up up the bar we go…

8.18.17 http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?298715-Maria-s-Endeavors&p=3600627&viewfull=1#post3600627

up up the bar we go…

Taming the little bristlehogs on the hill and beach near Port Atlantis mall is how I’m working on upping these bars lately. It’s almost down to a science now… 2 hits on the moccasin, then 2-4 hits on the viper whip is a tame. If I do one hit with moccasin and the rest with viper it’s ok, but a bit slower.

With 2 hits on moccasin I sometimes do a bit more damage than I intended to, so switch up to a second bristlehog while the other is healing up a bit. Sometimes, that second one is a bit too much damage to so have to do a third or fourth while the others heal til I can go back and finish the tames with the viper. The viper whip is slow enough and low damage enough that they can usually heal up enough for one more hit when you rotate between em.

In that little corner at the bottom of the hill between PA mall and the beach you tend to get a bunch of em on you at once… I’m mostly using adjusted pixie without any plates for now and it seems to do the job, but I do have to typically heal up a bit if I get 5 or more of em on me at once… on or three at a time is no biggie though.

This location seems to work better than the top of the hill by Icarus since they are spread out a bit more, at least if you aren’t in that corner and just staying there all of the time… I think the spawn’s center spot is right there in that little corner and the gravity from the hill pushes em down the hill so that’s why they gang up on you down there. On top of the hill or closer to the rocks on the beach they are more one at a time… but you kinda want to keep at least two close by so you have something to whip if you need one of em to heal a bit before you attempt tame.

Loot on these little guys isn’t that great, but based on my other hunting and threads I’m reading here in forums, most loot is not so hot post Loot 2.0… However, there does appear to still be a few nice little ‘waves’ of loot where good stuff rolls in every so often, typically around the time that the pre Loot 2.0 waves would, but skewed on the timer by about 5-10 minutes… It might just be the ‘extra shrapnel’ I’m seeing, but it’s nice when it happens… 4 ped on these little guys every now and then is a nice little bit considering how much decay I’m taking on the whips. Might be the extra decay on armor that’s adding in to make that happen? If I keep doing this the adjusted pixie is gonna need an upgrade on the tiers again across the board for almost the entire set.

If I was using the UL augmented taming ring I’d probably be getting faster successes, and if I was using my UL augmented health ring I’d probably not have to fap so much, but for the moment I’ve got no plans to take off the L athenic and L ares ring a society mate got me a while back since those little extra buffs are nice when I jump over to do the iron missions…

I keep hopping between the taming stuff and the irons, basically just doing an hour of iron when I know I’ll have over an hour to dedicate to it as I’m using pill buffs to help with that to increase skilling speed on that side of things. As mentioned already, puny iron was just completed (but the bone mission isn’t yet from that so may need to buy some if anyone is selling cheap). Now working on the 5k foul mission.

I’m using Drakes near Treasure Island to do the foul mission, but feel like I’m wasting the pill buffs on it since they are so spread out here. A few years back I would have tried EOS, but it looks like these days foul aren’t over there any more. Anyone have a good suggestion on a nice low level spawn of foul that might not be taxed, is near a tp, and isn’t mixed in with a bunch of other mob types? I’m mainly using unplated musca adjusted for the foul hunts, so need a spawn that is suitable for that level of armor. For weapons I’ve started using Ozpyn Chon S1X1 more since it’s range is fairly close to what the loot pills offer, so I’m not having to run all over the place to get the loot when I’ve got the loot pill turned on to up the prereq on the Oratan Axe Pet.

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