bp list update, etc.

8.20.2017 http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?298715-Maria-s-Endeavors&p=3600908&viewfull=1#post3600908

tweaked the blueprint list a little with some changes and updates… that is a time consuming and mentally challenging thing to do… not too serious about the crafting side of things at the moment, but starting to track it all here in the forums so I can easily figure out what I need, etc. as it’s sometimes confusing if you just use in game info.

Slowly starting to more or less take stock of what I got in game on that front and some of the first posts here in this thread… going to probably make take full inventory list and organize it, figuring out what needs to go where as far as distributing it all to the different apartments on each planet, etc. soon… time consuming figuring this crap out when more than one planet is involved and your inventory has over 2.5k items in it.

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