Where to find tamable creatures
Bristlehog Puny spawns on Calypso
Camp Icarus, just north to northwest of TP mixed with lowest level Caudatergus, Berycled and such
Port Atlantis, east of Port Atlantis in short distance to the city wall
Teleporter:Nymphtown, in some distance SE of TP
Teleporter:Cape Corinth
Teleporter:Fort Ithaca
Panther Puny spawns on ROCKtropia
~ [136050, 82200, xxx]
on the Isle of the Lost Avatars
Nusul Puny spawns on Arkadia
[8779, 31893, 123], South of Tannery
[15279, 16150, 237], North East of Repulse Firebase Academy
[17929, 13681, 189], West of Steadfast Steadfast Firebase
[23168, 21212, 203], South of Redoubtable Firebase
[24178, 29889, 142], South East of Sanctuary Island
[30918,26736,308], South of Taipan Digsite
[21424,13485,186], South West of Robot Factory
[17376, 17545, 320], South East Rocky Ridge
Tip: For TPs check Planet Arkadia Teleporters/Map

Young Arret spawns on Cyrene
[138439, 76920, 100], On the island south of the 0x101 Supply Depot teleporter

[132635, 93905] near Citadel
[135974, 93362] North-West of Pit North


Quote Originally Posted by tamlin View Post
Tests performed on a Bristlehog level 2, with Energy levels (just in case it affects the results) 39%-52% (Fed).

Focus regen:
The 30 seconds below is more like 30s + delay (probably MA-internal system lag of a perhaps 200-1500ms). Also, the skipping of both percentage points (sometimes 2, then one, then two) and the skipping of time-delay, is most likely due to internal representation not fitting display representation, combined with integer division truncation.

Focus Time
72 -> 74, 30s
74 -> 75, 30s
75 -> 77, 30s
77 -> 78, 30s
78 -> 80, 30s
80 -> 81, 30s
81 -> 82, 30s
82 -> 84, 30s
84 -> 85, 30s
85 -> 86, 30s
86 -> 87, 30s
87 -> 88, 30s
88 -> 89, 30s
89 -> 90, 30s
90 -> 91, 60s
91 -> 92, 30s
92 -> 93, 30s
93 -> 94, 30s
94 -> 95, 60s
95 -> 96, 60s
96 -> 97, 90s
97 -> 98, 120s ?
98 -> 99, 135s ?

Larger focus regen leaps:
Focus 50% -> 75%: approx 06:30 (mm:ss)
Focus 50% -> 90%: approx 07:45
Focus 50% -> 99%: approx 22:45

Focus consumption (% points when starting at 99%-ish) vs XP gain:
lvl 0 trick (Greet): Focus consumption: 1 (?). XP gain: 0.5
lvl 1 trick (Dance): Focus consumption: 2 (?). XP gain: 1
lvl 2 trick (Bow) : Focus consumption: 6. XP gain: 3

Starting at 99% and doing 2 Bow “tricks” in a row, Focus dropped from 99% to 78%, while XP went from 72% to 76%. Energy dropped from 41% to 40%. Extrapolating, this suggests at lvl 2 70%-ish, every % XP “costs” around 4 minutes (as the two tricks in a row “cost” approx 16 minutes to recover from).

It also suggests the “cost” in time of doing a trick (varying duration, from 250-500ms maybe) vs. regenerating lost Focus could be in the area of 1000:1.

I observed that focus consumption of the “trick” seemingly depends on initial focus. At 99%, the focus consumption for “Dance” was only 2 points, but at 80% I’ve observed it being more like 15! This suggests that internally there is a linear “cost” with everything, but the display value is exponential (or asymptotic). What I mean by this is that the “backend” “value” of the single percentage point from 98-99 is much, much larger than that of the move from 80-81 (possibly over 10 times).

This observation, combined with the “self regen” time for focus, suggests it’s also following MA’s model of making everything in EU asymptotic (or exponential, if you prefer). No great surprise there, even if obvious, predicable and perhaps somewhat disappointing.

I have so far observed gaining the following skills (in very small amounts) by just havin a pet spawned:
Animal Lore
Animal Taming

While the critter can do “tricks” of varying duration, I haven’t yet fond a way for it to turn tricks, or any other way for it to pay for its own living expenses.

Cheers, and happy skilling.


Ultimate N00b Challenge
Objective: Kill 15,000 Creatures in a Selected Area
Reward: Pilot Pistol Rank 1(L)

Test of Faith – Stage 1 – Pants
Objective: Kill any 20,000 creatures on cyrene
Reward: Pants of Turrelia

Test of Faith – Stage 2 – Jacket
Objective: Kill any 30,000 creatures on cyrene
Reward: Jacket of Turrelia

Test of Faith – Stage 3 – Boots
Objective: Kill any 40,000 creatures on cyrene
Reward: Boots of Turrelia

Test of Faith – Stage 4 – Goggles
Objective: Kill any 50,000 creatures on cyrene
Reward: Goggles of Turrelia

Test of Faith – Stage 5 – Coat
Objective: Kill any 60,000 creatures on cyrene
Reward: Coat of Turrelia…eidon_-_Rank_1

You are Poseidon – Rank 1
Objective: Kill 3000 Sea Wraiths
Reward: Heavy Melee Weapons, Light Melee Weapons or Power Fist

You are Poseidon – Rank 2
Objective: Kill 6000 Sea Wraiths

Reward: ~1.71Ped Telepathy, Translocation or Concentration

You are Poseidon – Rank 3
Objective: Kill 9000 Sea Wraiths

Reward: 16.5 Ped Cyrogenics


Quote Originally Posted by MindStar 9, post: 20953, member: 4
When I was an official member of the Cyrene Writing Team from July 15, 2011 to July 16, 2012 (I think the dates are correct), I was working on Chronicles starting with Vida. At the time, each Chronicle had 3 parts.

We started with Part 2 of the Vida Chronicle because it fit with the times and events that we were considering taking live. I finished Part 2, worked on story arc with Ed on Part 3 (again because it fit into the times and considered events and evolution of the planet), and I finished that one as well. We were going to work on Part 1 last, which was more historical with regard to storyline.

However, throughout that entire year, Ed was inundated with development and other projects and had minimal time to spend with me. We worked together and collaborated on story arc for the characters because Ed had the official Cyrene storyline in his head and not written down (which was my understanding), so he had to share background and storyline when we got together to work on each story arc for the Chronicles. When each story arc was finished, I would do a bullet point storyline flow for Ed’s review, and then write the Chronicle.

After a year, and only completing 2 parts of a 3-part Chronicle on one character, I resigned from the Cyrene Writing Team. This was because my original PE/EU avatar (MindStar9) was in a cryogenic state (not able to use), and I was operating with an Official Cyrene Avatar with immense restrictions and unable to really do anything during that year.

I’m not putting full blame on Ed whatsoever, and I absolutely enjoyed every minute we were able to spend collaborating on story arc and the Chronicles. He too said that he enjoyed it immensely, but his time was incredibly limited due to development and all of the projects, and I spent more time in limbo than not.

I needed to be writing, and while Ed had a wonderful list of projects for me to work on that included graphic novels, several other character chronicles, and projects I can’t list because I don’t know where he’s at with them now, he just didn’t have the time to devote to the writing, so …

It was with a very heavy heart that I tendered my resignation, but we didn’t close the door. I enjoyed being a part of the C-Team and working with Ed and Kris. I really have no clue where they are at now with regard to development and their future plans, but I hope that they are able to get back to the place they were before (with regard to quality and content) and move even further beyond.

I wish them the best.


As an afterthought … I really don’t know what direction they’re going now with the Cyrene storyline, but … from what I was privey to in the past, it is the best storyline of all the planets. I’ve said it many times that it’s massive, the characters are amazing, and they had great plans for developing it inside and outside the virtual world. I hope this is still the case.

Your question is valid McC, and I hope Kris will respond.


Quote Originally Posted by MindStar 9, post: 20954, member: 4
I don’t know what happened with the “Sons of Remus” app, but the link below is the first piece of storyline that Ed shared with everyone that relates to the “Sons of Remus” … I’ve given the link to the original post, but I have also posted it in full.

“Chapter One – The Sons of Remus” … as posted by Ed Robles III (10/4/10)

Planet Staverron. Outer rim, sector 8 of the Imperium. 17,005 GE (Galactic Empire)


The thunder of the particle cannons against the defense shields was a deafening and rude awakening. Sargent Jonah Armstrong waited outside impatiently for his Captains orders. It seemed that the Captain was shell shocked from the get go and refused to give the order to attack. Five long and stressful minutes had passed and still no order for the counter attack was given. Their position was weakening with every salvo, suddenly one of the cannons broke through the power shields and struck the command bunker. The Captain lay outside incoherently, saved only by his personal suit’s added defense shield. At the sight of seeing the Captain go down, Sargent Jonah started giving orders to mount up and prepare for a counter attack. As the troops climbed into their power armor and vehicles for the counter strike, the assault that had started without warning, had quickly stopped. The sudden silence was maddening, had they all gone deaf or was it even worse? One of the corporals asked the Sargent “Sir how could they know our location, and how did they sneak onto the planet without our knowledge?” The Sargent was just as confused, only the Turrelions could have performed such a surprise attack, but they were the oldest of the Imperium’s allies. The Sargent yelled at the corporal to go into the command bunker to see if the communication center was still operational. Soon after he had gone inside, the corporal came out with a pale face. The squad looked at one another confused as the corporal announced, “It’s over.” The Sargent calmed the men who broke out into a loud shouts of confusion and shock. He then asked” What do you mean it’s over, did those guns get taken out? Speak up son.” The Corporal just looked directly into the Sargent hardened face and exclaimed, “Supreme Commander Hillsbrad has surrendered the Empire over to the Coalition. We are to follow suit and prepare for orders from our new Coalition commanders.” The squad began to cry out angrily yet again, none could comprehend such an order. The Captain, who moments before lay on the floor, stood up and gained his composure. “Settle down men, you heard the order from HQ.” The Sargent quickly snapped back to attention. He was ever defiant at the news of surrender, but he was a true soldier and would follow an order to the death for the Imperium. The Sargent ordered,” You heard the Captain, troops, lets get this base back into shape and prepare for our instructions.”

Moments later, inside a make shift command tent, the Captain was on his tactical control screen as he notices the Sargent waiting patiently outside the tent. The Captain asks” What can I do for you Jonah?” “Sir, permission to speak freely, sir.” The Captain nods his permission and the Sargent entered the tent. “I just don’t understand it, sir. Why would we surrender? We are the most powerful of all the nine thousand nations and we still retain all 3 of our highly fortified home world sectors.” The Captain responds, “It’s simple math, Jonah, the Coalition has managed to ally themselves with too many of the Tier Elite nations. It would be only a matter of time before we would have to surrender. We could hold off for years to come, but eventual…” The Sargent emotionally interrupts, “S.C. Hillsbrad is a coward, sir.” The Captain continues,” …no, Jonah, Hillsbrad is a tactician. He knows the Empire cannot win versus the thousands of nations preparing to take control of our sectors.” The Sargent cannot believe what he is hearing from an Imperium officer, “Sir the Imperium is the only true ruler of Humanity, how can we bow down to a corporation with delusions of grandeur? Three hundred years ago they where selling appliances and now they are set to become our masters?” The Captain looks unfazed by the remark and responds, “Politicians care not of bloodlines or seventeen thousand years of tradition, Jonah. That “corporation” has what every man in the farthest reaches of space wants. The Coalition has made the promise of eternal life to anyone who would join. I am afraid it’s proven too strong a temptation even for our noblest of ally nations.” The Sargent grows even more bold, “So what now then, sir? Do we help them in their quest to rule the nations of Mankind, all for the promise of living like a dog for eternity?”

“There is yet hope, Jonah,” responds the Captain. A confused look is now on the Sargent’s face, “How can that be sir? Hillsbrad has served us up on a silver platter to the Coalition.” The Captain calmly responds while walking towards a table. “Years ago, Jonah, I was sent to a world far into the depths of the lowliest sectors. A small planet that was deemed too insignificant to set up proper mining operations on. It was established as a resort world for the Imperium elite due to it’s natural beauty and original home world feel. Kept a secret from all but those lucky enough to be invited, the planet has stayed low in profile even till today. The planet, named Cyrene, is a beautiful but dangerous world, Jonah. Much had to be done so the elite could enjoy their new found playground. While I was down there, leading countless clean-up missions and patrols, I discovered something of great use. As a matter of fact, I had just recently spoken personally with Hillsbrad a week ago while he was down in sector 8 for reviews. Needless to say I was able to convince him of some important matters concerning the Imperium and planet Cyrene. Unfortunately, the surprise attack on our position today has forced us to escalate our plans.

The Sargent was deeply confused and did not understand, “Sir, I just don’t get any of what you are saying.” The Captain walks to a small table, picks up a flask containing a deep purple fluid. He pours into a small cup and offers it to Sargent Jonah. “Have a sip of this sweet nectar, Jonah. It is the juice from the finest fruit on planet Cyrene.” Jonah takes the cup and prepares to drink the sweet fragrant juice. After enjoying the aroma he drinks it slowly and then finds he has drank the entire cups worth of juice. The Captain looks at Jonah and asks, “Well, how was it Jonah?” The Sargent produced a smile and responded, “Amazing sir, I feel… happy, my mind is at peace, almost as if I was…” The Captain responds for him, “Enlightened.” The Sargent not caring about what had just transpired just stood there and enjoyed the feeling. The Captain turns his back and with a large grin exclaims. “Excellent, Sargent Jonah, I would now like to welcome you to the a new era, a new Empire for mankind. Welcome to, The Sons of Remus.”


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