time for a trip to Monria…

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Information about new [Yog Hatchling Pet] was added to the spreadsheet: link.

It has a new unique buff – Excavator Mastery: Excavation reload speed increase 10%.

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Go to TP 3 in the cave, then go east until you hit a left turn.
Head along there, until there’s a small gap in the rock wall on the left (not easy to see) then you’re there.
Ask someone I guess when on Monria.

Hope that helps a bit though.


Yog Horror is the big brother one and requires tamer level 25 to touch:…et-stats.4582/

Has Excavator Mastery buff 25%

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If it’s possible to set up ‘taming missions’ that would work parallel to iron missions for tameable mobs that’d be swell to. Pretty sure it’s not possible yet, but it’d be nice if it was available once it was.

100% not possible, we already tried to set this up and it received confirmation from MA that it was not possible at this time.


Quote Originally Posted by Dark Moon Enigma, post: 28157, member: 5614
Below is the location of the underground hidden Crystal Cavern where you will find our Yog Hatchlings that are able to be tamed. I have added the coordinates as well. When you reach the coordinates, face South and walk through. I have included a map photo, and me standing in front of the entrance so that you know what it looks like. I lightened up the photo a bit so that you could see it better.

The Crystal Cavern is a large area, so have fun exploring. 

Crystal Cavern Entrance Coordinates — [36054, 22896, 66]…et-stats.4582/


Quote Originally Posted by Kris | Cyrene, post: 27815, member: 7
Hey Spawn,

I think that because this was part of the Dynamic Upgrade Map I can tell you this location: 132014, 77396

They are above where all the new spider bots are now.



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