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Q&A: SEE Virtual Worlds

Q&A: SEE Virtual Worlds
Part 2

Hello Calypsians!

I’ve worked directly with the team at SEE to look over the many questions you shared with us regarding the recent acquisition of First Planet Company. Together, we have responded to all Planet Calypso and Entropia-related questions. As always, your input and interest is of great value to us, and we’re looking forward to a great continued communication with our awesome colonists!

It is still too early to respond to all questions pertaining to Planet Michael, however,we will make sure to answer those once additional information is available.


· Will you try to lower the play cost to a more normal level to be able to compete/increase the player base? 
We are always examining the needs of the monetary system to provide the best possible service and entertainment to our users.

· Will the acquiring of FPC by SEE mean disassociation with the urgency to which serious game play mechanics issues (team size limit, missing game play modules, server lag, caching leaks) are forwarded to MA and therefore addressed?
Not at all. SEE Digital Studios will continue to address the player’s needs and issues and be just as attentive with game-play mechanic issues.

· What are your plans to help grow the user base, retention rate and overall happiness of players?
We are currently taking many measures to ensure that our current players are satisfied, while our user base continues to grow. One of our top priorities is establishing a stronger relationship and enhancing interaction within the community.

· I understand, that you cannot give exact head counts who works on what. But is it possible to give a rough estimation how your budget is planned?
We are not at liberty to disclose this information at the time, however, we are making sure that we’re staffed accordingly so that Calypso can continue to thrive.

· What changes does SEE feel are necessary for the RCE concept to appeal to a broader market?
In an effort to appeal to a broader market, SEE will continue to work with MindArk as they casualize the gaming experience while maintaining the RCE structure.

· How do you plan to address the avatars involved in developing other planets and having knowledge of graphics created for future, knowledge of event mobs and released new lands on their planets? Can they still be equal players with all of us and have properties and businesses on Calypso or whatever the new name may be?
As with any organization, there are safeguards in place to ensure that all players everywhere are on an even playing field.

· Could a Beta testing area maybe be set aside (or planet) where we can help iron out bugs before implementation and maybe get some items, etc for helping?
Great idea. The suggestion will be taken into consideration.

· Will SDS also be developing the Universal Monsters planet? If not, who will?
We will be announcing news of our developer shortly.

· Where does the “planet calypso” game and player base fit into SEE’s overall business strategy?
Planet Calypso is our flagship planet and its overall existence is imperative to our overall business strategy.

· So how exactly are MA and SEE (and other Planet Partners) going to ensure that the other part of the relationship performs, and what is going to happen if one side doesn’t?
MindArk and SEE have been working together for quite some time and have spent countless hours on building a relationship to ensure all companies work together as a team.

· What pressure can you exert on MindArk to improve the deposit options for North Americans? 
SEE and MindArk will work closely together in our new ventures in order to expand and improve the deposit options for North America.

· Does a raised budget also mean raised cost to play?
No,despite our raised budget, our intention is to maintain a reasonable cost to play.

· Which categories of player are you hoping to attract with the playing cost Entropia has compared to any other MMO game on the market?
The Planet Calypso player tends to be older and more affluent than the traditional MMO gamer. We will continue to pursue this target audience.

· Will SEE cooperate with other planet owners to set standards on things like item and building statistics? For instance I see another planet partner is releasing shops with 1000 item points for a price that is next to nothing. Will SEE stick to their current item count for all estates, or will they change it (either for new or for existing estates) to be able to compete with other planet partners?
As you may already know, we make adjustments based on player demands, however, a lot of time is spent testing and balancing before any changes are implemented. Additionally, before anything is finalized, we make sure that changes will encourage activity and planetary growth.

· How do we contact SEE regarding commercial opportunities?

· One of the planets is related to SCI-FI. Wouldn’t it be better to sell it to Arkadia? It would free resources for the new targets.
While we cannot speak for other partners,SEE currently has no plans to develop any further Sci-Fi related planets.

· When will SEE have a comment about Calypso and what their plans are to continue the story line and development of ‘our’ planet?
We plan on releasing a development plan very soon, but rest assured there will be no major changes in the story line – only some terrific enhancements!

· This is a monumental occasion, quite a big deal. Will we be seeing a TGA (Third Golden Age) to celebrate this major event???
Although we are not at liberty to disclose this information at the moment, we sure hope so.

· Will SEE keep a bigger bankroll to shorten withdraws to say 7 days? If withdraws fall under MindArk and planet partners can’t do anything about it then you really should start haggling with them for our sake.
Withdraws fall under MindArk.

· Seeing as how you’re now a part of SEE do you foresee any Japanese Anime
related planets being produced by SEE Virtual Worlds? This is a MAJOR
industry that far exceeds Universal Monsters and Michael and is worth looking

This is an interesting idea and the suggestion will be taken into consideration.

· Can you explain further the relationship between MA and Planet Partners such as SEE? MindArk is the Entropia Universe platform provider and is responsible for the system as a whole, while SEE Digital Studios develops the content and game-play.

· Who is SEE? 
Special Entertainment Events, Inc. (“SEE”) has been in the business of themed entertainment for over a decade. For SEE this is a process of utilizing known entertainment titles and franchises in new and innovative ways to increase brand awareness and create lucrative additional revenue streams for licensors and project investors. SEE has worked with some of the most iconic names in show business, including Star Trek and Titanic. SEE has received numerous awards for excellence in touring attractions and other themed entertainment projects.

SEE Virtual Worlds, LLC is a division of the Los Angeles based SEE family of companies. A natural extension of the company’s core licensing business, SEE VW is bringing the world of themed entertainment online.

For more information on the SEE familyof companies their products and employees, please visit http://www.seeglobalentertainment.com.

· Can we see some CV’s for key persons working with SEE?
We are not at liberty to disclose this information, but bios for all key executives are posted on our corporate website located at http://www.seeglobalentertainment.com.

· How much capital the company has today?
We are not at liberty to disclose this information.

· How many investors are in SEE? Who are the main investors?
We are not at liberty to disclose this information at the time.

· Does SEE plan to do anything to increase the “fun ratio” of this game? Or will it continue to be a click/grind fest?
There are many plans to enhance the game play and much of those discussions stemmed from player ideas and comments. User feedback is always encouraged as it helps us understand the wants and needs of the community. So keep them coming!

· Is SEE a Swedish company? Self governed?
SEE Digital Studios was established and is currently located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

· Who is ultimately in charge now? Martin Biallas aka SEE or Marco aka “old FPC”?
Martin Biallas is the president and CEO of the SEE family of companies and Marco Behrmann is the managing director of SEE Digital Studios.

· What did SEE actually get for 6 million $? Did MA keep anything from you? Rephrase; what wasn’t included in the sale?
We are not at liberty to discuss the details of our agreement. However, the two companies are well organized and have everything they need to collectively continue, enhance and grow Planet Calyps

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