Ancient History… is the oldest blog I have on Entropia. It is very outdated, but it’s interesting to see where we’ve been to know where we’ve come and where we will be going.

Back then I owned a shop and booth in Omegaton Delta building on Calypso and eventually had a few apartments in the same building… That was way back in 2008 or so…

It was a fun time, but I could not afford to do a lot of playing back then so ended up just putting stuff in the shop like blueprints, which did not sell much… When where was a buyer they’d buy the entire shop out in one night, etc.  It was really hit an miss.  I may go in to more details about this era and history of things here over time.  In those days I was in the shop next to Spawn.  Spawn is now the leader of the Ministry society that I’m in.  I am not a big chit chatter on society chat much since I usually have a lot of things going on as I hunt silently, move items around in estates, tame pets, etc…

I was originally in TAS – the American Soldier society when I first started the game, and that died out after a month or two… Then I was in Entropia Asia since one of the friends I’d found in another avatar was with them… When that society broke apart Zoku was born… There is a few stories there, lol… which I may discuss later… blackmail, deceit, ISP bills, and open marriages were all involved in that set of stories in one way or the other, lol.

After that I was in The NBK – and NBK Entrepreneurs a while… before I moved on to Kaos and finally to the Ministry… there’s some stories there too…

I may look in to getting in to another society one of these days but we’ll see.


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