Monria’s & Cyrene’s Forum are BOTH DOWN!

Cyrene’s Forum is down, AND EXPIRED!

Why, oh why don’t the Planet Partners buy 20 year contracts when they buy domain names?!?!

Quote Originally Posted by mastermesh View Post
Cyrene Forum is down!

Important Dates
Expires On2018-10-08
Registered On2009-10-08
Updated On2018-10-13


Monria’s Forum is down due to a Virus!

Quote Originally Posted by mastermesh View Post

This makes the second infestation on Monria’s site in less than a year! Damn Cthulu must be messing with the server again.

Nice way for PPs to support the FEN initiative and bring lots of new players in…

Mr. CEO, if you are reading this, perhaps you should create new security rules PPs must adhere to in how they establish their websites for their planets, or alternatively start doing the legwork for them and make them renting the domain, webspace, and sites from Mindark as a part of the contract since it is Mindark’s commitment to make both Planet Partners and the participants on the planets always feel safe in their endeavors related to Entropia Universe.

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