Half Moon Bay63384, 87518 (new coords Mar 2015)
Half Moon Cove63502, 89176 (new coords Mar 2015)
Hestia66982, 76522 (new tp Oct 2016)
Hogglo Ranch18051, 59339 (new tp Dec 2014)
Honuri80745, 91837
Isle of Troy80305, 66326 (new tp Oct 2016)
Isslye85383, 91402
Jameson’s Reach35401, 60115
Jason Centre75703, 80225
Jurra Plateu70695, 71596
Limnadian District71250, 79094
Livas66913, 84476
Livas Heights66402, 85486 (new tp Oct 2016)
Lorfat’s Prize31289, 43619 (former Timbesha; renamed Dec 2013)
Medusa Teleporter53270, 69360
Memorial Island22647, 32018
Minopolis87441, 85163
Myrene Island19305, 27061
Naga Island Teleporter52259, 72164
Nate Valley36690, 33303
Naval Station Triton40409, 58713
Nea’s Place29354, 35517
New Oxford33729, 47701
New Switzerland26329, 60844
North Space Base A88119, 96672
North Space Base B88574, 95646
North Space Base Docks A88602, 94458
North Space Base Docks B88545, 93898
Notus66763, 70142
Nymphtown87070, 78472
Odysseus Landing54283, 64902
Omegaton West Habitat25665, 37648
Orthos West Mound64099, 77246
Osere81164, 72667
Oshiri Hearts21809, 61326
Ouroboros Island Teleporter55584, 72147 (new tp Jun 2015)
Oyster Isle17683, 35384
Pemphredo Island Teleporter50903, 68490 (new tp Jun 2015)
Port Atlantis61413, 75219
Port Atlantis Mall61623, 75192
Rei’s Defence37102, 29190
Rogue Plains78048, 96385
Rogue Plains East79528, 97421
Rogue Plains West78225, 96955
Saba Camp17953, 46657
Sakura City39671, 30222
Segna Forest18518, 44413
Shinook Jungle27812, 50921
Shinook River27944, 45425
Silver Ridge33011, 37895
Solfais Crater21307, 53843
Southern Ithaca70849, 85745 (new tp Oct 2016)
Tetania’s-by-the-sea!35224, 26856
The MegaVolt59082, 84466 (new coords Nov 2013)(former Skiron; renamed 2010 and 2013, tp since 2012)
Treasure Island Castle37089, 53136
Treasure Island City35139, 49845
Treasure Island North Hangar A39349, 54833
Treasure Island North Hangar B39809, 55233
Treasure Island Northern Shores40268, 55495
Treasure Island Riverside39172, 51892
Treasure Island Volcanic Edge35949, 54728
Tukar85618, 75751
Twin Peaks77774, 76679
Twin Peaks Mall77924, 76539
Winter Park18516, 45730
Wolverine Hope37843, 46784
Z’s Little Farm29158, 56001
Zephyrus69989, 66926
Zonnestraaltje36226, 44092 (former Miwak; renamed Dec 2013)
Zychion Citadel69540, 77433
~ BIG Industries OLA 01 ~34692, 36303
~ BIG Industries OLA 42 ~29064, 58722
~ Royal Club ~30840, 40282 (new coords Dec 2015)
Calypso Gateway Televator61373, 75006

If you find an error or have any additional data, please let me know :)

Click to expand…
Entropedia Maps

Entropiaplanets Wiki for Calypso TPs
Entropiaplanets Wiki for Arkadia TPs
Entropiaplanets Wiki for Cyrene TPs

Cyrene Map 2017
Related Thread

Entropia Cyrene Map 2016
Direct Link

Entropiaplanets Wiki for Monria TPs
Entropiaplanets Wiki for Next Island TPs
Rocktropia Teleporter Locations

Argo Beach [139067, 85704, 101]
B.A.M.F. Headquarters [136300, 93072, 102]
BAMF HQ [136080, 93099, 102]
Biodome [136747, 94463, 154]
Biodome Badlands [136860, 94963, 132]
Camp Crunk [133398, 93025, 104]
Canery Pond [134388, 94242, 119]
City of Dreams [136209, 84888, 237]
Club NEVERDIE [136168, 84999, 238]
CND Lagoon [136064, 84832, 237]
Daiki Ridge [137471, 88681, 164]
Daki Ridge [137471, 88688, 165]
Dockland Container Yard [132709, 90835, 106]
Docklands [131950, 91449, 103]
Ecaba Forest [131297, 86409, 184]
Empire Z Building [135160, 94097, 139]
Evil Cathedral [136244, 95014, 139]
Fleshers Corner [133911, 93715, 133]
Fleshers Guantlet [134001, 92351, 133]
Fort Harlem [135759, 89232, 124]
Gamgels Funding Grounds [134077, 88692, 131]
Industrial Way Section [135545, 95107, 123]
Infected Land Fill [137168, 92012, 152]
Isle of Lost Avatars [132411, 82408, 250]
Ituma Beach [138661, 87060, 138]
Lemmy’s Castle [133966, 86635, 304]
Logan Street [137193, 94334, 115]
Lower East Side [137701, 93341, 177]
Lower West Side [134344, 93128, 111]
Lower West Side Bunker [134787, 93354, 111]
M.F. Stream [136065, 92568, 102]
Memphis Hills [136927, 85443, 196]
Memphis Plans [131942, 83363, 231]
Motorhead Stadium [136621, 85889, 384]
Mullholand Way [136840, 83504, 314]
Narfi Beach [133141, 83466, 144]
New Harlem Express Way [135463, 87845, 108]
No Way Out Maximum Security Prison [135429, 91145, 185]
Noobs Noobs Noobs [135376, 88141, 106]
Nuclear Facility Entrance [133036, 95335, 107]
Old Harlem [135431, 87611, 169]
Panta Ridge [136187, 82260, 241]
Rickabam Ridge [132640, 88352, 190]
Ring of Fire Hunting Lodge [134588, 85835, 374]
Rocktropia Research Facility [133072, 94753, 114]
ROCKtropia Sign [136067, 85738, 589]
RRC Subway Circuit [135636, 87965, 118]
Studio Gate South [135460, 83924, 194]
Studio Street [137129, 84653, 157]
Tangerine [134408, 83620, 144]
The Ballister Apartments [134221, 83444, 144]
The Chelsea [136059, 88215, 129]
The Hyperplex [135280, 88165, 107]
The U Apartments [134186, 83788, 144]
Upper East Side [136372, 95761, 108]
Upper West [133966, 95494, 115]
Wet Wolf Creek [136920, 85448, 196]
Zomhattan Ice Station [134635, 97029, 166]

Click to expand…
Entropiaplanets Wiki for Rocktropia TPs
where the hell is ‘evil cathedral’
Fry’s Rocktropia TP List
Billy Jean’s Rocktropia Map

Toulan TP List

afroman said:


How about share the location of the Toulan TP’s.
I’ve found few so far and still searching, much appreciated if you share the once i missed.
Sharing is caring :cool:

CitadelJelly Zone, 131351 | 95240
Guardian Village, 133987 | 93236Dam Cliffs, 133993 | 95114
Nahar City, 134387 | 96468Al-Nahar Snow Mountain, 135700 | 94300
Pit North, 137155 | 92340Pit South, 137145 | 90843
Sandy Shores S, 131821 | 90653Sandy Shores W, 131313 | 92878
Snow Stretch, 134386 | 92162

Click to expand…

Outdated Entropia Directory TP List
Outdated 2009 TP List on Entropiaguide Blog for Eudoria
Outdated 2009 TP List for Amethera on Entropiaguide Blog

Earn Peds.com’s Zoomable Calypso Map – be careful about Earnpeds.com as I’m not sure how ‘safe’ it as it’s trying to get you to do stuff outside of Entropia to earn peds in game… Anyone know how legit this thing is?


***will probably add more links to various TP lists over time since I think most planet’s forums have at least one thread each on this topic***
(also see planet specific info in below replies – especially for Rocktropia)

NWO Prison Mission Guide

New missions mini-guide

Cyrene Mission List
Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and info
Rocktropia guide
info on RT instances – which Lockpick does which mission, etc.
ROCKtropia Missions and their rewards!

Mission List on Entropedia
Related Threads:
Mission Galactica Coin (Blue) Was I scammed by MA?

2013.03 new missions

Mission Broker: CDF Daily Mission Terminal

Starter packs recap
Colonist Jumpsuits Ingridients

Oil Pickup Tutorial:

Getting to Greece in Next Island
Biodome Antidote
Extra Hub areas

***Many more links will be added here in the not-too-distant future***

Entropia Pioneer’s Trading Tutorial
Entropia Pioneer’s Weapon Guide
Entropia Pioneers Newbie Tutorial

The Path of the Blade – This thread is actually the reason that I started out using Melee, lol… at one point in 2007 I owned about 30 2x0s and one Katsuichi Determination that I would hunt with… Got my first global back then doing that…


Entropia Universe Related Tools & Utilities:

As clearly stated in the EULA, the use of third party programs which might influence the Entropia Universe software is not endorsed by MindArk PE AB. As for other third party software, we do not recommend you to use it since it may contain key loggers and/or spy ware and by using such software you risk the security of your account. Using third party software is a violation which can lead to a permanent termination of their Entropia Universe Account without further notice.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe SupportEntropia Tool listings on Entropia Planets
Entropia Utilities and Tools link on pcf

CLD ROI Tracker
Chipping Optimizer
Entropia Tree View (copy/paste from MY ITEMS list to get a sorted list)
Bob The Builder’s Inventory Wizard – Copy/Paste MY ITEMS and get a list of what resources can be crafted with the resources you have in inventory
Little Big Mining Log
How to setup LittleBigMiningLog tool (LBML) Video Thread

baron topper said:

Inventory Calculator

was on a hunt for a Inventory Calculator, to day. found this one


its a link Pirx Danford got.

seems it work.

Baron Topper.

Click to expand…

***I’ll probably add more tool links in the coming weeks/months… but maybe not since these are mostly things that are outside of the game itself, so are potentially problematic in terms of eula/tos, or security, etc (especially when it comes to macros that automate clicking, spamming chat channels, harassing others, etc). The pcf and ep links above list most of what’s out there but I think there may be a few others out there that aren’t listed in those… Be careful trying tools since in the past some scammers have utilized tools they created to hack various accounts, etc.


How to make money in Entropia Universe (newcomers edition)

How To Survive!
Puny Missions
Entropedia’s Weapons Section
Entropedia’s Creatures Section
Best Spawn for Araneatrox,Falxangius,Kingfisher,Cersumon….
2015 SIB Chart Update: Weapons

kingjehu said:

Laser Pistol (Levels 1-25)

Laser Pistol (Levels 26-100)

Laser Sniper (Levels 1-25)

Laser Sniper (Levels 26-100)

Click to expand…


kingjehu said:

BLP Pistol (Level 1-30)

BLP Pistol (Level 31-100)

BLP Sniper (Level 1-30)

BLP Sniper (Level 31-100)

Click to expand…


kingjehu said:



Clubs & Powerfist

Click to expand…


Click to expand…
EntropiaPlanets Wiki on Sib Charts
Arkadia only SIB Weapon Charts
PCF Bestiary
How Hunting Skill Gains work
Road Crew Axe for Longblade skilling
Little advice about your first hunting setup
Focus Blow and crit size buff items


Mining Challenges


Bob the Builder’s Website
Secrets of Crafting
I would love list of all the BP that can be crafted with 1 item only.

Calculating crafted item prices (worksheet)


MINDFORCE, i.e. Being Mental

The Different Types of Mindforce 2.0

Ludvig|MindArk said:

The Professions and Their Powers:
Health Augmentation Increases max Health of target.
Regeneration Restores Health to target.
Regeneration Acceleration Increases natural Regeneration of target.
Regeneration Field Restores Health to targets (AoE).
Regeneration Inhibition Decreases natural Regeneration of target.
Revival Resurrects target. Unlocks Etheral Soul Language on first successful use.

Cryogenic Attack Inflicts Cold/Cut damage.
Cryogenic Strike Inflicts Cold/Cut AoE damage.
Lacerating Attack Inflicts Cut/Cold damage.
Lacerating Strike Inflicts Cut/Cold AoE damage.
Metabolic Inhibition Decreases movement speed of target.

Electro Kinetic
Electric Attack Inflicts Electric/Impact damage.
Electric Strike Inflicts Electric/Impact AoE damage.
Kinetic Attack Inflicts Impact/Cold damage.
Kinetic Strike Inflicts Impact/Cold AoE damage.

Defense against Mindforce attacks (the Mindforce version of Dodge/Evade)

Pyro Kinetic
Arsonistic Inflicts Burn damage over time.
Combustive Attack Inflicts Burn/Impact damage.
Combustive Strike Inflicts Burn/Impact AoE damage.
Corrosive Attack Inflicts Acid/Burn damage.
Corrosive Strike Inflicts Acid/Burn AoE damage.
Metabolic Acceleration Increases movement speed of target.

Sweat Gatherer
Gathering Vibrant Sweat using a VSE Mk 1.

Synchronization Lowers risk of Mindforce concentration period being disrupted by being hit.

Teleportation Allows user to Teleport to any spot within range of the chip.
Wormhole Allows user to create a Wormhole to anyone in their Friends List, as long as target avatar is on the same planet.

Balance between Damage, Speed and Range:


D = Damage (per hit).
S = Speed (uses per minute).
R = Range (in meters).

Each gauge goes from 0 to 100.
The chips used for this diagram are Nanochip IV (L)s.

Chips vs. Nanochips
Attack Chips
This is the older type of Mindforce Attack chips. They break easily, but can be used at a slightly lower level.

Attack Nanochips
Lasts up to 10x longer than regular Chips, but requires slightly higher levels to max. Also have much better eco than regulars, and markup has a very small effect on the eco.

Mindforce Attack Chip Progression
Damage, Attack Speed, Range:


Effective DPS, Required Level:


I hope people will find this useful, both people starting Mindforce and those wanting to explain it to their diciples :)

Click to expand…


ESTATES, etc.:
Who owns the blueprints for the Rocktropia Instances, and what are the coords, etc.



SNUGly tucked in for the night:
The CLD Estate System
Snug the price to build
Snug and Garden +Plus more – Info Guide

Vi Bitfury said:

From construction of my first Snug and two Garden plots, had decided to combine info/data from others, and add from my own personal experience the following info below. Hope this helps as I didn’t want to keep going back and forth through various PCF posts on this subject matter during construction, gathering, planting, refining, and harvesting. Sure is a pricey profession, and hope MA further continues to expand and grow this area in the future (will have to wait and see). Also, feel free to inform me or update me on any info that is incorrect or needs updating, thank you and enjoy.


Level 1 (Foundation) (NOTE: 15 hour waiting/grace period to advance to next level)

Iron ingot – 340
Basic nuts – 1000 (BP requires Belk and Oil)
T-angle – 40 (BP requires Short Midastree boards and Short Stinktree boards)
Reinforced sheet metal – 1000 (BP requires Gazz ingot and Lytairian Powder)

Level 2 (Rough Framing) (NOTE: 15 hour wait period)

Composite planks – 120 (BP requires Lyst, Nanocubes, Oil, and each of L,M,S of Moonleaf boards)
Small plugs – 80 (BP requires Short Midastrees and Short Stinktree boards)
Reinforced nuts – 400 (BP requires Garcen Lube, Oil, and Narc ingot)
Garcen lubricant – 80 (refined from Garcen Greace)

Level 3 (Insulation) (NOTE: 1 day and 15 hour wait period)

Angle – 20 (BP requires Short Firn board and Short Stinktree boards)
Bend – 16 (BP requires Short Midastree and Firn Boards)
Basic sheet metal – 1800 (BP requires Alicinies Gel and Narc ingot)
Large plug – 100 (BP requires Short Midastree and Short Stinktree boards)

Level 4 (Finalisation) – free to build. (30 item points only inside)

Referenced from PCF here: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?288065-Snug-the-price-to-build

(Bristlehofs, Armaxes, Shinkibas, & using PH-3s any1, lol)


Level 1 – (Basic Structure construct)

Basic Nuts – 24
T-Angle – 4
Copper Ingot – 14

Level 2 – (Plant Slot units for inner structure)

Composite Plank – 2
Small Plugs – 12
Alicenies Gel – 12

Level 3 – (Solar-powered electrical hardware)

Angle – 2
Bend – 2
Advanced Cooling System Unit – 2 (BP requires Vibrant Sweat, Novas, Blazar, Frigulite, Robot thermal sensor, and Robot cooling unit)
Large Plug – 16

Level 4 (Garden Plot finalization) – Free to build.

Acorn Garden Building Vid Link in action: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/…Tube-Channel&p=3540986&viewfull=1#post3540986

Planting & Growing Seeds: – (NOTE: each level takes 1 hour wait period in order to open next level)

Level 1 – (Seed Germination)

Seed – only 1 of your choosing from Papplon, Bombardo, Caroot, or Haimoros (vibrant Sweat and Fruit refined makes seeds)
Basic Fertilizer – 50 (Refine by adding Fruit first then add Melchi Water to make Basic Fertilizer)
DNA Fragment A – 3

Level 2 – Nourish (stems thickens and grows)

Basic Fertilizer – 10
Energizer Crystal Cell – 2 (refined from Energized Crystal)
DNA Fragment B – 1

Level 3 – Nourish (plants keep growing)

Basic Fertilizer – 10
Dianthus Crystal Powder – 2 (refined from Dianthus Liquid)
DNA Fragment C – 1 (drops from Araneatrox)

Level 4 – Nourish (fully matured fruit)

Basic Fertilizer – 10
Light Liquid – 2 (refined from Lumis Leech)
DNA Fragment D – 1

Harvest – retrieve transgen plants, gain XP (shows in plot management window), and get alot of unprocessed water, lol.

Crafting and Refining Transgen Fruits:

Once all plants are harvested, you can combine them for certain crafting BPs (only use currently atm), upgrades ?, and future plot/garden implementations ? that are tbd from MA.

Transgen Haimoros + Alicenies Gel = Haimoros Gel
Transgen Caroot + Garcen Lubricant = Caroot Lubricant
Transgen Papplon + Magerian Spray = Papplon Spray
Transgen Bombardo + Angelic Flakes = Bombardo Flakes

Referenced from PCF here: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?289865-Haimoros-Gel&p=3533054#post3533054

Other Links:
Farming pricing link here from PCF: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?288982-farming-the-price-to-grow

Rusty’s Farming Services here: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?289197-Rusty-Farming-Service

(Also, thank-you’s goes out to Baron, Rusty, Phil, and Avalon_52 as well)
GL All and Farm On!

Click to expand…

Plots: Maps of Ithaca and Livas (and list of plot owners)
Plot exp points and Level
Rusty Farming Service

Venture Bros said:

I’ve been making a lot of posts about land plots so I am going to summarize them here.
Also can we get a Land Plot section on the forum? They are quite different from other properties.

Info Threads
Price to Grow Transgen Plants
Highest XP Land Plots List
Plot XP points and levels
Skills that make the gardening profession
Transgen Fruit are different sizes and rotation
Price to build snug + garden
Gardening Release Thread
Plot Tours:
Southern Ithica Tour – 28/1/2017
Farming Services:
Rusty Farming Service
Farming Shops
Selling Transgen Fruit forum thread – Thaddeus Rusty Venture
Southern Ithica Farms Shopkeeper – Forgo Forgorth Lundain

Click to expand…


SLUM LORDs, I.E. Apartments: not a lot on apartments in most forums, etc. I do have an idea for a project that I may start up eventually that I wanted to start a few years back… If there’s folks that do a lot of apartment dwelling, contact me via pm if you are interested in doing some running around in your building or the buildings of your neighbors recording stuff (estate terminal info, etc.) either on video or in a text format, shoot me a pm… It’s a much bigger project and more time consuming than one person can really do, but might get more folks interested in wandering around the cities a bit…

Crazy estate notes thread…

Related Threads:
Question Should shop and apartment fees be abolished?
Basic Estate Guide
How to pick up a stuck item

Shop Guide – Diagrams of Floor Plans on some shops, (slightly oudated) auction fee vs shop fee formula comparison, (very oudated) shop retail value comparison, Shopkeeper Decay listing, upgrade costs, etc.
Active Shop List – This one’s stickied, but suspect it won’t be for too much longer since it’s really outdated at this point in time… There’s some possibility that I may start a similar thread or portion of this list dedicated to something similar to what was started here, but we’ll see since it’s a very major job… The apartment idea mentioned elsewhere would basically be similar to this idea too… but I’m not gonna take on a project that size by myself — with some help from others, at least one other on each planet, or continent it might be doable…

Related Threads:
Price Check: Undergroond booth [ Planet Arkadia ]
List of Every Shop in Entropia
Shops and Shopkeepers
Shoppingmall FAQ
PAY your fees shop owners
Shopowners you better read this
Crafters Directory
Ban people from shop
Incentives to visit shops?!?…
Shop Directory
shop directory

Shop directory – HEY, LUDVIG @ MINDARK, YOU CREATED THIS THREAD!, so now that you are on the ‘other side’ why haven’t you got this thing put in game yet?!?!?
Internet Archive Link



Titans of Space

VIP Flights

25 Ped per jump for normal passengers.
15 Ped per jump for basecrew and crewsubscribers.
14 Ped per jump for VIP subscribers.
10 ped per additional passengers you want to take along.
We operate on a dynamic passenger requested schedule which starts every day at 20.00 ma. All passengers can request their transport needs either in the public channel #space_travel or in straight pm towards John Black Knight. Based on all requests we create a dynamic schedule to provide quick and efficient warp transport service to all our customers. Our progress during flights and according departures are published in the #space_travel channel. We operate according to MA time. You can conveniently check the current MA time on the top left corner of this website.

Click to expand…

MONRIA space travel fees

Fees and Travel Schedule
Flights during free VIP travel schedule –> 7 PED
—> that would be Fridays & Sundays beginning at 20:00 EU time
—> 20:00 Monria to Arkadia –> 20:30 Arkadia to Calypso
—> 21:00 Calypso to Rocktropia –> 21:30 Rocktropia to Monria
Travel to a non-scheduled planet during the free travel schedule –> 15 PED
VIP Warp to any planet on demand –> 40 PED

Captain’s List
Captains List II
The History of Spacecrafts
Firebird Limited Edition Sales

Entropia Trade Warp Service (Pathfinder XXIV)
Pathfinder XXIV – Warp Service


HANGAR OWNERS – The Long Wait​
Midnight express 5 ped warping

Karma comes back around…..






Stable estates[edit]
Planet Location Postition Service Link Initial owner Original price
Calypso Cape Corinth Position??? Link??? Eugenio Anhithe Wilde ~50k PED
Calypso Emerald Lakes Mall (31610, 50242, x) Link??? Gunnar MRmP Pettersen 42800 PED
Calypso Fort Ithaca ~(68790, 88000, 160) Link??? Kassandra Blackwidow Draconis ~43k PED
Calypso Nate Valley Position??? Link??? Gandalf GandalfSzary Szary 47601 PED
Calypso NNE of Port Atlantis (61650, 75370, x) Link??? Jenna Star Mercury (for a group of investors) 61000 PED
Calypso Twin Peaks (77763, 76898, 149) Link??? Matek Matek Barbods ~62k PED
ROCKtropia City of Dreams Position??? Link Narfi Hungry Willam (for a group of investors) 22001 PED
ROCKtropia Tangerine Position??? Link Programer Doc Grey (for a group of investors) 23000 PED
Arkadia Celeste Outpost Position??? Link??? Maxihundred Max Power 56256 PED
Arkadia Redoubtable Firebase Position??? Link??? Eugenio Anhithe Wilde 50723 PED
Arkadia Resolute Firebase Position??? Link??? Lady Nadie Hawke 50724 PED
Cyrene 0x101 Suppy Depot (138813, 77467 Link Harmony bella Simpson 52000 PED
Toulan Guardian Village (133969, 93124) Link Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing 23000 PED

Click to expand…

Passive unlock tips, tricks and suggestions

Aeolus said:

Royal Chirin Pet
Atrox Sapphire Pup
Mountain Gorilla

Information about the Mountain Gorilla and characteristics of Atrox Sapphire Pup derived from a remarkable site is http://www.emmas-shop.tk/

Also added unlock costs.

Now it remains only to find the mythical rabbit)

Click to expand…

Pet Features and Bufs on Entropia Pets.com
Beginner’s Taming Guide
Taming, pets and stables page on EP’s Wiki
Entropia Pets.com
List of Passive Buffs on Pets


to tame a Dhampyre:
Biodome Antidote

Fyrs said:

Do this mission chain https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?280527-Biodome-Antidote, then go into the biodome [136747, 94463, 154] on RT proper. Kill 10k werewolves to spawn it then tame it.
Note – must kill 10k werewolves before server restart or the kill counter starts over.
* you can also buy/rent the antivirus to enter the biodome.

Click to expand…

Click to expand…
Taming: the waiting… – complaint thread about how long it took for Taming to come back after it died in VU 10. There is some tips in here if you dig enough, but more importantly some of the higher level tamers in game posted here so it’s here in the professions category so you know who to go to for mentoring when it comes to taming…
New Rocktropia Robot Pets – Hacked K-1, K-2, K-3 & K-4
Dhampyre pet from RT exportable ??
List of top tamers in EU?
Pet Math – Cost of tricks and experience gain
Which pets can’t be exported?
Rick’s 500K xp Pets
Taming Locations?
Entropia Pets Quick Reference
Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.8.1

New Content :
. New Pet : Karmoosh Lateef
. New Taming Karmoosh Lateef Mission, NPC Kenda [134419, 96690]

Entropia Universe 15.3.2 Release Notes
Vixen pets found on Rocktropia can no longer be summoned on other planets.

Why can I only spawn my pet at the TP?

Gathering data about Taming.
What level…? (to tame an atrox young)

Norbert said:

Showed couldn’t tame a trox at 14 tamer, hit 15 and can so theres your answer :).

Taming Tour Thread

Taming Locations

Pet locations

Here are some spawn locations of tamable creatures:
Bristlehog Pup: Planet Calypso – Near Port Atlantis [60940, 75641]
Combibo Young: Planet Calypso – West of Camp Echidna North Hangar [76313, 89262]
Cornundacauda Young: Planet Calypso – Treasure Island [36234, 53976]; South West of Jason Centre [74235, 79103]
Hogglo Pygmy and Hogglo Pygmy Black: Planet Calypso – Very rare occurrence, near Honuri teleporter in the PvP Zone
Green Leprechaun: Monria – West Crater
Tabtab (L1): Planet Toulan – East of Guardian Village [136031, 93323]; NW of Guardian Village [133687, 93420]
Arret: Planet Cyrene – South of 0x101 Supply Depot [138476, 76863]
Weak Paneleon: Planet Cyrene – North of Rookie Training Area [138775, 77809]
Puny Mang Chang (L11): Planet Cyrene – South-West of Zyn Forest [135776, 77506]
Puny Rhino Beetle (L13): Planet Cyrene – South-West of Zyn Forest [135776, 77506]
WolperTinger: Planet Cyrene – This creature can only be spawned after having collected 200 Mazeweaver Certificates.
Nusul: Planet Arkadia – Near Robot Factory [21424, 13668]
Pandi Pup: Planet Arkadia – South Island Sanctuary, South of 8C Windy Isles [9558, 20937]
Oratan Miner (L24): Planet Arkadia – Undergound – Known locations are around Hidden Falls and SE of The Abyss – The tamable Oratan Miner is a L24 Oratan Miner Provider (different from the L23 Oratan Miner Provider) and it occurs occasionally among regular Oratan Miners
Adaptable Brown Papoo: Next Island – South of Crystal Center [137331, 83132]
Panther: Rocktropia – Around Panta Ridge [136050, 82200]
Android Video Vixen Clone Dancer: Rocktropia – In Hell [34661, 22265]
K-1, K-2, K-3 and K-4: Rocktropia – Tangerine District [134235, 83685]
Pygmy Island Gorilla: Rocktropia – Secret Island [38884, 18160] – Occurs occasionally among regular Island Gorillas
Pygmy Mountain Gorilla (L15): Rocktropia – Secret Island [38184, 19467] – Occurs occasionally among regular Mountain Gorillas
Pygmy Kong: Rocktropia – Secret Island [36243, 18560] – Occurs occasionally among regular Kongs
Sacred Kong: Rocktropia – Secret Island – Around Champion Beach teleporter. The access to this area is limited to owners of a Sacred Kong Idol. Tamable Sacred Kongs occur occasionally amond regular ones
Corinthian Kanin: Planet Calypso – NW of Altlantis Archipelago teleporter [60107, 69832]
Chirin Dragon: Planet Calypso – North of Atlantis Archipelago teleporter [60300, 70285]
Eudorian Devil: Planet Calypso – North of Atlantis Archipelago teleporter [61096, 70500]
Atrox: Any spawn, any maturity of Atrox anywhere can be tamed to obtain Atrox Pup
Atrox Sapphire Pup: This very rare creature has been seen in different places where regular Atrox is found

Click to expand…

Falagor said:

In this thread i will try to keep complete list of all tameable pets with their passive buffs.
I will try to update the list whenever new tameable mobs will appear ingame.

I will skip not important statistics (i.e. “Exportable”).

Feel free to discuss buff related topics here if you like ;).

Link to really good site with all the pets with screenshots and buffs (and much other stuff): <click>
Thank you Emma for that!

It seems that it is possible to have one passive buff and one buff from stable active at the same time. Buffs on pets do not stack (and only strongest effect is active) but it is possible to have two different kind of buffs active. This is why i am adding list of buffs availible at stables too (to compare and decide what pet is best for each needs).
Some more info: at the current state some buffs from stabels are not working (for exmaple +12% acceleration is not working). So mayby buffs from stables do stack but they are simply bugged atm.
@edit: after buff stacking system change i am not sure if stable buff will stack with passive buff of pet (same kind).

List of all buffs with their description:

  • Skill gain – Pet and Taming – “Pet and Taming skills increase faster.”
  • Pet Focus – Increase Generation – “Makes pet regain focus faster.”
  • Acceleration – “Acceleration increases the run speed of an avatar.”
  • Pet Focus – Decrease Regeneration​ – “Lowers pet metabolic rate in exchange for lower slower focus regeneration.”
  • Increased Health – “Incrases target’s maximum health points.”
  • Auto Loot – “Nearby creautres are automatically looted when possible.”
  • Decrease Critical Damage – “Decreases the extra damage suffered from critical hits.”

Short list of all possible passive buffs:

Buff nameStrength
Skill gain – Pet and Taming+10%
Skill gain – Pet and Taming+15%
Skill gain – Pet and Taming+20%
Pet Focus – Increase Generation+10%
Pet Focus – Increase Generation+15%
Pet Focus – Increase Generation+20%
Pet Focus – Decrease Regeneration-20%
Auto Loot5.0 m
Decrease Critical Damage2%
Decrease Critical Damage3%
Decrease Critical Damage5%

Each passive buff requires different action to push the “Unlock” bar to 100%:

  • Skill gain – Pet and Taming – requires succesfull taming attempts on creatures while having your pet spawned (half af the bar) and killing creaturs while having your pet spawned (half of the bar)
  • Pet Focus – Increase Generation – requires doing certain mix of tricks with your pet.
  • Acceleration – requires running around with spawned pet
  • Pet Focus – Decrease Regeneration – MISSING
  • Auto Loot – MISSING (probably looting creatures with pet spawned?)
  • Decrease Critical Damage – MISSING

Short list of all possible buffs avaible at stables (with duration and cost for player):

Buff nameStrengthLev reqDurationCost
Pet Focus – Increase Generation+12%31 day2.00 ped
Pet Focus – Increase Generation+17%61 day3.20 ped
Pet Focus – Increase Generation+25%81 day5.10 ped
Skill gain – Pet and Taming+10%41 day2.00 ped
Skill gain – Pet and Taming+15%91 day4.00 ped
Skill gain – Pet and Taming+20%151 day8.00 ped
Acceleration+12%51 day2.00 ped
Acceleration+10%102 days3.00 ped
Acceleration+8%177 days5.00 ped
Increased Health+5HP71 day2.00 ped
Increased Health+8HP131 day4.00 ped
Increased Health+12HP207 days40.00 ped

Full list of screenshots of buffs avaible at stables including cost for stable owners: <click>
Please notice that stable owners must decide and have limit of 3 buff kinds per stable.

List of all tameable pets with passive buffs avaible on them:

Pet nameBuff typeStrengthEn/hLev reqCost to unlock
— Pets from Strongbox —
KittySkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00133.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
WhiskersPet Focus – Increase Generation+10%10.0073.00 ped + 15 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
WhiskersSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00113.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
SashaPet Focus – Increase Generation+10%10.0063.00 ped + 15 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
SashaSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00205.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
RoverSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00103.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
CooperPet Focus – Decrease Regeneration-20%-4.00113.00 ped + 25 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
CooperSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00145.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
FidoSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00145.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
FidoDecrease Critical Damage2%10.002010.00 ped + 40 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Mei Hua QuanSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00103.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Lui Tung PaiPet Focus – Increase Generation+15%36.0063.00 ped + 30 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Lui Tung PaiSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.005.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Yau Kung MunSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00135.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Yau Kung MunDecrease Critical Damage2%10.001810.00 ped + 40 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
— Ancient Pets —
Ancient ExarosaurSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00205.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Ancient Exarosaur StrongSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002815.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Ancient Snablesnot-MaleSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00205.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Ancient Snablesnot-Male StrongSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002615.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Ancient Snablesnot-FemaleSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00205.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Ancient Snablesnot-Female StrongSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002715.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Ancient DaikibaSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00205.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Ancient Daikiba StrongSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002515.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
— Calypso Pets —
BristlehogSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
CombiboSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00133.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
CornundacaudaSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00133.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Chirin DragonSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00113.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Sapphire Chirin DragonPet Focus – Increase Generation+10%10.0063.00 ped + 15 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Sapphire Chirin DragonSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00185.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Ruby Chirin DragonPet Focus – Increase Generation+15%36.0063.00 ped + 30 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Ruby Chirin DragonSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00155.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Sterling ChirinPet Focus – Increase Generation+15%36.0063.00 ped + 30 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Sterling ChirinSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002715.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Royal ChirinPet Focus – Increase Generation+15%36.0053.00 ped + 30 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Royal ChirinPet Focus – Decrease Regeneration-20%-4.00123.00 ped + 25 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Royal ChirinSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002515.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Eudorian DevilSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00123.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Eudorian Sapphire DevilPet Focus – Increase Generation+10%10.0073.00 ped + 15 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Eudorian Sapphire DevilSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00195.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Eudorian Ruby DevilPet Focus – Increase Generation+15%36.0063.00 ped + 30 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Eudorian Ruby DevilSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00165.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Eudorian Wasp DevilPet Focus – Increase Generation+15%36.0063.00 ped + 30 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Eudorian Wasp DevilAuto Loot5.0 m60.00179.00 ped + 100 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Eudorian Lava DevilPet Focus – Increase Generation+20%59.0094.00 ped + 20 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Eudorian Lava DevilAuto Loot5.0 m60.00169.00 ped + 100 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Eudorian Lava DevilSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002715.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Corinthian KaninAcceleration+8%6.00175.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Corinthian Silver KaninPet Focus – Increase Generation+10%10.0083.00 ped + 15 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Corinthian Silver KaninAcceleration+12%20.002310.00 ped + 75 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
Corinthian Ruby KaninPet Focus – Increase Generation+10%10.0063.00 ped + 15 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Corinthian Ruby KaninAcceleration+14%40.002525.00 ped + 150 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
RabbigerPet Focus – Increase Generation+15%36.0063.00 ped + 30 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
RabbigerAcceleration+14%40.002225.00 ped + 150 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
EudoracellPet Focus – Increase Generation+20%59.00104.00 ped + 20 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
EudoracellAcceleration+14%40.002125.00 ped + 150 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
EudoracellAcceleration+18%70.003240.00 ped + 175 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
Hogglo PygmyPet Focus – Decrease Regeneration-20%-4.0073.00 ped + 25 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Hogglo PygmySkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00305.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Hogglo Pygmy BlackPet Focus – Increase Generation+15%36.0073.00 ped + 30 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Hogglo Pygmy BlackSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002515.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Atrox PupSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00165.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Sapphire Atrox PupAuto Loot5.0 m60.00159.00 ped + 100 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Sapphire Atrox PupSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002515.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Atrox Ruby PupPet Focus – Increase Generation+20%59.00114.00 ped + 20 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Atrox Ruby PupDecrease Critical Damage3%15.002415.00 ped + 50 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
— Arkadia Pets —
NusulSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%10.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Pandi PupSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Tame Oratan MinerDecrease Critical Damage3%15.002015.00 ped + 50 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
Tame Oratan MinerSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002315.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
— Toulan Pets —
TabtabSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Karmoosh LateefSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
— Rocktropia Pets —
PantherSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
VixenSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00165.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Blonde AdroidSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00165.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Pygmy KongDecrease Critical Damage3%15.002115.00 ped + 50 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
Pygmy KongSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002415.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Island GorillaPet Focus – Increase Generation+10%10.0053.00 ped + 15 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Island GorillaSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00113.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Mountain GorillaAuto Loot5.0 m60.00139.00 ped + 100 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Mountain GorillaSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00145.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Sacred KongPet Focus – Increase Generation+20%59.00104.00 ped + 20 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
Sacred KongDecrease Critical Damage3%15.002015.00 ped + 50 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
Sacred KongSkill gain – Pet and Taming+20%54.002415.00 ped + 35 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
DhampyreAcceleration+12%20.001610.00 ped + 75 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
DhampyreDecrease Critical Damage5%25.002520.00 ped + 90 Essence + 3 Rare Essence
BoxerDecrease Critical Damage3%15.002115.00 ped + 50 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
BoxerAcceleration+14%40.002425.00 ped + 150 Essence + 2 Rare Essence
— Cyrene Pets —
ArretSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
PaneleonSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Magn ChangSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00113.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
Rhino BeetleSkill gain – Pet and Taming+15%35.00185.00 ped + 30 Essence + 1 Rare Essence
WolperTingerSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
— Next Island Pets —
Lofven PapooSkill gain – Pet and Taming+10%14.00143.00 ped + 20 Essence + 0 Rare Essence
— Monria Pets —
Green LeprechaunPet Focus – Decrease Regeneration-20%-4.00113.00 ped + 25 Essence + 0 Rare Essence

List of tameable pets with their statistics:

Pet nameMetabolic rateTrainingRarity
— Pets from Strongbox —
Mei Hua Quan15.10AverageUncommon
Lui Tung Pai16.50HardRare
Yau Kung Mun18.30HardEpic
— Ancient Pets —
Ancient Exarosaur14.00AverageLegendary
Ancient Exarosaur Strong20.00HardLegendary
Ancient Snablesnot-Male12.00AverageLegendary
Ancient Snablesnot-Male Strong30.00HardLegendary
Ancient Snablesnot-Female13.00AverageLegendary
Ancient Snablesnot-Female Strong22.00HardLegendary
Ancient Daikiba15.00AverageLegendary
Ancient Daikiba Strong40.00HardLegendary
— Calypso Pets —
Chirin Dragon15.00EasyCommon
Sapphire Chirin Dragon15.00AverageRare
Ruby Chirin Dragon17.00HardEpic
Sterling Chirin17.50HardLegendary
Royal Chirin17.90HardMythic
Eudorian Devil15.00EasyCommon
Eudorian Sapphire Devil16.00AverageRare
Eudorian Ruby Devil18.00HardEpic
Eudorian Wasp Devil18.00HardLegendary
Eudorian Lava Devil18.00HardMythic
Corinthian Canin11.00EasyCommon
Corinthian Silver Canin11.00AverageRare
Corinthian Ruby Canin13.00HardEpic
Hogglo Pygmy10.00AverageCommon (bug?)
Hogglo Pygmy Black50.00HardLegendary
Atrox Pup15.00AverageUncommon
Sapphire Atrox Pup15.00AverageRare
Atrox Ruby Pup15.00AverageEpic
— Arkadia Pets —
Pandi Pup10.00EasyCommon
Tame Oratan Miner20.00HardEpic
— Toulan Pets —
Karmoosh Lateef10.00EasyRare
— Rocktropia Pets —
Blonde Adroid12.00HardRare
Pygmy Kong22.00HardRare
Island Gorilla16.30HardRare
Mountain Gorilla20.00HardRare
Sacred Kong30.00HardRare
— Cyrene Pets —
Magn Chang19.10AverageCommon
Rhino Beetle19.20AverageCommon
— Next Island Pets —
Lofven Papoo10.00EasyCommon
— Monria Pets —
Green Leprechaun11.00AverageCommon


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more stuff… 



Colorer List
A Player’s Notes Vol. 3 – Coloring and Texturing – Suppressing our Artists and Economy!


Community Forums:
Planet Calypso Forum
Entropia Planets
Entropia Forum.com

entropia forum dot org used to be here, but it’s not a forum any longer, and last message I see indicates that it is now in a suspended status, so who knows where that url will take you going forward (be careful of hackers, etc. out there)

Cyrene Forum
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Old (Outdated) Community Forums:
Entropia Pioneers (Internet Archive Link)
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Famous Entropians
Famous Entropians – Part II
Society Websites:I will be adding more links in this section in the future when I have time to do more searches through the soc section of the forums, etc. Please be careful when investigating links here… in the past some old soc websites/forums turned in to nefarious malware sites, etc. after the soc. leader stopped maintaining them, etc.. which imho makes it very funny that Mindark only allows us to advertise urls for society websites in game and no other websites put up by individuals or non-society groups of individuals joining forces…

The ad system is meant to be used for in-world purposes. Ads for society websites are accepted, but it is not allowed to advertise for real world companies or websites…
Kind regards,
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Entropia Revival
Axe Murderer’s Cyrene Blog
Vote Neverdie Blog
Content of Oblivion’s Origin Thread
Internet Archive Link
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Wang’s Moon Shop (shop #2) located in front of the Cthulhu Tower teleporter on Monria.
Emma’s Shop
Free Stuff
***Many more shop links will be added here soon***

Entropia Movies – an independent movie production organization within Entropia Universe


Community created tunes

Project Entropia” Music by NoBion

Atlas Haven Radio
Club Neverdie Radio (same url used in game)

Entropia Universe Official Soundtrack available
Planet Calypso’s Website Music Archive (soundcloud links described on the site)
Entropia Universe Music on Soundcloud

Project Entropia Soundtrack

Ingame Music for Entropia Universe (Project Entropia) from Vu 3.4 through 2009 as a rar file containing mp3s
backed up the old Entropia (Calypso) ingame music way back
A youtube link with some Entropia Music

In-game Points of Interest:
Loco’s Museum of Entropia Biodiversity
Announcing: The (L) Weapon Museum
Guide to the Entropia Mining and Crafting Museum
Entropia Museums: News

Castles in Eudoria

Pretto Loco said:

Did some digging and wen’t out there to check out the castles I could find on Eudoria and Amethera.
I Found 7. Checked coords and current owners.
Castles on Eudoria
Chateau Liberte. Pos: 87245, 77275
Owner: Edward Magyar Republic
Grauschloss. Pos: 65873, 70031
Owner: Marcus Callender the Esate Broker
Gustavsborg Castle. Pos: 58385, 84069
Owner: Marcus Callender the Esate Broker
Morningtear Castle. Pos: 78082, 87506
Owner: George Ace Skywalker
Strength Keep Castle. Pos: 78398, 74770
Owner: George Ace Skywalker
Wulfstone Castle: Pos: 78317, 95546
Owner: Marcus Callender the Esate Broker
Castles on Amethera
The Treasure Island Castle. Pos: 37087, 53135
Owner: Zachurm Deathifier Emegen

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Nostalgia and Yearning for the past…
Original project-entropia.com/faq 2002

Good ol days


Most of what’s here in this post is the main PP links and various Historic stuff. Putting this stuff down here since most of the community that’s been around a while is already aware of some of this, but newer folks or historians looking for links still may want to see it… Trying to make it so that the more used links are up top and lesser used ones are down here or further down…
Entropia Universe Press Section of PCF

Historic Maps, i.e. OUTDATED, Graphics, Etc.

A bunch of Falco’s old Pre-VU10 maps
Internet Archive Link

Falco’s Entropia City Maps VU 10

ENTROPIA PIONEERS GRAPHICS (copied from Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine):



Samuel Robet said:

Emerald Lakes Mall
31652, 59210 – Emerald Lakes Mall TP – West of Treasure Island City TP


Historic Articles about Entropia Universe, etc.:
Entropia Universe in the Press Section at Entropia Planets

Virtual Reality Visionary Vows to Create 300,000 Jobs in Cyberspace
Internet Archive Link
Entropia Universe Couple Gets Married Article:
Internet Archive Link
Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs admits some mistake on RockTropia
Internet Archive Link
New entrepreneurs playing games to make living
Jon “NEVERDIE” Jacobs Opens New “Rocktropia” Planet
Internet Archive Link
Internet estate agent sells virtual nightclub on an asteroid in online game for £400,000
Internet Archive Link
Life on Treasure Island: an interview with virtual real-estate mogul David Storey
Internet Archive Link
Planet Cyrene: There’s more than money at stake in this intriguing FPS/MMO
Internet Archive Link
MindArk claims $179,668 spent on trio of Entropia virtual properties
Internet Archive Link
Click to Agree: Where and How Disputes with Virtual World and Game Providers Are Settled
Internet Archive Link
Click to Agree: Virtual Currency and RMT Provisions in Virtual Worlds and MMO Games
Internet Archive Link
Entropia Creates Virtual Property Wills; Sweden Implements Tax Rules for Virtual Property

Internet Archive Link

Regarding wills for transferring virtual property on death:
The company Mindark from Gothenburg will begin to draw up wills for their customers to cover the things they own in their virtual computer world. It’s a natural development, says project manager Carl Uggla.
Related Thread(s):
EU will execution
Entropia Universe – how to prepare for the case of death
MA to implement wills/testaments
***(2008 thread linked article quoted by Ludvig below, but leaving it here in the 2007 section since it’s related to the above 2007 article, so I’m not sure if it original article was from 2007 or 2008?***

Ludvig|MindArk said:

Full translation below:
Going for virtual wills.
The company Mindark from Gothenburg is going to start writing wills for their clients, about things they own in a virtual computer world.
– A natural development, Carl Uggla, project leader of the company says.
Mindark is the company that created the online game Project Entropia, a virtual science fiction-world where the player can develop a character. Over 700 000 people plays the game today. But the company has big hopes for a dramatic surge of that number.
– We are currently developing a platform for the chinese market and our partners in China talks about millions of players, says Carl Uggla of Mindark.

In Mindarks virtual world you can buy a virtual picture of a product, for example a shirt, from another player or company and then get it sent to your real life home adress. But you also have the choise to trade using virtual products only.
– The development is more and more going for an economy that’s the same in real life as in the virtual world, says Carl Uggla.

The strong development within the genre has also woken some new questions. The american company Blizzard, who is the biggest with their online game World of Warcraft – 10 million users all over the world – has for years been subject to different types of frauds and what the company sees as a break of contract. On auction and selling sitest as Blocket och Ebay people sells their characters and virtual objects that are valueable ingame. A character can cost from a few 100SEK to 1000s of SEK, even though it is not allowed by the company.

– Consument and trademark laws are different in different countires. What is illegal in USA doesn’t have to be illegal in Sweden at all. Selling Characters is breaking the contract, but how it will be punished is different from case to case and no one really knows how right now, says Martina Bertilsson, legal adviser at the lawner firm Setterwalls in Gothenburg who specialices on virtual world law study.

Mindark in Gothenburg has according to Uggla not have had to deal with those problems because they have an open economy. What you buy in the game, you own and can sell, and if you profit you can get it out in real cash.
– You pay for things in the game instead of a monthly fee.
A winning concept. Last year the company profited by 18 million SEK (3M USD) and they are now working to develop the game further. Both american and chinese companies has started cooperations with Mindark, hoping to get to sell things in the virtual world.

The company has also started scetches for virtual wills.
– There are lands in the game worth alot of money, both ingame and in the real world, and if the player were to die, it’s today not clear who would be the owner, says Carl Uggla.
The clearest example is the american Jon Jacobs who 2005 bought an asteroid in the game for one million kronor (SEK). Today players can visit the boulder.
– He makes 15-20k USD a month from his astroid, partially from the nightclub but he also from hunting grounds he has created, Carl Uggla says.

The swedish tax authority has since spring started to take taxes out of the online world. However, there is no bigger control of this.
– It’s rather more like a service and a way for us to be clear. I have gotten questions from several company people who wants to know how to start a company in one of those worlds. People wants to do right (*translators notice*: this sentance isnt translated in a good way so if anyone knows a better translation…?) says Dag Hardyson from the Swedish tax authoritys.

Martina Bertilsson sees the tax authoritys actions as logical.
– It’s a validation of the branch. Much of the online things are still unclear and open for interpretion juridicly, and in taxes you now have the tax authoritys guidelines to follow if you live in sweden, she says.

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Hey Ludvig: Since you translated and quoted the above article, can you clarify Mindark’s stance on Wills, transfer of property after death irl, etc. now that you are our Community Manager under Mindark’s payroll? Seems like an appropriate time to address the situation since the statue auction is going on now, in 2016, etc.

Exploring Ideas with the Explorers of Worlds

Marco Behrmann, of Entropia Universe, is planning to set up a private island inside SL to use it as a vehicle of advertising of his own MMORPG. The boundaries are beginning to get thinner and thinner.Internet Archive Link
Mindark PE AB offers Bridge Members the Opportunity to Subscribe to the Company
Internet Archive Link
BSA drops lawsuit against MindArkInternet Archive Link
The Unreal Estate Boom
Internet Archive Link
Historic Dev Interviews
Interviews: MindArk Interview
Internet Archive Link
A Minute with Marco

– Several years ago you mentioned factories…
– Yes, that is one example of a job. Factories are still being considered. It would leave room for jobs, and at the same time it would be another big business possibility. Right now land-areas are pretty much the highest you can get in the terms of in-game business. A factory would be great, because it would combine the layers of players. Newcomers should need veterans and veterans should need newcomers, he explains enthusiastically.Internet Archive Link

Entropia Universe’s Marco Behrmann Interviewed at Leipzig GC ‘07

So how many players are actually playing Entropia Universe? According to Marco, there are 625,000 registered accounts for EU at Mindark, which is not a number to take lightly. Couple that with an average payment of $23 per month for active players, and you have quite a large chunk of change.Internet Archive Link
Entropia Universe Interviews: Q&A With Marco Behrmann
Patric Sundström and Fredrik Andersson of MindArk Interview
Internet Archive Link
Historic Addresses to/from/for/on Behalf of the Community:
Is your avatar’s name on this list? (Apology)
Internet Archive Link
Mark’s Apology to the Community
Internet Archive Link
Mindark, I’m sorry… Post on Terra Nova
Internet Archive Link

Should shop and apartment fees be abolished? – This was a MAJOR change! Monthly Rental fees were removed :)

***more will be added here later***

Gambling Investigation:
Petition against the 2pec Decay on Equipping Armor

Space – State of the Universe – an overview and outlook of past and future
Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them) – Part 2
Petition for boost pills
Make orders pay the offered price
Petition to get a 2kpeds per click Explosive Bp’s
We have a President, should we have petitions?
Petition to keep EP BP or whatever comes next.
Petition: Fix Wave-Based Loot
Petition: Free Bound items!
Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them)
PETITION: Public Access button -and/or- Pilot Access to Guest List and Summon.
PETITION: Hofs more visible in global chat channel
Petition: Restore old mining loot system
Petition against the 2pec Decay on Equipping Armor
Petition to in game vote transition/idea.
Petition to the Iron Mission Change Effective August 21st, 2012
reimplement interplanetary tps and auction petition.
Keep interplanetart auctions and TP’s out
Petition: Disable summon and stackables check
reimplement interplanetary tps and auction petition.


The Swedish Gambling Authority has investigated the “Loot” system in Entropia Universe in journal number 13Li3786. The investigation was closed on the 30 of October 2013.

The Swedish gambling market is regulated by The Swedish lottery act (1994:1000). The general rule is that lotteries must not be arranged except by permit (Section 9, Lotteries Act). Permits may in principle only be granted to non-profit making associations whose activities are for the public benefit (Section 15, Lotteries Act), it is thus not sufficient for a permit to be granted that the proceeds of the lottery are applied for charitable purposes.

There are two possibilities for The Swedish Gambling Authority to act in cases of suspicion of crime, one is to submit to the suspect with a penalty (Vite) the second one is to notify the police. To submit the suspect with penalty it is required to that the offense has been committed within Swedish jurisdiction, this means a server is located in Sweden or the person or company that offers the lottery lives in Sweden.
It also requires an exact moment when the crime has been committed. It is, therefore, necessary to secure documentation of a Swedish player who lives in Sweden when he or her wins “Loots” in order to prove that the location of the criminal act is within the Swedish jurisdiction and that the legal person responsible for lottery is Swedish. The Swedish Gambling Authority would likely need to dedicate an employee on full-time to play in Entropia Universe before the possibility of gaining loots in Entropia Universe. It has to been proved that the actual legal person which is responsible for lottery is Swedish, in this case, MindArk and that it is not arranged by a foreign subsidiary to MindArk. This would require a thorough investigation concerning MindArks corporate structures.

Anyone may make a police report at suspicion of a criminal offense. It is likely to assume that the circumstance needs to be proven up to the level which is mentioned above in order for the Swedish court to decide on a punishment on a suspected crime. The Swedish Gambling Authority has come to the conclusion that current circumstances isn´t sufficient evidence to make a police report, if you wish to make a police report, please notice attached contact details below

Circumstances of the case Entropia Universe has been put forward for head of department in the case of how the matter should be handled. Head of operational department which is responsible for the prioritization and allocation of resources, has decided that The Swedish Gambling Authority currently does not have the opportunity to further investigate the matter with reference to the extensive resource case would take.

Polismyndigheten i Västra Götaland
Box 429
401 26 Göteborg

Kind Regards
Josefin Jansson


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Unfortunately, we can not return items or money lost due to a scam. Since all items in Entropia Universe have a real value we instead advise you to consider filing an official police report about your lost items. If the police contact us, we will cooperate with them and submit all available logs we have.


Historic Community Developed Magazines, Ezines, etc.:

EU Magazines & Newspapers

1 EntropiaTimes June 2011
2 EntropiaTimes March 2011
3 EntropiaTimes December 2010
4 EntropiaTimes September 2010
(if anyone knows of a mirror link for the other other editions of ESBN that works, post a reply or pm please since the above are only 2 editions… First link indicates that there’s at least 9 volumes)
The Gate – Oct. 2002
The Gate – Nov. 2002
The Gate – Dec. 2002
The Gate – Jan. 2003
The Gate – Feb. 2003
The Gate – Mar. 2003
The Gate – Apr. 2003
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No1 – Sep 2006
No2 – Dec 2006
No3 – March 2007
No4 – October 2007
VU 1.0 – February 2008
VU 1.1 – March 2008
TCI – September 2005
TCI – November 2005
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Issue 1 – April 2008
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TCP 1 – November 2006
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TCP 7 – The XMAS Special – Dezember 2007
TCP 8 – February 2008
Link to POVR Item Collection with Talenhouse Artist links
Website for Alf Svensonn
Thread about ALF SVENSONN
Carl Henriksson’s Blog
Related Link – First Vehicle in Entropia
Jordan Halsey Portfolio
Jennica Dersen
Resume for Saman Mahmoudi
Tim Curry Portfolio
Works of Elizabeth de la O
Historic Compensation Notes:

Compensation for reinserting Mindforce implant from before 10.0 is handed out. If you are affected you will receive a message when logging in.
Compensation for inactive hangars will be handed out. If you are affected you will receive a message when logging in.

Share owners
All avatars owning shares from
the time the Project Entropia Exchange was in operation will have their
shares reimbursed at twice the purchase sum. The shares are then
removed from Project Entropia. The Exchange is closed but may be
reopened in a later VU.https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?124918-B-Shopkeepers-5k&p=1514504&viewfull=1#post1514504

08-31-2008, 14:58
B: Shopkeepers @ 5k
Found out yesterday Hades Booth owners got FREE shopkeepers on the VU to compensate for the booth bug. Should mean ~20 newhttps://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?15104-Removal-of-Personal-Revival-

Removal of Personal Revival Terminals
It has been some rumors about removal of personal revival terminals and I got copy of something interesting here:
MindArk wrote,
“We need to inform you about an item in your possession. The management has decided that the personal revival terminals

will not again be made operational and therefore we will now buy this item back from you.
You may choose between the sum of 5000 PED OR a Powerful Resurrection Chip. Please respons to this by sending us a support

ticket within the next four weeks and let us know which of these two options you prefer.”

Click to expand…https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?212320-quot-Any-irregularities-found-will-be-adjusted-

When that auction bug happened, one that froze the auction and didn`t allow people to further bid on the items, MA undone the auctions, giving back the items to ppl which sold for very low price. Maybe not really a compensation but at least took active role.

I guess you can also take the tp fees split between hangars as a form of compensation.

Also when that eMine event took place, MA compensated those who got screwed by overpaying for quest items due to MA`s fault. Some extra eMine sets were given as compensation.

Deer shop owners also got a Deer mall as compensation for their shop being removed, basically got a much better location with improved access.

Click to expand…https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?212320-quot-Any-irregularities-found-will-be-adjusted-quot&p=2751890&viewfull=1#post2751890https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/…ers-forgoten&p=2166285&viewfull=1#post2166285
Historic Q&A Sessions, and FAQs:

Svarog said:

This is a compilation of all that matters minus all the copy-paste and rhetorics. Links lead to the corresponding threads in the AMA section.

What we may see soon

What is not a priority but not off the boards either

What is not in plans

Considered features and long term goals

State of affairs


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Citizenship Q&A:
2011 Land Lot FAQ:
Internet Archive Link
2011 Rocktropia Q&A (copy in blog since original got deleted, or moved around to an inaccessible location that the public can’t see, etc.):
Internet Archive Link

19. Once and for all who determines items that drop in RT/NI loot is it MA or NDS (For example if you wanted to add A-3 punisher MKII to drop from Forum trolls is it you guys or MA who would add this)

We determine which Mobs drop which items, that is essential for game design, we don’t control how or when, so we can’t predict when something will drop

Q&A with SEE Digital Studios – PART 1
Internet Archive Link
2011 Q&A: SEE Virtual Worlds – Part 2
Internet Archive Link
2008 Q&A
2007 Q&A
Internet Archive Link
2006 Q&A
Internet Archive Link
Another 2006 Q&A:
Internet Archive Link
2005 Q&A – Question 41:
Internet Archive Link
2005 Q&A – Question 38: (not sure if this link works since getting message that server for this is down on internet archive at the moment)
2002 Q&A:
Internet Archive Link

Original project-entropia.com/faq 2002
Various EntropiaPlanets Links:
Player Interviews and Profiles
Tip of the Day
Entropia Universe Guide
The Sons of Remus – Coming to a CONSOLE near you!
Theryon: Wars going ahead as planned…. or maybe yes, yes, it is…
Ed Robles about the Soft Launch
DIBS payment issues – Statement by MindArk CEO David Simmonds
MindArk wants YOU (not to see where their artwork ‘came’ from)
Editorial: The story of NEVERDIE. Truth, or fiction?

***will copy some of the above links to other categories eventually…

Various EVENTS, etc.:

The Core – Easter Mayhem 2017!
Internet Archive Link

Easter Mayhem 2016 – Results




Battle Simulator Ideas and Suggestions Thread

Train your Combat Skills — Defend Entropia Universe!

The Entropia Universe Battle Simulator is a time-trial assault course. Exterminate all robot enemies and finish as fast as you can!

Equal Playing Field

Battle Simulator runs are performed using a premade avatar with standardized skills, weapons and armor. Ammo consumption and deterioration are disabled. Additionally, all buffs are paused while inside the Battle Simulator instance.

How to Get Started

The Battle Simulator can be accessed anywhere in Entropia Universe:

Click the ‘Event List’ action from the Action Library.
Select ‘Global Instances’ from the Event Areas listing on the left side.
Double-click ‘Battle Simulator’ in the central window, then click the ‘Register’ button and ‘Confirm’ to authorize the entrance fee.
Win Prizes!

Loot Crate for Completion

Completing the Battle Simulator course gives access to a special loot crate. Unclaimed loot from other participants’ uncompleted runs may also increase the total value of the loot crate.

Completion times will be entered into the Battle Simulator weekly leaderboard, where participants compete for additional rewards (see the “Leaderboard” section below).

Be on the lookout for the occasional message at the start of each run announcing extra bonus loot for completing the instance!


Viewing the Leaderboard
You can view the current leaderboard by pressing the ‘Scores’ button opposite the ‘Register’ button in the Event List interface (see above).

Checking Times on the Leaderboard
Only each participant’s best time is recorded on the leaderboard. To view a participant’s time, hover over the participant’s name or picture in the leaderboard.

Prize Pool
A portion of each Battle Simulator entry fee is added to the leaderboard prize pool; the current value of the prize pool can be viewed on the leaderboard display. Prizes are distributed using a dynamic payout structure: the more runs attempted, the more positions that will receive a prize and the larger the prize values. At the end of the week (midnight on Sundays, UTC) leaderboard prizes are delivered to the planet storage of each winner’s current avatar location, along with a confirmation message sent via the Message Center.

A symbol directly under a participant’s ranking number indicates that the participant will receive a prize for their current leaderboard position. Hover over the symbol to see the current prize value.

‘Time until reward’ indicates the time remaining until leaderboard prizes are awarded. Note that the Battle Simulator will close one hour before this time. Participants currently in the Battle Simulator after closing will be permitted to finish their run.


Planet Partner revenue sharing is determined by the location of a participant’s avatar when entering the Battle Simulator instance.
In cases where a Battle Simulator run is interrupted due to a technical issue or server disruption, the entrance fee will be refunded automatically.

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Compiled version of Calypso’s Backstory & all major events leading up to VU10

Imperial Government II

—————————​MERRY MAYHEM
Merry Mayhem 2016
Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link

ROCKtropia Event: Kill Zombies! Collect Rotten Bananas! Get paid! What more do you want???

ALL Dr. Almon Duchev Log’s

Summery of The Notes (facts, cracks and theories)
The Truth About Marika
On the Edge of Reality: Reality Fiction in ‘Sanningen om Marika’
Internet Archive Link
The Truth about Marika Blog
Internet Archive Link
The Quest for the Perfect Manifestation of a Dream – Martin Ericsson Youtube Video
Engaging the distributors: Christian Wikander at TEDx Transmedia 2011 Youtube Video


Historic Singularity Events, (Hardcore Punk Party, Miss World, World Boxing Tournament, He Man Event, Cyber-Play Theatre


The Landgrab Even
Landgrab Treaty


Planet Partner Links, etc.:
Entropiaplanets Wiki for Version Updates
Cyrene Version Updates
Monria Version Updates
Toulan Version Updates
Arkadia Version Updates

***May put in some summaries here of the changes done over time…
Arkadia Mob Map

Sal’diresh’s Vault – (Mob & Loot tables) Underground Instance


Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

Crystal Palace:

Kipling Chronicles
Mission – DSEC: Monria’s Untold Story


Rocktropia Instances info on Neverdie Forum

Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and Info

Fyrs said:

First, I want to freely admit I am stealing much of Hammer’s work for this (https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?273573-Rocktropia-guide). The reason for this is that RL has taken away most of Hammer’s time and things have changed on RT requiring updates to the guide, as well as to consolidate other info (Maps, etc). I am also adding links to other’s posts that explain various RT specific missions info:

As such, I give you the below:

Mob/Location Maps:
RT Map: http://tinyurl.com/RT-Map-New
Secret Island Map: http://tinyurl.com/SI-Map-RT
Hell Map: http://tinyurl.com/Hell-Map-RT
Hunt the Thing Map: Coming one day
Note: You can use the ‘File’ tab to ‘Download As’ the maps as PDF, JPEG, or PNG in order to keep locally on your computer.

RT Missions:

Big Cats Cougars, Panthers, Tigers, Cheetah, Leopards
Mission Name: Catscepades
Mission Broker: SGT Cortiz South of Panta Ridge TP: 136226,82085

City wolves
Mission Broker: Officer Mahone : 135365,87597,166
Stage I : ?
Stage II: ?
Stage III:
Handgun 3.60 PED
Clubs 2.33 PED
Electrokinesis 1.17 PED

D-Block Mafia
Mission Name: Rocky Horror Mafia Show
Mission Broker: Escaped Boxer [136051, 84837, 237]

Elvis Dragons
Mission Name: Hauxleys Hound Dogs
Mission Broker: Commander Hauxley near Memphis Plains TP : 131966,83386

Mission Name: Hating on Haters
Mission Broker: Kristi [135302, 89410, 100] have a ROCKTropia record on you or she will not give the mission

Kool Kat:
Mission Name: The Lawn You Keep
Mission Broker: [135328, 82373, 108]
Stage I
Aim 15.8 PED
Anatomy 15.8 PED
BLP Weapon Technology 15.81 PED

Stage II
Combat Reflexes 31.6 PED
Dexterity 31.59 PED
Handgun 31.62 PED

Lemmy Dragon
Mission Name: Castle Passage
Mission Broker: Skull Statues in stone wall at 134236, 86020
Answer a series of question about Motorhead songs

Motorhead security
Motorhead Royality

Mission Name(s): Dominiques Domination (MH Security) and The Revenge of Montose (MH Royalty)
Mission Broker: Castle Gatekeepers (bound in pillars) [133953, 86664, 304] next to Lemmy’s castle TP

Mission Name: NEVERDIE Dragon Control
Mission Broker: SGT Hendi 136380, 82661

Old wolves
Mission Broker: Diesel Rose 135257,84765,204
Mission Name: Diesel in Distress
Note: the first mission of the chain is bugged and shows up as hunt the thing missions. But the old wolves still count and it fixs itself after finishing the first kill count.
Stage I: ?
Stage II:
Rifles 8.90 PED
Clubs 5.75 PED
Cryogenics 2.88 PED

POP Dragons
Mission Name: Call of Duty
Mission Broker: SGT Willard right next to Ring of fire hunting lodge TP 134590,85839

Mission Name: The Hunt for Captain Peter
Mission Broker: CPT Franic North of Daki Ridge TP : 137439,88997

Snakes (Green, Brown, Purple, Black, Coral)
Mission Names: (Type) Snake Hunting Contract
Mission Broker: Suzy McSnaketrader (Inside dragon head pub) [134369, 83503, 144]
Reward: Tailoring

Mission Name: Disruptive DJ
Mission Broker: Disruptive DJ (Inside dragon head pub) [134380, 83504, 144]

Mission Name: The Rise of the Lycans
Mission Broker: Bartos the Lycan [133848, 86822, 304] (not far from Lemmy Castle TP

Vixen Shy
Mission Name: The Color of Envy
Mission Broker: Jealous Vixen [136133, 84985, 243]

Hendrix Dragons
Garcia dragons
Joplin dragons
Morrison dragons

Mission Broker: 7 graveyard stones right next to Evil Cathedral TP

(Scavenger/White) (Maybe Sacred as well?)
Mission Name: Vampire Wars
Mission Broker: Vampire next to Evil Cathedral TP


Mission Broker: various workout equipment at Muscle Beach park: 135754 : 88073
***Note: The thieves mission is from 5LB Dumbbells – you can skip this mission by clicking on any of the other weights and this mission will be disabled. Otherwise you have to finish this before unlocking the rest

Mobile phone mission to unlock zombie chain and various repeatable missions:

Hyperplex TP: 13529,86166
noobs noobs noobs club SE if hyperplex TP

Speak to big boy
Speak to tipsy tony at end of line
Speak to lying larry inside pawnshop next door to club
Speak to big boy at club again
Speak to Gus at petrol station across the road and get gold coin
Go back to big boy
Go back to gus and get glam ingot
Give glam ingot to big boy and get next mission
Go to try east down the road. Mission locator will show the way
speak to boris the bum close to try. mission locator will show the way
Go to dumpster. mission locator will show the way
Go to boris and give smokes
Go to big boy and give rocktropia record
This gives you access to the club

Speak to Tiffany on dance floor for cocktail
Give Cynthia (on dance floor) the drink and , she will give you a cellphone

Zombie mission chain
Mission Name: The Road to War
Mission Broker: LT Funk south of city of dreams : 136215,84726
Go to cave entrance : 136063,84818
Go to cave exit : 135723,84998
Go to Main road: 135420,85058
Follow the road north: 135128,85981
Continue down the road: 135426,87127
Get to the center of new harlm studios: 135462,87998
Get to the docks: 135844,88390
Cross the waters: 136034,89384
Reach the coast of zomhatten: 136490, 90339
Follow the coast: 136587,92028
Keep going: 136773,92709
Head to BAMF HQ: 136449,93062
Speak to Drill SGT Breakerz: 136189,93056

This gives you the zombie mission chain Boot Camp. After finishing each kill count mission make sure you read the text as it tells you the next NPC to talk to, to receive the next kill count. Otherwise you just have to run around clicking on them all.

Boot Camp (Zombie) mission chain

Mission Name: Boot Camp 1 – Trail By Fire
Mission Broker: Drill Sgt.Breakerz – (136188, 93055)
Task: Kill 50 Zombies
Reward: Weapons Handling 0.06 PED

Mission Name: Boot Camp 2 – Bring The Pain
Mission Broker: Cpt.Gruber – (136201, 93143)
Task: Kill 100 Zombies
Reward: Alertness 0.09 PED

Mission Name: Boot Camp 3 – BioDome Defence
Mission Broker: Staff Sgt.Ortez – (136061, 93112)
Task: Kill 500 Zombies
Reward: Dexterity 0.64 PED

Mission Name: Boot Camp 4 – Hell Week
Mission Broker: Senior Drill Ins. Rufio – (136076, 93024)
Task: Kill 5,000 Zombies
Reward: Evade 2.65 PED

Mission Name: Boot Camp 5 – Graduation
Mission Broker: Cmd. Striker – (136325, 93101)
Task: Kill 10,000 Zombies
Reward: Dodge 5.29 PED; 1 B.A.M.F Tactical Radio

** Upon completing boot camp you can start the National Guard mission chain below:

National Guard (Zombie) mission chain
***Important note – ensure you have your BAMF Tactical Radio in your inventory before talking to the NPCs to complete each mission. If you do not, the mission will bug and you will have to abandon it and start it over.

Mission Name: Community Service
Mission Broker: National Guard Operations Officer [136287, 93000, 101]

Mission Name: National Guard – Tryouts
Mission Broker: Sanchez – Sgt. BRAVO Company (136093, 94260)
Task: Kill 1000 Zombies
Reward: Weapons Handling 1.29 PED

Mission Name: National Guard – Support Recon
Mission Broker: (NAME) (135537, 95118)
Task: Kill 3000 Zombies
Reward: Combat Reflexes 3.86 PED

Mission Name: National Guard – Search for Charlie Company
Location: (NAME) (137305, 94624) Then fly to the top of the building around 469 elevation.
Mission Task: Kill 5000 Zombies

Mission Name: National Guard – Power Grid Protection
Location: (NAME) (136599, 94267)
Task: Kill 10,000 Zombies
Reward: Aim 12.88 PED

Mission Name: National Guard – The Advance
Location: (NAME) (134899, 95813) Then Return to (135570, 94727)
Task: Kill 15,000 Zombies
Reward: Aim 19.31 PED

mission Broker: Antonia hatchet North of Tangerine TP : 134396, 83735

Prison mission chain
Get lockpick out of dumpster: 135427,88116 – You don’t get a interactive symbol on cursor for the dumpster. Just click on it.
Head to tangerine TP : 134411, 83613
Head to building amongst shops: 134340,83450
Find the safe up stairs. Put any combination in. It does not matter anymore. Kill the cops and then it well send you to prison. Head to the entrance and they will get you started on the massive prison chain.

Once a prisoner, missions must be done in order. If you talk to the wrong NPC, interact with the wrong object, try to utilize the stairs from a floor/tier you are not yet on, or try to enter an area you do not have authorization for yet you will be killed. If you leave the prison during this entire mission chain you will be considered a snitch and incur an additional penalty mission requiring you to kill 200 prisoners before your normal prison mission will continue.

– Cellmate Politics (Santana) – Obj.: Kill 50 Inmates. Reward: Combat Reflexes
– Ox and Pals (Ox) – Obj.: Kill 20 Inmates. Reward: Aim
– Freaky Phong (Phong) – Obj.: Kill 1 player in PvP Reward: None
– Lights! Camera! Distraction! (Jimmy Lights) – Obj.: Kill 40 Prison Guards. Reward: Inflict Ranged Damage
– Show of Force (Freeman) – Obj.: Kill 5 players in PvP. Reward: None
– Sissy Situation (Brittany) – Obj.: Kill 50 Sissys Reward: Weapons Handling
– D Block Mafia Memory (Sal) – Obj.: Kill 30 Zomhatten St Boyz. Rewars: Light Melee Weapons
– 2 Timez Two Times (2-Timez) – Obj.: Kill 50 Zomhatten St Boyz – Reward: Wounding
– Crancked Out (Crank) – Obj.: kill 5 PvP players – Reward: None
– Crisis Intervention (Hector) – Obj.: kill 100 Inmates – Reward: Longblades
– Die Rat Die (Mouse) – Obj.: kill 40 Inmates – Reward: Melee Combat
– Tick Or Trotter (Trotter) – Obj.: kill 80 Northern Hitman – Reward: Shortblades
– Promotion Time (Tiny) – Obj.: kill 10 PvP players – Reward: 1 Rocktropia Gold Coin

– The Rico Act (Rico) – Obj.: Kill 100 Prison Guards. Reward: Rifle
– Chesters Pawn (Chester) – Obj.: kill 10 PvP players. Reward: 5 Rocktropia Gold Coin
– Make Your B-Roll (B-Roll) – Obj.: kill 100 Inmates. Reward: Power Fist
– Brixton Bass (Brixton) – Obj.: kill 200 Inmates. Reward: Handgun
– Moreno Moreno Moreno (Moreno) – Obj.: kill 200 Prison Guards. Reward: Diagnosis
– Pass the Soap (Bubbles) – Obj.: Kill 300 Inmates. Reward: Bioregenesis ~14 ped (From 2108.9x to 2126.0x)
– Dred The Pirate (Dred Mong) – Obj.:Kill 150 Inmates. Reward: Concentration ~2 ped (From 1912.4x to 1920.4x)
– The Damien Diamond Riot (Damien Diamond) – Obj.: Kill 500 Inmates. Reward: Dodge ~17 ped (From 3106.5x to 3122.1x)
– The Rob Report (Rob-D) – Obj.: Kill 20 Players. Reward: 5 ROCKtropia Gold Coin

– Corrupted C.O Sweep (Cesar) – Obj.: Kill 300 Prison Guards. Reward: Evade ~8 ped (From 5427.5x to 5430.8x)
– Smileys Product Run (Smiley) – Obj.: Kill 300 Inmates. Reward: Dexterity ~2 ped (From 5334.8x to 5342.0x)
– Snakebite I (Snake) – Obj.: Kill 200 Prison Guards. Reward: Alertness ~2 ped (From 3754.5x to 3780.7x)
– Jags and Jugulars (Jags) – Obj.: Kill 500 D-Block Mafia Members. Reward: Perception ~13 ped (From 4979.6x to 5013.0x); Inmates Severed Finger
– Playboys Painful Pleasure (Playboy) – Obj.: Kill 500 D-Block Mafia Members. Reward: Melee Combat (From 5720.2 to 5720.8; yes, just 0.6!)
– Jokers Laugh (Joker) – Obj.: Kill 800 Prison Guards. Reward: Bioregenesis
– Hackers Hell (Hacker) – Obj.: Kill 1000 Zomhatten St Boyz. Reward: Handgun
– Bosco the Boss (Bosco) – Obj.: Kill 100 PvP Players. Reward: 50 Rocktropia Gold Coins

Tier 4

Whistlers Bite (Whistler)
Obj.: Kill 5000 inmates – Explosives
Zomhattan Boys Destruction (Jackson)
Obj.: Kill 5000 Zomhattan boys – reward Bravado 8.8 PED
Martinez Madness (General Martinez)
Obj.: Kill 5000 inmates – reward Coolness 9.76 PED
D-Block Finale (Chevnosky)
Obj.: Kill 5000 D-Block mafia – reward Melee Combat 22.15 PED
Sniper No Sniping (Sniper)
Obj.: Kill 5000 C.O’s – reward Rifle 26.41 PED
The Downfall of Mr.X (Mr.X)
Obj.: kill 5000 Inmates – reward Combat Sense 15.57 PED
Mamba Mutiny (Mamba)
Take out the Rats Obj.:Kill 100 players then Kill 10000 inmates and avoid S.O.R.T officers (dont kill one)
+ after killing 10000 you have to find Captain Bosscerlli – reward Shortblade 25 PED; Silver keys
Enforcer (Enforcer)
Obj.: This guy seems to have no mission

Total kills: 40,000 for this tier

Exit the jail

Leave thru the main doors and you will commence the final escape mission

The Great Escape Begins

Get to the Wardens Office
Find the shed get thru undetected, youll see Houdini near the shipping containers
Get to the Water Tower
Survive the fall and return to the Yard

Start a Riot – Obj.: Kill 10000 inmates or cops

Get to the Roof
Get to the Lighthouse
Signal a boat to the Island
Get to the Docks
Swim out to the Ocean

SHARK ATTACK! – Obj.: Kill 100 Crunk Sharks

Move location
Check out the Ocean Floor

SHARK ATTACK 2! – Obj.: Kill 100 Crunk Sharks

Swim to freedom – head to the small island
Look for the crate of supplies nearby on the beach
Enter the 4 digit code ???? to disarm the device on the crate.

You receive 1 Strength + 3 Mystery items
Company cellphone
Set of keys
Top Secret Company files folder
(These allow you to start “The Company” mission chain)

Other missions in prison:
The Yard Missions (these can be done while doing the main missions)
10lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 100 Inmates. Reward: 80 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
20lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 200 Inmates. Reward: 160 ROCKtropia Gold Coin
30lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 1000 Inmates. Reward: 85 hooch
40lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 2500 Inmates. Reward: 150 clicks teleman coin BP
50lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 3500 Inmates. Reward: 10 Rocktropia rollies
60lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 4000 Inmates. Reward: 160 hooch
70lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill (70 bugged so can’t do it)
80lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 2500 Inmates. Reward: 20 Prison Hooch and 100 click Rolled Smokes BP
90lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 10000 Inmates. Reward: 200 clicks teleman coin
100lb Dumbell Workout – Obj.: Kill 2000 Inmates. Reward: 100 clicks teleman coins
300lb Dumbell workout – Obj.: Kill 10000 Inmates. Reward: 75 ped Shotcallers shank, 100 click Teleman coin bp
100 lb Prison Bench Press – Obj.: Kill 1000 Zomhattan St Boyz. Reward: ??
Prison Curl Workout – Obj.: Kill 100 Guards. Reward: 50 Rocktropia Gold Coin

Hall missions:
– Prison Life (Inmate in Main Hall or Inmate between Main Hall and Shower) – Obj.: kill 50 Inmates Reward – enables new mission to be started
– No Way Out Maximum Security Prison (D Block Chow Officer or Solitary Confinement Officer(some of them)) – Obj.: kill 50 Inmates – Reward: enables new mission to be started.

Police Daily missions
Police Call 10-66 [135729, 83528, 199] 60 stereo jackers
Police Call 10-57 [136952, 83940, 269] 40 mulholland boys
Police Call 10-59 [136349, 84750, 237] 20 soulshakers
**Others as well but still pending details

Hell Missions:

Hell(accessible from drop down menu at TP from rock)

Demon hackers/ Code demons kill points mission
Mission Broke: Imprisoned demon: 39373,19750,110
Mission Name: Hackathon
Stage I:
Laser Weapon Tech 10.2 PED
Plasma Weapon Tech 6.58 PED
Cryogenics 3.29 PED
Stage II: ?

Horny Little Devil Mission: [39408, 19687, 110] (In Hell @Club Hell Landing TP)

Mining missions(also at club Hell)
Thiefs(skeletons) 39437,19746,110

HTT Missions:

Rocktropia access point(accessible from drop menu by going to hunt the thing)39097,20308,326

Mission Broker: Sgt Savagery: 39081,20343,329

Hunt the Thing: (accessible from drop menu by going to hunt the thing)
Video guides:
Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouH2zLLEB0I
Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jyn4xT9jxyQ
**Credit to Crusader Crue “Knight” for the videos

Secret Island Missions:

Zombie Anti-virus mission: Give access to Bio-dome (Where tamable vampire pet spawns)
**Credit to Kull for this write up

Gorilla Kill points:
Mission Broker: Archibald the monkey behind the bar inside Club Neverdie
Any gorilla type counts (island. mountain, kong, sacred kong)

ND 500 Raceway Market TP: 38221, 22350, 122 (Just NW of TP inside hut)
Village Boar
Wild Boar
Mountain Boar
Vulcan Drake
Death Drake
Storm Drake
Snow Drake
Shark (Great Whites do not count)
Pirate Skeleton (Buccaneers do not count)
Petit Papoo

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Rocktropia guide
rocktropia visit
Rocktropia guide
Editorial: The story of NEVERDIE. Truth, or fiction?
Secret Island and Bananas

Entropiaplanets Wiki for Rocktropia TPs
where the hell is ‘evil cathedral’
Fry’s Rocktropia TP List
Billy Jean’s Rocktropia Map

Who owns the blueprints for the Rocktropia Instances, and what are the coords, etc.
NWO Prison Mission Guide
ROCKtropia Missions and their rewards!

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Maria’s Muse: FOMA Shop #21 & 22 …
Maria’s Endeavors... Links…. BP LIST



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UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!… and some answered…

Toulan TP List

Catch Harban

Toulan Wiki

Next Island:
Getting to Greece
Next Island and Ancient Greece Crafting, Loot & Material Info
Mindark stuff:
Ask Mindark Post Below

Planet Partner List:

Financial Reports:

Press Releases:

2007 press release about the malls
Internet Archive Link

2002 Press Release regarding the BSA Raid

Benny Iggland, chairman of the supervisory board of MindArk AB says in a comment: “MindArk is prepared to sue Microsoft and the other companies for damages caused by their action. Proceedings from this process, which will certainly reach a substantial number of millions of United States Dollars, will be placed in the virtual universe of Project Entropia as a number of gigantic treasures that anyone entering the Universe of Project Entropia may find and grab.“Internet Archive Link
MindArk’s president J-W Timkrans has been let go!
Related Mirror Link

We are greedy and need money End of the Year Sales Schemes (or scams if you prefer…)
Avatar Statue Auctions
Avatar Statue Results

Ethereal Armor: Barely There, Protection Everywhere!
The Quadwing Equus – Special edition Quadwing Interceptors
liquidation auction
Medusa Head…

We are Greedy and need money – Beginning of Year Type Sales (especially when the end of year sale flopped):
Firebird Limited Edition Sales
***will add more here later***

State of the Universe Links:
Internet Archive Link
State of the Universe 2017 Discussion Thread

State of the Universe 2016 Address
Internet Archive Link

State of the Universe Address 2015
Internet Archive Link

State of the Universe Address 2014
Internet Archive Link

State of the Universe Address 2013
Internet Archive Link

state of the universe 2012
Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link
Internet Archive Link



#12 Follow Up



Dev Links, Quotes, etc.:
https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/…3-Marco-said&p=2597728&viewfull=1#post2597728 – Devs Said Thread
https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?270-Ask-MindArk – Ask Mindark Section of Entropia Forum
https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?250-Dev-s-Corner – Dev’s Corner on PCF

Marco’s PCF Profile – Marco used to be Mindark’s community Manager before First Planet Company was formed, bought out by See Digital Studio (SDS)

Some of Marco’s past comments about decay and MindArk’s revenue (pretty sure this one is not accurate based on the info here about the old affiliate program, with auction fees being shared between PP and MA and whatnot…

Ludvig’s PCF Profile
Kim’s PCF Profile
Charlie’s PCF Profile
Hanne/Skam’s Profile at PCF – Hanne was the Community Manager for SDS when SDS ran Calypso. Skam was originally just a participant, and has now taken up that aspect of Entropia again. Here is Skam’s Profile at PCF in the participant role.
Marco Quotes:

There are no secret – Bridge wants the opportunity to invest in MA as PE is an exciting product with an excting future. MA needs capital to expand PE more rapidly, with more hardware, staff and marketing. I suspect, as with any investment the owners/investors want the investment to grow. Today MA is valued to some 200 MSEK. But we intend to grow a lot, and say that we in a year or two is worth 1000 MSEK – that is a 500% increase, and a good investment, wouldn’t you all agree?

Look – anyone may invest in MA. Just come up with an interesting deal. Stocks are being traded everyday. MA PE AB has dozens of various stock owners today already.

Internet Archive Link

Well, if you happen to stumble upon an Upgrade Replicator, I’d suggest you don’t TT it. ,-)
Internet Archive Link

Confirming this. FPC does not intend to open up a Planet Calypso forum run by FPC. We believe it is better handled by the community itself – like it is now. However we will add more community related links on the FPC / Planet Calypso website for much easier access compared to the Entropia Universe web site of today
Internet Archive Link

Historic Archives: (mostly junk that only still exists in way back machine, etc.)


http://www.playmmo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6099 – THIS LINK NO LONGER WORKS SINCE THE SITE IS DEAD, However, at one point in time part of the article/interview there stated:

6-a: Ventures into space will come in 2005. We hope to bring real time space ship combat with robot ships and other space living entities. Asteroid mining will also be a part of it. I envision a major star ship with a crew of 100 people all manning various functions of the ship, like engineering, guns, torpedos, strategic command, shields, power distribution, hull repairs, etc, allwoing for major epic battles in the sky.
http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/mindark-buys-back-calypso-deeds.8167/ – CLD buy back

more to be added later… (probably be working on this mainly on Monday’s or sleepless nights in other parts of the week in the near future)

Will eventually add more bb code, organize it better, etc.
Dead Planets:

Empaticus Ltd.’s vision is to expand the Human Flourishing platform and be the global leader within the purpose based 3D Internet. Empaticus Ltd. is looking for Planet Partners that want to be a part of the continuous expansion of the Human Flourishing Universe by implementing their unique concepts, businesses and ideas into new unique planets.

Planet Avapreneur (Developing as an Avapreneur) – use your avatar to explore and test business ideas, collaborate on international projects

Planet Apprentice (Develop knowledge of apprenticeships) – explore options and engage in apprenticeships

Planet Community Safety (Developing community based safety solutions) – benchmarking and support for community safety solution development

Planet Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Developing Alternative Health Solutions) – Explore and apply alternatives to conventional health solutions

Planet CSR (Driving Corporate Social Responsibility) – linking CSR activities to scalable activities and solutions testing across all planets

Planet CrowdFunding (Funding central) – seek and secure in Universe funding for ideas and solutions

Planet Cultauriture (Developing Digitization of Culture) – Integration of digital culture to support maintenance and development of culture

Planet Earth (Developing Environmental Sustainability) – Managing environmental resources effectively and creating new environmentally sound solutions

Planet Empathy (Walk in someone else’s shoes) – Real life scenarios allow participants to experience other people’s lives.

Planet Employability (EU Social Innovation Competition Semi-Finalist 2014) – Creating online employment opportunities

Planet Engineering (Develop and explore engineering) – Complete engineering missions and develop engineering skills

Planet Enterprise (Developing existing businesses) – Seek opportunities to expand existing and early start-up businesses

Planet Exercise (Develop fitness routines) – Seek and undertake different fitness missions and assignments

Planet Financial Trading (Developing Financial Trading Knowledge) – Learn how to become a financial trader through mix of in Universe and Real World activities.

Planet Health and Well-Being (Developing personal and community health) – Find options to improve health and well being and create community health solutions)

Planet Humanitarian Aid (Developing solutions together) – Avatars working together to support people in challenging environments

Planet Informed Citizen Planet (Developing Good Citizenship) – Promote and good citizen solutions

Planet League of Fitness (Competitive Fitness Teams) – Join a fitness team and compete across the world

Planet Mathematics (Develop and explore knowledge of mathematics) – Using maths knowledge to earn HFU currency and travel credits

Planet Professional Development (Explore options for professional development) – Here avatars will be able to undertake relevant professional development options

Planet Public Administration (Developing Local Government Capacity) – Support for local government officials and capacity building activities

Planet Research (Develop Research and Academic Skills) – Here avatars will be able to develop their research skills and promote their academic abilities

Planet Science (Explore and develop knowledge of science) – Engage with scientific missions and activities

Planet Skills Development (Developing Skills for enterprise and employability) – Find routes and pathways to enhance skills base and open new opportunities across the Universe

Planet Social Pearl (Developing Social Enterprise) – Support for existing and emerging social enterprises

Planet Sport (Explore developing sports projects) – Link with sports codes, join clubs, start new sporting clubs

Planet Start-Up (Developing Business Start-ups) – Support for Idea development and Business Start-ups

Planet Qualifications (Formalise Universe Skills Development) – Structures for formalising all activities on other planets to link with real world activities and qualification structures

Planet Well-Being (Developing healthy lifestyle choices)

Planet Work Experience (Explore opportunities to develop work experience) – accept assignments from clients and other opportunities to develop work experience

Planet Conscious Consumption (Harnessing consumer power for CSR) team of independent international experts compiling weekly top 25 consumer do’s and don’ts list

Planet Literacy

Click to expand…


Vincere B.V. Curacao.
Internet Archive link
Related Links:
The Casino has arrived, with german Spammers. Meet your psychologist on a planet !
Is it real?? Casino and poker on entropia universe??

NEXT ISLAND: (well, still half dead at least)
RIP Next Island
Next Island Forum post on Entropiaplanets

Planet Postmoderna State of Affairs

CRD section of Entropia Planets Forum
China Recreation District
Creative Kingdom Inc. Designing New Planet for Entropia Universe Article

China creating an e-commerce network
Internet Archive Link

Virtual world, where millions of people can work, socialize, learn and fall in love

CRD chief executive David Liu predicted that the virtual worlds will generate approximately 10,000 jobs in the mainland.
“An important aspect for this project is also the positive effects on our environment that we foresee,” Liu said. “People will actually be able to work from home inside Entropia Universe, as many people do today, even from rural areas, thereby decreasing the amount of pollution generated by travel.”

Internet Archive Link

Community Q&A
Entropia Planet’s Wiki on Theryon Wars

Entropia Planet’s Wiki on SEE

Marco|SDS said:

Understandably there are some questions raised due to the annual report. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the FPC part – yet. What I can say is that the future for FPC and Planet Calypso is looking brighter than ever.

Internet Archive Copy of Planet Michael Website

See Virtual Worlds to Publish Universal Monsters and Van Helsing Themed Virtual World Article
Entropia Planets Wiki on Universal Monsters
Ongoing Issues/Concerns:
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NO DISCUSSION about these issues here in this link thread... Feel free to post a link to a new thread in a reply and discuss there (don’t want this thread closed just because of overmoderation, personal disputes, etc. Probably shouldn’t even put this section here, but am since they are what I believe are Ongoing Issues that folks reading this should think about, etc. including, or perhaps ESPECIALLY PPs and Mindark)…

Mods, please feel free to edit some of these if you feel a necessity, but please don’t do so haphazardly… or solely for censorship purposes… I understand your need to maintain your rules, but the majority of links posted are links here to threads here in your own forum that others have posted, and most of them are to threads that have not been closed yet, even though a few are to closed threads (mainly for historic purposes)… We have a community of folks with opinions, the purpose of this thread is partly to help them express those in a manner that’s mostly following your established rules. If you see a link to a thread you need to close, go ahead and close that thread linked to, not this list of links. Also, please consider potentially leaving the threads you want to heavily moderate open as sometimes closing those types of threads just results in others making multiple threads of a similar nature about the same exact thing the original thread was about, making you have to double your own personal workload… Thanks.

Previous threads about Ongoing Issues:
Current State of EU and its future
Scamming Methods Exposed
Avoid to be scammed: Know the scamming methods!
A Cheap ped Buyer ANd scammed avatars (explanation)

The lag on Rocktropia NEEDS to go

Paypal and Strongboxes


Release postponed

Release postponed

MindArk have previously announced an update to Entropia Universe to be released today, October 7, 2014.

Due to some additional work being done on quality assurance in the Entropia Universe platform this release have now been postponed one week.

To all of you who have been waiting for this release we thank you for your patience.

/The MindArk development team.

Click to expand…Taming: the waiting…
Release Postponed
ComPet Closed Beta Postponed
Patch postponed
Release postponed.
Release postponed
Entropia Version Update postponed
Proposed Cyrene TEN Event for December 20th 2013 – December 22nd 2013 POSTPONED
Planet Cyrene release date postponed
Vu 10 Postponed

Translated via Google:
David|Mindark napisał(a):
Hi, Unfortunately the official announcement of the company that will be building one of the new planets has been postponed and will now be in February before the Games developer Conference in San Francisco, the final terms & conditions of the agreement were not finished in time by our respective lawyers! (but would you expect anything different
But! They will be attending our party tonight and maybe one of our fantastic hard working ambassadors just might leak to the forums later who knows!!

Four of the bank buildings and their functionality were introduced into Entropia Universe on 9 October 2007, with the fifth being postponed until Version Update 9.1 on 11 December 2007 .

Hi. We are aware of the shopping booth issues and are working on relocating them back to their pre 9.4 positions. There will also be an upgrade to the booths in the near future. This is just a quick post to let you know that we are working on it and sorry for any frustration caused by this delay.

Poor Support Team Communication:


Thank you very much for the detailed information. However, we are unsure of what exactly do you want us to do with it. Please let us know if there’s something we can do to help you.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support


Thank you for your report. We have forwarded the issue to members of the design team for further investigation. Any irregularities found will be adjusted automatically. Please follow the News sections of the website for further information and developments.
Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Thanks for taking the time to submit your suggestions. We really appreciate this kind of feedback and have forwarded your comments to the responsible team.
We are unable to say whether or not your suggestions will be implemented, but please stay tuned to the News section and Version Update Content Lists on the website.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Thank you for contacting us. We have forwarded your question to the appropriate team. As soon as we get an answer we will get back to you.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support


As clearly explained in the support policy at the website, we generally only investigate issues reported within a week of the discovery of the occurrence. Exceptions to this rule are possible and our admin tool allows us to access data as far back as six months.
It is possible to manually access the database to make searches further back in time; however, such an investigation is time consuming and increases the load on the database. Therefore there is an administrative fee of 400 PED/hour. If you are interested in such an investigation, please let us know and we will assist you further.
As well, please note that we actually need the full name that you want us to search in order to look them up.
Kind regards,

Locating the birds nests

last years Merry Mayhem Bug still exist!!!!!

War Bonds?
Rocktropia Enhancer Book?!?

Freebies/Gifts not being handed out:

Cyrene special gift not receved ever Thread on Cyrene Forum
Holiday Items Thread on Cyrene Forum

Where’s my free gift? – Thread about Rocktropia’s Free Gift never being given out. So far, as of 12/2/2016 those freebies still haven’t been given out…


Q. When do I get my free VR Day commemorative strongbox?
A. Everyone who votes in the election will be awarded free virtual commemorative Strongboxes with surprises inside. You will receive instructions on how to claim you Free VR Day commemorative strongbox after you cast your vote.

So far, as of 12/2/2016 those instructions have not been given out…

UPDATE: 4/14/17 below item was handed out on Rocktropia:

Thread for the POVR lockbox

100 free ped were given to beta Compet Deed Owners for use in Compets – They did give these peds out in Compets for the most part, but there were several folks in Forums that had to ask for them in the Compet forum as Entropia Universe Support Team sent them to the forums over there. I believe that some holding compet deeds when this was going on were not aware that it was going on, and since a few folks asked for the peds on the forums and got them that way, it makes me wonder how many were due those peds but didn’t ask on the forum, so didn’t actually get them…
PEDs for Testers! Thread on PCF on this topic
Internet Archive Link
Compets Forum Topic that your’s truly posted to get the free peds…

***More will be added above since there are more examples of this out there mentioned in the forums… I just don’t have the links yet… If you have more examples of gifts/freebies not being given out, feel free to post a reply or send a pm with the link(s).
Related Threads and Links:
Gift List (2002 – 2016)

AVALON2 said:

The History of EU Gifts:

















If this thread hasn’t been updated with new gifts simply reply with list of gifts and a picture of items and I will update list promptly. ~AvalonRychmon.

Click to expand…Gifts as recorded in Entropedia: 2002 – 2011
Is there a list of all the freebie holiday gifts since the beginning?
Christmas Gifts
Calypso Halloween Gift
Old Witches Broom // Halloween Gift from RT !!!

Halloween Gifts

During the Halloween gift give-out a mistake was made in that those who had deposited over 10,000 PED but did not keep an apartment still did not receive the Skeleton Pants. This was due to a mistake at FPC where old rules for handing out seasonal presents were used. We’re going to compensate this by giving out the Skeleton Pants again to the Calypso colonists who meet the requirement of either keeping an estate and/or having deposited 10,000 PED.
This may result in a number of participants receiving a second pair of Skeleton Pants this time round.
Way off topic from gifts, but Threads that might put you in to the holiday spirit…
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

They walk among us thread on Entropia Planets
Internet Archive Link

Interestingly, a couple of years later after the above post by MS9 (and more than a few posts about how MS9 would be gone from Entropia forever) MS9 is back in action as Dark Moon Enigma and Monria Fleet Manager, running a full scale mother ship on a weekly run free to Monria apartment owners and Monria born folks…


Eugenio Anhithe Wilde said:

Seeing as this was originally in the AMA section, I think I’ll answer the questions not asked.

DME is a player with a single avatar, MS9 (her former avatar) was put on ice by my request so she is free to play and global as she sees fit. We have a commercial agreement that includes a PED payment for her to use at her discretion and I encourage this to be used to play the game but more often than not she blows it giving away freebies to people :)

MFM is an avatar I requested for Virtualsense (my company) from Mindark to be used to administer the free flight program that I fund. This is completely transparent and monitored by MA. It is administered by myself, @Dark Moon Enigma@Kendra or @Pusherman, its sole purpose is to manage the Yamato and is controlled by representatives of my company. Admittedly it is mostly managed by @Dark Moon Enigma and as we all know she does most of the work around here!!!

I’m sure nobody thinks there is anything untoward going on here but thought I would just spell it out before the conspiracies start.


Click to expand…


Related Links that prompted that thread:
Neverdie’s post on Rocktropia Forum
MA employee avatar name list
Are planet partners allowed to participate? Who can/cannot participate and at what level? Thread on Entropiaforum
2001 Mindark Interview Thread
Discussion about Planet Partners playing… on Entropia Planets
Why is this allowed? on PCF
Island Girl in Auction
MA employee avatar name list

Other Related Threads (after that They walk among us thread/article):
Why Mindark doesn’t perma Ban Exploiter thread (discussion about Arkadia in particular by George)
Are planet owner allowed to play with their own avatar?

Resellers, Scammers, and Leeches blog post
Internet Archive Link
While I DON’T agree with most of what’s in the following 2007 quote from Finkle’s reply to the above blog post I’m putting a copy of this here as a reminder that the issue of Dev’s playing is one that’s been around even before the Planet Partner’s Existed, and is one that Mindark and PPs should really do something about by being more open about the issue and possibly issuing more communication to the community about since this type of issue/conspiracy is probably keeping Entropia Universe from being played by a lot more folks out there in the general population…
Finkle said:

Then back to sweating, usually people who go through this cycle a couple of time will end up depositing money. The minute you do, scammers flock over and try to steal your money in some way or another. Make no mistake, there are mostly employees of mindark, they know EXACTLY when you deposit, and don’t show their faces until you do. I have watched the tactics they use and see the light. The avatars you meet and put on your friend list are more times than not the SAME employee. Just watch how on your friends list two or three people seem to log out at exactly the same time. Then a minute later when their computer reboots they log back in at the same time, with a slight delay in between. Look at how the same avatars can’t hold up individual conversations with you at the same time, they have a hard time trying to keep up with both conversations. I have actually seen one avatar answer a question that I asked ANOTHER avatar!! The staff of mindark sit around and create accounts all day, scam newbies, manipulate the market, get Hall of Fames to entice you to keep playing, and you are a HUGE TOOL if you play their rigged game.Related Quote from an email:

Excerpt from an email that I received from Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros Iglesias, CEO of Pyxel Arts, on June 8, 2011 (back when his company was preparing to become a Planet Partner – see Theryon Wars under Dead Planets list above):
“Our employees are playing (and some have played for a long time) in Entropia Universe. We believe it’s important for any planet partner to do so, to check and understand other planets and players’



You wrote:
Is selling of avatars allowed? My guess would be it isn’t based on my own interpretation of the eula/tos… but It seems that some are doing it nowadays and based on some old forum threads, etc. have done it in the past…

Please see https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/…-Full-Avatar&p=3550993&viewfull=1#post3550993

Also, as you have at least one person at Mindark using the forums from time to time a reply there in the forum might be a good idea on this one as well as a reply to this support case here…

Click to expand…

Entropia Universe Support
Hi mastermesh,
Thank you for your support case.
It is not allowed, even if there is seemingly threads as they were contacted any sale was stopped.

Additionally, it is the Forum administration that needs to deal with this and I’ll send them a notice, to have MindArk replying in threads does commonly not get a positive outcome as further discussions are started and messages get purposely misunderstood.

Either way, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Take care and best of luck.

Kind regards,
Ulf | Entropia Universe Support

Click to expand…

Click to expand…

Notice regarding inquiries referring to selling of avatars:
As stated in the EULA 2.2 Restricted Use, a participant, may not sell, lease, sublicense or otherwise transfer any rights to the Entropia Universe System to third parties.

Which means that we do not support the selling of avatars, doing so will lead to an account suspension.

Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Related Thread
Another Related Thread: Account Sale – the reason that warning got posted…

Hi, No, you are not allowed to have more than one active avatar/account.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Hi,We are sorry if our previous reply sounded like we didn’t know what to do with multiple accounts, because that is not the case, we do have strict policies for this kind if issues and it is clearly stated on the EULA that you are only allowed to own one active avatar/account.

Hi, As stated in the End Users License Agreement (EULA), each participant is entitled to one active Entropia Universe Account at the time. The reason for this is that your avatar is meant to be your virtual representation within the Entropia Universe. Other avatars will know you by your appearance and your name.
We cannot prevent people from creating several accounts, but if someone uses multiple accounts in order to abuse the system or gain economic advantages to other participants, we will look into the matter and take appropriate measures. In case of such an investigation, it is important that each account holder can verify his/her identity in order to prove his/her right to the account.
Unfortunately we can not discuss information about accounts other than your own, however please rest assured that we will look into the matter and if there is clear proof of abuse, we will certainly follow up on it.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Unless the name violates the EULA or ToU or you happened to write your real name as your avatar name, we do not change the name of your avatar. The reason for not allowing a change of your avatar name is that you build reputation and trust inside the Entropia Universe by the name of your avatar. To allow this to be changed would undermine confidence in existing avatar relations.

Monria’s explanation of alt and shared avatar use regarding the weekly mothership travels

Avatar Sharing is very clearly not allowed
Hypothetical Situation Breaking of TOU-EULA
Approved (shared) alts
Shouldn’t 2nd Avatars be hunted and banned

Full Avatar
Community Advisor Program
Multiple Planets Multiple Avatars
EU marriage and babies!
Double Standard
Shouldn’t FPC MA change society terminals so that they kick out avatars that no longer exist
Hardcore Avatars
Would you make multiple accounts
Should MA Allow Avatars to be sold
Are second account against EULA
EULA and multiple avatars
Multiple Avatars
Two Avatars
How many avatars
Identifying multiple avatars
The Final Entropia Exploit – article on Blogtropia Blog


AMPS CHANGED (need to add a link about the max damage on amp nerf if I can find it)
AXES CHANGED (need to add a link to the 2×0 axe’s weapon nerf if I can find it)
The estate bug is not Fixed Yet
U think ur shop is large – check out Mega Shop!
Are Booth owners forgotten
Cannot drop items in booth
Issue with Booth Item Points
Consumer rights and Entropia
You do not own an estate you buy nor the contents in it!

Borders on where Items can be dropped safely in estates have changed in the past…

You will probably not be able to place anything on the wall close to your booth. The walls are not supposed to be included in the booth area. However, should it still be this in your case, it is OK to place an item there. If you wish to find out whether someone can steal an item you have placed there, it is the same here as above. If you get a warning message before placing the item on the wall, the area is unsafe and not within your estate.

Thank you for the additional information. It is indeed a feature the fact that the visualize button will not show borders of the apartments. However, you should feel free to drop items in your hallway since the pick up option is not available to other avatars.
The area from the teleporters to the hallways, however is public.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support
Georg Bear “Fish Tanks and Fire Places”

Warning to item buyers the Eco Safeguard
Bugged guns used to win events

Anyone remember these threads?
Related Thread
Related Thread

Notice regarding Item abuse in the Battle Simulator

Affiliate/Referral System offered to some but not all
Related Threads/Links Regarding Affiliate/Referral System (both by MA and others in the community):

http://www.entropiaplanets.com/thre…rk-2009-20xx-and-the-german-xarxa-gmbh.22019/ – lovely affiliate program discussion by McCormick over on ep…

affiliate program…
New affiliate program by MA(koz) (2016)
Affiliate Program
Affiliate programm
Entropia Partners Affiliate Program (be careful on this one, not run by MA or a PP, but posting it since it’s something some may confuse with official MA stuff potentially… Knowledge is power and all that…)
The Affiliate System is active from some time
Dev Note 4:

Affiliate Program
MindArk is in the early stages of designing a comprehensive affiliate program that will allow existing EU participants to get rewarded for helping to expand the Entropia Universe user base. We hope to launch that program in the first quarter of 2013. More details will be shared once the initial design of the affiliate program becomes more certain.Way back Machine Copy of [url]http://planetcalypso.eu/en [/URL]


This is the official affiliate program planetcalypso.eu for the Massive Multiplayer Online Game “Planet Calypso” inside the Entropia Universe.
Here you will find information about the unique concept of the game and the Entropia Universe and a newly initiated affiliate program presented in cooperation with First Planet Company, the operator of Planet Calypso.
You may apply to this exceptional program to become an affiliate and upon acceptance and activation you will be able to participate directly in the booming market of online games.
We are looking forward to welcome you as a new associate affiliate soon.Wayback Machine Copy of [url]http://planetcalypso.eu/en/node/34 and the related sublinks:[/URL]

Affiliate Program
In the course of the integration of the CryEngine2 as graphics engine for the Entropia Universe this Affiliate Program was initiated. It offers eligible affiliates the opportunity to receive a 5 year, weekly paid commission on the company´s profits of each newly recruited player.
We absolutely differentiate here from other programs as the duration in which we pay the commission is much longer and not just a one time bonus after reaching a certain turnover.

A main characteristic of this program is the fact that these commissions are also paid if the player who originally registered for Planet Calypso decides to play on other planets inside the Entropia Universe. Of course, First Planet Company´s main interest is to keep the participants on Planet Calypso, but for the commission is only relevant that the initial registration was made for Planet Calypso via our affiliate network.

Your advantages
Our affiliates are looking at a market that’s still just scratched on the surface and are facing an excellent starting position to take part in the steadily growing MMORPG market environment.

Numerous studies show the fact that basically free games, with special content that needs to be paid, are steadily increasing.
Mindark, the company behind the Entropia Universe and First Planet Company with Planet Calypso recognized that trend very early and developed a game environment with an economy that’s based on real cash. Here, participants can not only deposit money from their bank accounts or credit cards, they can also withdraw it directly back without any hassles.


How does it work ?

So, how does an affiliate program look like on a game concept that’s basically free, with no download fee or monthly subscription fees ? How does the operator actually earn money ?

Each tool, weapon, clothes, basically everything a player can utilize has a specific basic value. This base decreases by a certain preset amount every time an object is used until it reaches almost zero value and has to be “repaired”.

The correlating amount of the in-game currency PED and therefor 10:1 US-Dollars of what the item decays gets distributed 50:50 between Mindark PE AB as operator of the Entropia Universe and the planet partner where the participant has the account registered and pursuing its activities, in our case First Planet Company and Planet Calypso.

Another source of income are fees and commissions attached to the in-game auction and player’s shops. Every sale on the auction and shops produces a sales commission that also gets shared 50:50 between Mindark and the Planet Partner.

Click to expand…

Planet Calypso attracts gamers

From this revenue First Planet Company passes a certain percentage X onto the affiliates registered on planetcalypso.eu – for 5 years on each new recruited player !

At the same time its irrelevant whether a participant spends money that was obtained by hunting, mining, etc, or if it was deposited via credit card or other methods of payment available. Once the money is used to operate tools and other items its counted as income.

Internal Mindark surveys show that every user grosses an average of about $ 0.50 – $1 per hour on item usage charges.
Furthermore once registered people stay for a longer period with the game, as compared to other online games, until they eventually lose interest and move on to another one.
A substantial reason for that is the non-existent monthly subscription fee.

Also an overly interesting, exciting and always evolving storyline, which actively integrates the players into the past, present, and future of Planet Calypso is maintained by the operator First Planet Company. New planets will also increase players interest in the Universe due to different styles of play and story lines linked to different planets.

Click to expand…

Prosperous affiliate program thanks to CryEngine2

The graphics upgrade to the popular CryEngine2 is another unique characteristics in this market environment and guarantees our affiliates a big interest on their banner campaigns.

The Entropia Universe and the game Planet Calypso inside of it is still very little known everywhere in the world compared to other online games, mainly because Mindark never really did any active advertising for it. Yet, there are already 900,000 accounts registered, a number that will jump up together with the CryEngine2 upgrade. Well-known new planet partners will fire up the interest and the curiosity for the Entropia Universe too.
Thus, participating affiliates are looking towards an outstanding and long-term revenue stream, just by displaying our eye-catching banners or textlinks with their affiliate ID on related content.
All informations about the Entropia Universe and Planet Calypso that an interested person might want to know can be found on the publishers websites, multi-lingual of course and each new account registration there will be tracked by the affiliate ID.
Always up to date banners, also especially made for ongoing ingame events (e.g. a special christmas event, that got some exceptional prizes), will be provided by us, but also can be designed by the affiliate based upon our guidelines.

Click to expand…

Your potential: multilingualism & sub affiliates
Affiliates who want to address clientel that speaks languages other than English can do that too. The publishers website and all the information as well as the game client is available in German, Spanish and French. Chinese and Russian translations are being processed. We currently offer German, Polish and English banners inside the internal area of planetcalypso.eu and more languages are to follow.

In the near future our affiliates will be able to set up own sub affiliate programs. In short, this opens up exceptional income capabilities on a long-term basis which are further described under “income possibilities”

Call for disiplinary action on the part of all UA cheaters during this Merry Mayhem
How true to their word Monria Owners are




Clarification about “damage-less sweating”


Fair on community to hide space mobs from others … ?
ToS Space Migration 2015

Mindark fix this!! (Hogglo Diablo event)
Bug report: 100% free space skills

If you thinnk that Quad is fast you should see me in bed!


Proofs how new ***** B*T works 





Few Scars said:

There is a group of players who I consider to be a Item Devaluing Mafia (IDM). They resell devalued items later on for higher prices.

These players use their influence in the forums to devalue items based on their own personal opinions. As a result we see players losing $1000s USD over months of devaluation of items. The DOA Slugstorm is the current target.
Until recently the value sat around 20K for a Tier 0 and +30K for a Tier 10. Unhappy with this price being out of their reach, the IDM are systematically via auction and PCF attempting to bring down the value of this weapon.
With this fear in place, no one is buying as the thought has settled that the gun is worth less than what players want for it.

Other examples of IDM workings are like the Vampiric cloak with 12HP of health boost. Obviously this health boost can be matched by cheap pills and rings, not to forget the Perfected ring which barely fetches 1.4k, but they proffer the value to stay about 10K, clearly overvalued, yet what the IDM say, the forum listens to. With the fact real cash is involved in these transactions it is worrying these players have so much influence in the selling threads.
Another example was the VRex2000 SGA edition. It held a steady value of around 15k for ages, then the IDM came in and suddenly they were selling for 30-40k each!!! WTF? OOOOOhhh the community thinks it is of sudden amazing value…nothing actually changed. Now they are worth 15k again.

The fact is this, if you sell a Tier 10 DOA slugstorm for less than 30K, you are a retard and shafting your fellow Slugstorm owners. You are feeding the re-sellers to make great profits! A 30K weapon doesn’t sell quickly.

Click to expand…

aia said:

One example of how resellers have influenced the market: For AUDs, as long as the AUDs were availible at arkadia underground NPC, the market value was less(!) than the initial 50 peds. I there had the feeling that there was a lot of resellers who thought the supply would end as fast as it did with the CLDs (more about that later). When the AUDs were moved to the “shop” webpage, the value stabilized around 52 ped or so, which would be a fair price where 50 ped was the “base price” and 2 ped would correspond to the work it took to buy it with deposited money and then selling it ingame.
Now, after the supply of AUDs have stopped, the price of AUDs have started to go up.

As for CLDs, when they were initially sold, there were resellers who camped the auction. The only thing they did, was first (Before everyone knew about it) buying from the global auction and re-posting on Calypso auction. Then, as global auction got known, the resellers would start to hammer the refresh button 24/7, buying from auction, and reposting in public auction. That is, the resellers didn’t do this to be nice; it was an opportunity for auction campers (possibly with macro software) to earn easy peds by liniting sales from MA to normal players and instead forcing players to buy from the resellers.

Another example where resellers have had an impact of supply to normal players are apartments. Long ago, there were tens of pages in auction with apartmetns at fixed prices, sold (and refreshed) directly by MA. There were apartments in pretty much all major cities on Calypso. Then, over a day the resellers woke up. A normal player just noted that the pages with apartments quickly were removed, and possibly contacted MA support. But it was apparent, that it was resellers who took this as an opportunity; for the price of one calypso hangar it was possible to buy up all apartmetns on Calypso. For a normal player, this quickly ment that instead of a choice of apartment (such as which floor and in which city) for say 300 ped, a player who would want an apartment would now have to buy it from a reseller at at least double-triple price. And didn’t have a choice; a player had to take whatever apartment the resellers had posted in auction at the moment.

And, well, I Think it’s a bit sad that the prices for AUDs and CLDs have became doubled. Here I just got a feeling, but the feeling is that at least the CLD market is resellers passing the CLD deeds back and forth between themselves and each time add say 50 ped – pushing the CLDs further and further away from normal players. And a normal player knowing that if they buy a reseller priced CLD, that those Money will leave the game.

(Well, for me the CLD market is kind of personal, I had some bad luck there. I put my CLDs in the bank at some Points, and eventually I thought I paid too much in bank interest to keep them, so I let them expire. A week later the announcement came that MA would release lots, and well, it did didn’t felt fun. And now with resellers continuing to press CLD prices upward, and almost no normal player Selling any CLDs, it doesn’t feel as fun anymore. Maybe, just maybe, I might factor in who gets a slice of my PEDs when I do my activities when I decide where to do them… if the PEDs from the expentures will go to resellers who just will withdraw it, if it goes to someone I Think does great work for development, or if even I have a symbolic share in it. I really would want to be able to buy at least one CLD back, but I don’t want to give my PEDs, that comes from IRL deposited Money, to a 1-attribute auction drone..)

Oh, and apartments: I have the feeling that when a planet partner releases apartments, i got the feeling a big part of those released apartments will go to the resellers we all know. And, again, that kind of resellers I mean will only pay 1 ped more than the highest bid of a real player (unless there are two resellers bidwaring). Instead of going to a normal players, those apartments are likely to be “investment objects”, or end up somewhere in a shopkeeper somewhere and forgottten about. At a reseller price (ie 30% surcharge). Not long ago, apartments were sold in Rocktropia. The idea was this: To be able to get into the “government”, you must be committed but having some sort of estate deed (ie apartment, shop etc). Now, to kill the joy, there was of course some resellers who bidwared for the apartments, and one even said it was as investment object.
Now lets see if MA can help Rocktropia to release more apartments Before the government thing gets decided, and at the same time try to keep the pure resellers who are just are in it for the profit from reselling.

Click to expand…

MA’s manipulation of market value – overview and discussion

Please Help 120k peds Mistake!”]Please Help 120k peds Mistake!
Related Thread: Time for MA’s management to sit down together, think and discuss…

Make orders pay the offered price
Looking for Fareios BigHunter Acheimes
Made a mistake, does anyone know Dmitry stDem Sur?
Selling AUD on AH at wrong mu………. I’m a moron
30000 ped just gone …… [Auction mistake]
Help, im a noob and made a bad order mistake on Calypso!!
Just made a huge auction-failure.
Looking for Mr Infinity Infinity
Please Help 120k peds Mistake!
Arkadian Underground Deed scam or mistake in auction
AUCTION WARNING: Guy selling deeds for 12000 ped

Trust Scammers
‘Society Scams’

Clarification about Entropia Banking Operations

Since we released news about the virtual banking licenses, several questions regarding loan services and banking affairs within Entropia Universe have been raised. The main concern has been the lending of items for interest. We feel that we need to clarify our policy about this.
Recently MindArk PE AB issued official virtual banking licenses. These licenses comprise a secured bank system for processing loans and securities in the form of items. All transactions made via this official bank system, such as loans, defaults, securities, interest etc., are safe and as such guaranteed by MindArk.
By contrast, loan services offered outside this official bank system cannot be guaranteed by MindArk. If an item is exchanged between avatars, this transaction will be logged as a regular TRADE. And as all trades are final, MindArk will not investigate claims if a loan giving avatar refuses to return items or money.Many people do not fully understand the true value of their virtual items until they are lost. They will then contact MindArk PE AB for assistance and will realize that we cannot help them; this can cause a lot of unnecessary grief and frustration.
We do not wish to discourage entrepreneurship within Entropia Universe, but based on experiences from community feedback and support case history, unfortunately not all entrepreneurs offering loaning services are trustworthy members of the Entropia Universe and therefore we need to be strict in our policies in order to protect the community from scams and cheating.
Therefore, any loan services offered outside the approved bank system will be considered by MindArk as scam attempts and the avatar offering such services risk a permanent lockdown of his/her account.

Click to expand…

‘Fund Scams’ As noted above, according to Mindark:

…If an item is exchanged between avatars, this transaction will be logged as a regular TRADE. And as all trades are final, MindArk will not investigate claims if a loan giving avatar refuses to return items or money.
…any loan services offered outside the approved bank system will be considered by MindArk as scam attempts and the avatar offering such services risk a permanent lockdown of his/her account.

so ALL ‘funds’ where one avatar holds stuff that other avatars are claiming they have ownership of should be considered a potential scam in process… Below are links to Funds that have been mentioned in forums, community websites, etc. (some did turn out to be major scams already, some haven’t yet… Be cautious since Mindark considers these sort of setups as ‘potential scams’ and we, as a community should too unless Mindark’s stance on this matter and ability to allow us to have multiple folks own one thing in game (outside of the deed system for Akradia Underground Deeds, Calypso Land Deeds, etc.) ever changes someday… (Honestly, I’m not sure why Mods don’t delete every ‘fund’ thread since Mindark won’t stand behind funds as they are scam-bait, unless maybe the Mods themselves are behind one or a few of them?)
LA Collaboration Fund
Chiee’s EU-FUND – Investment Opportunity
My Money Mint add PEDS to your account value every month!!!
Looking for co-investors in the Cyrene stable
JoshEdward’s Smart Trade Terminal Solution (STTS)
R&R Fund
Thread Related to R&R Fund
Pirate’s Investment Fund
Hardwrath’s NBK Fund Payback Post

Entropia Investment Fund
Related Thread(s):Did EIFund scammed people?


Related Fund Links (not necessarily ‘scams’ per se):
Make 1% a Month with the EFD Growth Fund! – shut down after Entropia Forum’s database got moved over to Planetcalypsoforum and the forum dollar system was removed essentially in the process.

Earn Peds Outside of Entropia Scam Sites – I’d highly suggest NOT using these type of sites/services since they usually end up being a scam even though some claim they work for them… Just posting these here so that community is aware that these types of places exist. Officially According to Mindark ‘all trades are final’ in game, so any trade with another avatar for items/services outside of the game will just be logged as a regular trade in game, so if you get scammed doing some trade for a service/item outside of the game using in game peds/pecs/items Mindark WON’T back you up if it turns out to be scam… These links are NOT so much to advertise these places as to make the community, devs, and Mindark aware that they exist so maybe they can actually start doing something about getting rid of them (like perhaps calling up some ISPs behind these sites and start throwing lawyers at them for IP infringment, etc.)
Entropia Partners (glad that link doesn’t work! :) Means that this site is in the filter list! Mods, and 711 if you are adding the other links in this section to the filter, please, by all means, do so! :) )
Related Blog
Related Blog
Ped to click

A Doc Scammed: short story
Anyone from ***? You have a scammer, PM me.


Possible use of auction bot?
How to fix Aim Botting
Scripters are sadly back in game!
Auction Bots at Jurra
Afk Hunting

SLANDER, and other Chat Issues:

Regarding use of local or global chat to issue communications that normally should go in a dedicated Trade chat channel:
It is very regrettable that there are participants that use the chats to gain an advantage. However, we have no means to control communication within the virtual universe. The Entropia Universe is designed to resemble the real world in as many ways as possible. As in real life, not all people you meet will be honest and well behaved. This does of course not mean that we do not take action against people who ruin the experience for other people in the Entropia Universe. We thank you very much for your report.
Kind regards,
Entropia Universe Support

Click to expand…How to deal with slander

BANNED because… “bleh bleh bleh”…
windowed mode .. and ban to EP
Why mastermesh got banned at PCF?
MA blocking avatars without any real reason!

*** more to come… lots to draw from here… JC, Mega, etc.***

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