5k sold

Sold Boxer Pet for 5k Ped (i.e. 500 US Dollars). (bought him a few years back for a bit more than 2k ped)

(note: this is one of the few times I’ve actually come ahead on any investment in Entropia Universe. The only other main times that I can think of are when I sold a Monria Apartment for about 1k ped more than I bought it for, and when Mindark accidentally upgraded one of my shops on Calypso many, many years ago increasing item points in the shop without actually charging me the 2k ped that it would have normally cost at that time for such an upgrade… I had discussed with them potentially upgrading but never said I would – they must have felt sorry for me and let it slide back then. Sadly, I actually lost money on that upgrade since I sold that shop for about 3k ped less than I bought it for because that year I had to withdrawal money from the game to cover a shortage on taxes that we had to pay back to the Federal Government… That loss almost made me quit the game for good, but I’ve not done so yet. It did result in a couple of years of almost no activity and just sweating or bidding on blueprints in auction to expand my blueprint library, etc. Recent riches were the result of my cashing out on a retirement package to pay off several real world debts such as my wife’s massage school tuition, etc. A bit got thrown in to the game from that, but not a whole bunch… just enough to allow me to sort of exist in game as I do now.)

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