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73.8% on the autoloot prereq

oratan axe passive: auto loot 73.8%

This one is still a very slow progress… each auto loot pill popped only ups the bar by .3% roughly. I’m using the pills to do combine with other buff items I’ve got through the webshop boxes the last few months and am grindng out these irons one at a time. about a third of the way through the 3k berycled iron mission in the last 2 hours of buff pills doing this.

lets do some math…

26.2×3=78.6, so what is that roughly 79 more actual in game hours to get this criteria bar completed… I probably should just activate a pill and go to bed irl, but since I’m burning the pills and need to up some skill levels for a few of the weapons I have in inventory to get in SIB range I suppose I’ll keep doing it the hard way… Just hard to do when most of the time I log in for more than an hour at a time are all either on the weekends, when no household chores need to be done, or when I’ve got insomnia like tonight… then it’s hard since what would normally be a 20 minute log in turns in to an hour and a half log in since I just keep shooting til all the red dots in the radar are gone or pill buffs wear off, whichever comes quicker.

May have to ‘take a break’ a couple of weekends since Netflix’s Defenders just came out… that’s 13 hours or so I don’t want to be watching two screens at the same time since I’ll miss something if I do.

The ‘roll’ action on the oratan axe doesn’t seem to require as much time for him to recover from as the left right combo requires the boxer to have… in that regard, I think the axe is actually a ‘better pet’ even though I kind of like the buffs on the boxer a bit more… well, sort of…

I’m not sure if it’s the action itself or the difference in metabolic rate that makes the difference. The boxer’s left right combo usually drops him down a little over 10% in focus. The roll on axe just drops him a few points.

Eating all of these loot pills, I’m getting used to this lazy way of hunting. When I do finally get the passives unlocked, the axe may become my hunting buddy and the boxer my little run around everywhere else in between nunts pal?… unless I’m hunting way above my level and need that decrease crit buff?

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